DZ Events May – June 2019

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Skydive Algarve

Level Up Freefly Week with Zemi Abreu – 5 day event 13 – 17 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Get ready to level up your freefly skills at Skydive Algarve’s new freefly school: Level Up!

Join us for Level Up Freefly Week – a week of intense freefly coaching and load organising with Zemi Abreu and more!

During this week, you can book Zemi for coaching 1 on 1, join a group he’s load organising, or book him for the full day for yourself, or split the cost amongst friends.

To book, simply email or book directly at the DZ office, providing the following info:

Name of jumper(s)
Type of coaching required (e.g. full day coaching; 3x coaching jumps 1-1; group of 3 jumpers booking coach for the day)

If you want to make a group to hire a coach for the day but are not sure your level is good enough, you must clear this with the coaches directly at the DZ and then book the coaching accordingly.

Fly4Life FlightCamp EU Edition at Skydive Algarve 27 – 31 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

We are finally bringing FlightCamp to Europe this coming summer. After long looking for a home for FlightCamp in Europe to make this happen, we are happy to say that we found it at Skydive Algarve.

Camp Format:
– 5 day camp, Monday 27th to Friday 31st.
– Participants will be organized by skill level in groups of 6 plus the coach.
– Groups will stay the same throughout camp unless changes are strictly necessary, this way creating a team environment.
– Coaches will rotate every day bringing in different flying styles, and ways to explain the techniques in practice.
– 6 jumps per day (more if there is still time). About 60 min between jumps. Plan the flight, Go fly, Pack (or use packer), Video debrief, Repeat. Note: we are moving to 60 minutes between jumps specifically for this camp as one of the landing areas takes a while to come back, but fortunately at the same time days are super long to jump lots.
– Participants should arrive before sunset on Sunday the 26th in order to fill up waivers, get your rigs checked with the DZ and put 30 jumps in your account.
– Mandatory event briefing Monday, May 27th at 8:30am. Everyone MUST be ready to fly by the beginning of this briefing.
– Every other day 1st planes load at 9am, and we fly until sunset.
– Registration US$400
– Cancellations/refunds will be charged $100 administrative fee
– Within 30 days from the event start no refunds will be processed unless a replacement for your slot is found.
– Jumps will be 31Euro at 15K feet to be paid directly to the DZ. Each participant should put 930€ into their Burble account on arrival so we don’t have to be doing day by day. If anyone don’t use the credit, we will refund it, so no worries, is just to make our admin life easier and consequently the event smoother to all.
– Participants won’t be able to use any remaining block jump tickets that they have already on account with a discounted rate.


Skydive Spain

Sky-Masûtra 7 – 11 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
The FreeFly Family is more than happy to present you the « Sky-Masûtra ». A workshop dedicated to push every one’s flying a step further.

It is a 5 days freefly event, held in Skydive Spain. (7-11 may 2019) Yes it is far, so you won’t have any excuses…

The Load organisers are :
Claudio Cagnasso
Rafael Schwaiger
Fabian Raidel
Ally Milne
Aurelien Marquet
Vincent Cotte

Camera work : Ewan Cowie

Flyers will be split in group of 6 or 7 with one L.O. We plan a minimum of 7 jumps a day. Sevilla’s weather and the Dornier are the perfect combination to reach our goals !

Minimum requirements :
– Minimum of 500 freefly jumps or recommandation of one of the L.O
– freefly licence or french B4 mandatory
– You must be able to fly 8-way safely (both vertical and angle flying)
– Angle : you must be able to fly your slot on your strong side and your quadrant on your weak side
– Vertical : free exit, entering or closing an HD star, clean break off is the minimum

Warning #1 : Please stay humble while filling the form, do not over estimate your skills. If you do so while registering or if you do not meet the minimum requirements, you might be removed from the workshop with no refund. We want everybody to enjoy…and to get back home alive.

You are welcome to join as a group as long as everyone in the group flies the same. (obviously…)

There are 37 slots available.
Registration : 350€ (80€ non refundable)
Jump ticket (15000ft) = 27,50€
A raffle is on the way, more infos soon.


Centro de Paracaidismo Skydive Lillo

The Leading Workshop 20 – 21 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
The goal of this 2 day workshop is to give participants the tools to make informed decisions when leading and participating in any type of movement jumps. This course will provide a platform for experienced angle flyers to share thoughts, answer questions and improve their overall skydiving skills.

Luis Prinetto (Fly4Life)

The course will include class theory about the responsibilities of the leader, planing a flight path, briefing and debriefing a group, and case studies of safety incidents.

