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If you’re looking to take the big leap, we have the scoop!

Whether you’re spotting for what’s new at your local drop zone or wind tunnel, or you’re looking for an event (like boogies, courses or special offers) to help you become a better skydiver, we’re here to deliver the latest info.

Always check with us to see what’s going on in the skies near you.

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Weembi Lille

Championnat de France Indoor 2018, 23.03-25.03Tunnel events March'18

The French Indoor Championships will be held at WEEMBI LILLE on March 23rd, 24th and 25th under the supervision of the French Parachuting Federation.

Commitment fees

VR4 N1 – € 580 / team *
VR4 N2 – € 580 / team *
VR8 – € 960 / team *
D2W – € 464 (speed rounds only) / team *
D4W – € 580 (speed rounds only) / team *
Freestyle – € 350.00 / competitor *

* Gala dinner Saturday night included. You are dual membership? € 30 will be deducted automatically to competitors in double membership.

Registration deadline: March 12, 2018.

Price for your training: 650 € / h. Booking: 03 74 09 00 00 – info@weembi.com




Ladies NIGHT, 02.03
We are pleased to invite you to our special Girls’ Night Out @ Fly-In!

All levels are welcome!

This event is kindly supported by the awesome staff guys and as a special guest Magali Folkner Braff!

Package for 150€ including:

– 10 minutes with coaching (or jam session with coach – Depending on your level, we will organize groups and you can share the time to fly more!)
– Tapas
– 1 cocktail
– Little gift

To register, please send a message to Nirana Ohara or Christiane Nickel via MP or email to nirana@fly-in.be
Please detail your experience (number of jumps & tunnel hours, belly or FF) – any wish of what to fly 😉

Payment of 150€ will be asked at registration.

FLY-IN CAMP with Honza Turek 6.03Tunnel events March'18

Honza Turek is coming to Belgium !
World-class instructor and multiple indoor skydiving champion, come and join him at Fly-in on the 6th & 7th of March 2018 to perfect your flying and learn new tricks !

All levels welcome for coaching; up your game for the upcoming season. Enjoy his coaching in our awesome 17’ tunnel; the largest in the world !
Rate is 750€/Hour (coaching included), and minimum booking: 15min.


Ice Mountain Adventure Park – Pro Flyer Nights,  6.03, 13.03, 20.03, 27.03 (every Tuesday until 14 August 2018)

Price: Only 137,5€/15min (Rotation provided, animator incl.)
Reservations: 056 55 45 40,



City Skydive Utrecht

One-on-Monday, every other Monday, twice per month

City Skydive Kids Camp, twice per month



Aero Gravity MilanTunnel events March'18

GoPro Bootcamp Milano 2018, 10-11.03

The 2018 Tour of Gopro Bootcamp is coming to town and will bring a breath of action and unconventional training for a truly unique experience!

  • Making a video from A to Z
  • Classroom lectures with professional videomakers
  •  Practical exercises and field practice
  •  Networking with other GoPro enthusiasts and influencers
  • Shooting video with an incredible experience at AeroGravity!




FS-Skillcamp with Pete Allum, 9.03

Pete Allum is coming back to Vienna to fly with you and help to improve your skils.

All Levels are welcome, for more information contact office@windobona.at.




Hurricane Factory TatralandiaTunnel events March'18

Majtrovstvá Slovenska v tunelovom lietaní 2018, 2.03

We would like to invite you to V. open Slovak national 4-way relative work championship in Hurricane Factory Tatralandia.
WHEN ? 2. – 3. March 2018
2.3. (Friday) – Training times + drawing + opening Huckjam with TNT HF team
3.3. (Saturday) – competitive flying + results announcement + raut

During days 1st and 2nd March are available training times as well as advice of an experienced coach Ján Klapka.

About times and coach reservation, please contact our sport manager: l.luptakova@hurricanefactory.com

More details about competition soon
We are looking forward to see you !



Hurricane Factory Berlin

Honza Turek Tunnel CAMP March 2018, 8-11.03

And here he is coming again to us!
Prepare for the jumping season and learn some new tricks for the game. A renowned trainer and winner of multiple Indoor skydiving competitions, a Czech jem in the big Hurricane Factory family is coming to help you achieve new hights. Hurry up to register and get your slot by dropping Honza an e-mail j.turek@hurricanefactory.com

RW Camp #3 mit Dieter Kirsch, 9-11.03

From March 9th to 11th Dieter Kirsch and Manf (Manfred Moritz) will be at Hurricane Factory Berlin. Take the opportunity to fly in Germanys biggest wind tunnel with a diameter of 17 feet and work with them on your 4way and 8way skills.

Additionally, you can try some dynamic belly flying with Manf, a great training method to experience and pick up new movement patterns.

Dieter Kirsch is a multiple German champion in 4way and and can look back on an extensive experience as a coach in 4way and 8way and as an organizer of all German major formations records.

Every participant gets 100 minutes of tunnel time.
Costs per participant: 380 €.

The slots are limited so register fast via mail to info@j-air.de.