In between the classes we will get up in the air to practice what we’ve been learning, giving each participant the chance to plan and lead one flight.

We intend to do at least 5 jumps led by the participants, plus an opening and closing fun jump led by Luis.

It is possible to attend without leading a jump if you don’t feel ready for it, and only want to learn more about movement jumps.

Minimum requirements to participate:
– 500 jumps (if you don’t have 500 jump and still want to participate, contact us and we will decide on case by case basis)
– Able to fly angles safely and in slot in groups, particularly on your belly
– Participants must be approved case by case once their info is received.

If interested in this work shop please fill in your info at:

Registration is 290Euro. Jump tickets are not included.

Wingsuit Weekend 15 – 16 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
If you have experience flying wingsuit [+80 jumps] you will have the opportunity to improve with some of the best wing suit instructors in Spain.

A whole weekend with jumps organized by LO Joako – wingsuit instructor and flyer of the Phoenix-Fly team with thousands of experience jumps, participant and organizer of different wings events in Europe.

Unfold your bird wings and come jump!

€ 70 + tickets

Requirements to participate:
– Minimum 80 jumps with wings suit

How to register?

– Make the payment of the registration by bank transfer to:
o La Caixa Club Compluto ES69 2100 3667 9122 0002 1689 indicating your name + wingsuit event as a concept

– Pay the registration directly in the center office at your next visit.


Skydive Spa

Belgium Championships 2019 28 – 30 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
The agenda of the competition :

The different documents :

The electronic registration :

Para Centrum Vlaanderen DZ Schaffen

Women Hd weekends 17 – 19 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
A series of 3 weekends organised by the JOYRIDERS !

Girls , If you want to work on your HD skills , join these Joyriders weekends . Learn from each other and from the best female organisers around ! Lot’s of fun guaranteed !

Schaffen 18-19 May 2019 : Anna Moxnes
Moorsele 3-4 Aug 2019 : Domi Kiger
Texel 15-17 Aug 2019 : Amy Chmelecki

Into the Sky 8 – 10 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Join the Airspace crew (and friends) in the Belgian sky !
3 days Fun jumps , No BS , Music and Beer.

We have 50 slots available this year – Registration opens January 17, 2019

This is no skill camp and as we want to keep it safe and fun for every one , the minimum requirement to join is 300 Freefly jumps (or a recommendation from a coach) . You have to be able to fly safely and controlled in a group of 8 (vertical or angle flying) , that is from exit to break-off !

Participation fee of 150€ (includes registration , happy hours and welcome dinner)

Czech Republic

Skydive Pink Klatovy

Sun Path EURO Tour 2019 Klatovy RW Big Way Camp 11 – 14 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Sun Path will be Co-Hosting this Event and bringing along its demo fleet of containers for you to try on and jump. Come see first hand why it is the “Choice of Champions”!

Although this is an invitational event you are still welcome to jump our demo gear as the DZ is open to all during this event.

Rob Kendall will be on site to help answer any questions you may have regarding the Sun Path product range and give in-depth information on both Sun Path containers as well as their available options along with valuable Sun Path container Tips & Tricks!

For info about the Euro road tour please email:



Oslo Fallskjermklubb/Skydive Oslo

Flying Chicks 2019 30 May – 2 JuneDZ Events May - June 2019
Traditionally, we arrange Flying Chicks, Norway’s largest girl’s boogie!

Keep off the weekend!

Accommodation / Bunkhouse:
email to =
Lots of space for tents

Boogie Fee: 950NOK *
Banquet Fee: 250NOK (if you only want to attend the dinner, not the jumping)

(* Boogie fee includes organized jumps in groups within your skill level, Banquet with a 3 course dinner, a welcome drink and an awesome boogie T-shirt)


Tønsberg Fallskjermklubb/Skydive Tonsberg

WS-camp med Espen & Amber + 9 – 12 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Next Level hosts a four day skill camp in beautiful coastal Tønsberg, Norway. Focus of the camp is to build skill and confidence in set groups to achieve safe, disciplined and fun skydives.

– 4 day camp, Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th May.
– Groups will stay the same throughout the camp unless changes are necessary, allowing groups to get to know each other and become more comfortable to experiment throughout the weekend.
– Groups will be determined by experience, suit size and suit type.
– 5 jumps per day, about 60min between jumps. Plan the flight, fly the plan, pack (or use packer), video debrief, repeat.
– Participants should be checked in and ready to jump before first load on Thursday 9th.
– Mandatory event briefing Thursday 9th before jumping begins.
– Participants should assure they have enough money on their burble account for day before jumping commences.
-Detailed seminars on safety and flying techniques.
-A secret inhopp to a beautiful location. 🙂
(more information about specific times will come closer to the event)

– Espen Fadnes
– Amber Forte
– Scotty Bob
-Roberta Mancino

– Able to approach and fly relative to a group safely.
– Wingsuit friendly equipment

NOTE: Registering for the camp while failing to meet minimum requirements, and/or overestimating your skills in the questionnaire may cause you to be removed (red carded) from the camp without right of refund.

– Once you have signed up you will receive a questionnaire form to help us place you into the appropriate group.
2500NOK per person

NewbieBoogie @ Skydive Tønsberg 24 – 26 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
We have made a full weekend for all of you who need help in level 1-7 progress, and for you at level 8 who need FS checkout or missing some of the other mandatory for A license. There will be a lot of fun, and we will start with competitions for both students and instructors.

This weekend is a great opportunity to get started and secure your A license. We plan to help you wherever in the progress you are and provide a good platform for the 2019 season

Zion Angle Weekend 14 – 16 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Zions join with two Angle Weekends in 2019 (the second goes 9-11 August) – and makes weekends for anyone who wants top quality and coaching on tracking. The gang took bronze in the World Cup 2018. So the quality is superb, with Anna Moxnes, Petter Stensvold and Andreas Mosling. It will be awesome! We promise you!

The maximum number of participants is 15 (first come first served …), and Anna, Petter and Andreas take a group of about 5 each day. They change to lead the groups, so all participants get to jump with the three Zions.

If you cannot do all three days, you can opt for one or two days, but if it is fully prioritized, those who have signed up for all three days.

Hop in with food on Saturday, NOK 200 in addition to the lock.

In addition to the castles, this costs you NOK 1450, or NOK 500 per day if you can’t all the days. We pull you in Burble for this money. If you are not a member of TøFSK you must pay NOK 50 more per day.

We pull you in Burble no later than 2 weeks before the camp. If the camp is wholly or partly canceled due to bad weather, you will NOT get the money back, but you get coaching for the same amount in the wind tunnel at Voss, by Zion.

Sign up here:

Nimbus Fallskjermklubb/Skydive Nimbus

Norwegian meat missiles tracking camp 7 – 10 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
If you like tracking and hot dogs – then we have some excellent news for you!

Norwegian Meat Missiles is a cozy skill-camp for tracking-enthusiasts of all levels. We are offering you 3 days packed with meat missile flying – in a safe environment with briefs and debriefs. Wanna go steep & fast or get more comfortable tracking in general? We got you, this is the camp for you! Join us and learn how to perfect your meat missile flying skills!

The deal is 700,- and you’ll get
3 dinners – which includes a super awsome hotdog dinner and a BBQ party
Access to cheap coaching in differently sized groups!
Tracking seminar
Accomodation on Botten Gård

In addition to your own slot-fee we can offer you coaching with the following fees:
5:1 for 24,-
4:1 for 40,-
3:1 for 60,-
2:1 for 100,-
1:1 for 224,-

Our beloved coaches are as follows:
Sten Rune Myrland
Rolf Nikolaj
Tommy Botten Jensen
Magnus Winther
Marius Abelsen
Lars-Kristian Bjerk
Linda Aarøe Rasmussen
Rolf Didrik Hexeberg

“Time is always right to do what is right” – MLK

Not securing your slot right this second would simply be the wrong thing to do at the right time – the time is now! Remember; we only have 15 slots available, prepare for launch!

Register to secure your slot here :


Skydive Voss

Rookie Boogie 2019 – Skydive Voss 1 – 5 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
April 26th is the official opening of the skydiving season at Skydive Voss, and as usual we are hosting the Rookie Boogie the week after, May 1th through 5th!

Are you still a student that might need a refresh jump to continue your progression towards your A license? Or do you need some of the check out jumps towards the B license? We have gathered instructors to help you with whatever you need. Do you need the written exam? No worries, we are here for you.

Rookie Boogie is the perfect event to catch up with your team from last year, so come on – join us this weekend to start your season.

Schedule: TBA

Anything you want us to include in the program? Shoot us a mail on

Need accommodation? Book here:

Winglorious basterds 2019 12 – 17 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

Once again we welcome all wingsuit basterds to wonderful Voss. It’s gonna be FUN, educational and totally rad, with the perfect amount of weirdness to it. There will be XRW and basejumping to spice shit up a bit. My GOD!!!! How is this even possible?? Daaaa! It’s going down in Voss . Thats how. And as the years gone by, we seem to now have a tradition to innhopp to the valley of gods and have dinner with the vikings of Njardarheim. Ja ja jaja. We’re doing it again this year!