Ron Miasnikov&Ola Soltyk at Windobona Berlin-Freestyle Workshop, 9.03Tunnel events March'18

You find freestyle fascinating?
You want to get into creative flying?
You know some moves but have no idea how to build a proper routine?
This workshop is build to help intermediate flyers (Juniors and adults) who wish to progress into competitive level.
Ron Miasnikov – FAI judge, will teach you all you need to know about the rules, how to build a proper routine, what the judges are looking for, and how to spice up the moves you already know to get better results.
Ola Soltyk – Freestyler with over 200 h of tunnel flying and Indoor artistic judge as well.
Fun, creative and experience coach.

800 € for the theory Workshop and 1 hour coached flying time!
For bookings or more information please email to



Aerotruba Moscow

Aerofortuna 2018, 17.03

2-way competition for all flyers (more then 2 hours of tunnel flying time experience is required)

To register please send your name and phone number to booking@aerotruba.ru phone 8(985)315-66- 55


FlyStation JapanTunnel events March'18

Sakura Cup Invitational 2018/ サクラカップ 2018   26.03-01.04

Japan’s very first International Indoor Skydiving Competition
Sakura Cup Invitational 2018
The world’s most Talented Teams Joining Together!

FlyStation will be hosting the Sakura Cup Invitational to join the fiery spirit of the sport! Disciplines will include DYNAMIC 2-WAY and 4-WAY. Watch Japan take the first steps into sports history!

North America



SkyVenture Montreal

Flying Flow | 3 2.03

La Veillée (Late Night)! 23.03Tunnel events March'18

The perfect tunnel event for night owls and flyers of all levels! Come fly with your friends or family, to train or to practice your new skills!
When? January 12, February 23, March 23 an May 18, 2018
Starts at 10:30pm
Included when you participate:
– Coach on site, for the entire event (*coaching without briefing or debriefing)
– Snack table
– Free photos and video, sent by WeTransfer
– Festive and relaxed atmosphere
For PRO flyers and people who have previously done an introductory flight!
10 minutes | $125 taxes in.
A $93 saving!
Call us at 514-524-4000 to book, it’s going to fill up fast!




iFLY Phoenix

Flight School at iFLY Phoenix, every Monday



iFLY San DiegoTunnel events March'18

Flight School at iFLY San Diego, every Monday


iFLY Hollywood

Flight School at iFLY Hollywood, every Friday

iFLY Ontario

Flight School at iFLY Ontario, every Thursday

iFLY San Francisco Bay

Flight School at iFLY SF Bay, every Sunday


iFLY Sacramento

Flight School at iFLY Sacramento, every Wednesday



iFLY Denver

Flight School at iFLY Denver, every Wednesday



iFLY Orlando

Flight School at iFLY Orlando, every Wednesday


iFLY Fort Lauderdale

Flight School at iFLY Fort Lauderdale, every Tuesday,

League Night at iFLY Fort Lauderdale every Wednesday



iFLY Atlanta

Flight School at iFLY Atlanta, every Wednesday



iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park

Flight School at iFLY Chicago – Lincoln Park, every Monday

iFLY Chicago Rosemont

Flight School at iFLY Rosemont, every Monday

iFLY Chicago Naperville 

Flight School at iFLY Naperville, every Monday



iFLY Kansas City

Flight School at iFLY Kansas City, every Wednesday



iFLY Baltimore – Maryland

Flight School at iFLY Baltimore, every Tuesday

North Carolina

Paraclete XP 

“Tunnel Workshop at Paraclete XP, 23.03

Rhythm tunnel workshops are an awesome way to skyrocket your flying skills!

SDC Rhythm XP has a structured curriculum that is designed to help you develop & improve your flying skills as effectively & as FUN as possible!!

Sign up here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWG-16p-aQV0SzZoKCEYVodz4QzuAc1dPMni116c5OTf8CSQ/viewform

If you have questions, contact Steve Lefkowitz at steve@rhythmskydiving.com or 609-865-3718.
XP ConeXtion 3-Way FS Meet 31.03

A 3-Way Formation Skydiving (FS) Tunnel Competition
WHO: Anyone! From student status to D-license
WHAT: 3-way FS Tunnel Comp (Intermediate & Advanced classes)

Coaches briefing & draw, 3pm
Competition first flight time, 4p
Medal Ceremony: 15 minutes after last flight
WHY: Compete, Eat & Party!
COST: $75/person; $225/team
You can register as a team or as an individual
Cost includes: competitor t-shirts, medals, pizza & beer!
Intermediate Teams can only have one (1) member with a C or D license
Advanced teams do not have a limit for C or D licenses
Email your details (name, contact phone/email, current skydiving license, t-shirt size) to: Steve Rulli at steve@flyxp.com



iFLY Oklahoma City – Oklahoma

Flight School at iFLY Oklahoma City, every Monday



iFLY Portland – Oregon

Flight School at iFLY Portland, every Wednesday



iFLY Dallas

Flight School at iFLY Dallas, every Wednesday

iFLY Fort Worth 

League Night at iFLY Fort Worth, every Monday

iFLY Houston Memorial 

Flight School at iFLY Houston, every Wednasday

iFLY Houston Woodlands 

Flight School at iFLY Woodlands, every Monday

iFLY Austin 

Flight School at iFLY Austin, every Wednesday

iFLY San Antonio 

Flight School at iFLY San Antonio, every Wednesday



iFLY Loudoun – Virginia

Flight School at iFLY Loudoun, every Wednesday



iFLY Seattle – Washington

Flight School at iFLY Seattle, every Wednesday

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