We reccomend you come in a couple days early to get familiar with the dz. Be here the latest on the 12th at 1900. Espen Radnes will do a presentation on safety and level this evening. Don’t miss it!

Load organizers:

Scott Paterson
Espen Fadnes
Sam Hardy
Nate Jones
Jokke Sommer (video)
Hege Ringard (base jumping)

Registration is open. Email to let her know you wanna join. Your slot is yours only after paying 2800 to the club. For Norwegians: Account 9581.10.71472 label “Winglorious”. Or you can Vipps it to: #89702
For foreigners: Iban: NO73 9581 1071 472 label “Winglorious”

NB. No first timers! This goes for both skydiving and basejumping.



Skydive Balaton

Heli Fun – 19, 17 – 22 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
HELI JUMPS – Lake Balaton, Hungary
DATE: June 17th – 22nd 2019
LOCATION: Lake Balaton, Hungary
Jumps: 24 jumps from approx. 13,000 ft from the EPIC Mi8 helicopter
Accommodation: check-in 17th depart morning 22nd (choice of accommodation)
Food: 3 meals a day 17th-21st, breakfast on 22nd
And, of course, a t-shirt!
FS, FF and TR load organising / group coaching included (of course you’re welcome to bring your wingsuits, as well)
PRICES (in euros):
€1490 for tier 1 accommodation (if you want your own room +€140)
€1450 for tier 2 accommodation (if you want your own room +€80)
€1441 for camping (you are bringing your own tent)
The DZ will operate specifically for our event so we will set the pace and let them know what we want to do (within reason). Each load needs to be full with 25 to send it, due to great response from you guys we are going g to open up another load!

If we finish our jumps early in the week more jumps will be available for additional cost.
Extra jump costs:
1 extra jump ticket 34 €

Block of 10 extra jump tickets €330

Block of 24 extra jump tickets €744
1)Pay a non-refundable €300 deposit by end of February
3) Start sorting out your flight arrangements (at your cost) and let me know what your flight details are!
4) Get the word out the more the merrier and if we get enough people.

Hakuna-Matata Boogie 2.0, 30 June – 2 July 2019
It’s that time again. The Hakuna Matata Boogie goes to the next round.
Who does not dream to be on the 4000m with the helicopter and open hatchback and to see the beautiful Lake Balaton, just before the exit signal sounds and you can feel the free fall.

THIS IS NOW possible !!!!!!


Get your seat at Boogie in Hungary at Dropzone Skydive Balaton, Siofok, and you do not have to worry about a thing.


Skydive Saar

Wingsuit Skills Camp feat. Rob Heron 25 – 26 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

Secure your place now for our Wingsuit Skills camp featuring Freefly Rob. For one Weekend we offer you the chance to learn from a worldclass coach in small groups. The number of available slots is limited. Slots will only be considered reserved after payment.

Camp fee: 95 EUR

Registration via Message to Thorsten Kober or Saar Force One



Skydive Nagambie

CRW Camp Nagambie 3 – 6 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Learn the basics of Canopy Formation with Aussie champions – Jules McConnel and Craig ‘Crash’ Bennett.

If you’ve already got the basics and want to practice some more then come along to hone your skills in the lead up to another Aussie record in 2021!

CRW specific Lightning canopies will be available for hire at $10 per jump.

Please register for this event and pay $50 to secure your slot – follow ‘get tickets’

This event is proudly supported by VTPC and APF.


Skydive Ramblers

40 years Ramblers – Milestone Celebration 8 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
40 years ago, on the 18th of June 1979, the Ramblers Drop Zone and airstrip had it’s official opening by Joh Bjelke-Petersen, former M.L.A. Premier of Queensland.

Come jump and celebrate this special day with us.

Learning Curve Camp 10 – 14 June 2019 DZ Events May - June 2019
A week long event for students, novice and anyone else who want’s to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of everything skydiving. AFF, b-rels, tracking, freefly, starcrest, canopy, rigging, spotting & gps. Plus loads MORE.

No rego and no hidden costs! For more info visit the website:

Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are personalised mini-boogies specifically designed for A-F licensed jumpers ie. low experience level jumpers who are wanting to increase knowledge and awareness, gain experience, achieve licences and ratings and try new things in a safe and fun environment, plus experienced jumpers wanting to try new things, new camera flyers and jump pigs wanting to get on heaps of midweek loads.

Videos of the day’s jumps on the big screen each night plus landings videoed each day and debriefed as a group each night. Seminars most nights on a number of topics.


Sydney Skydivers

Freefly Friday 11, 10 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Freefly Friday 11 is back on the 10th May! Yes, we know the event is called “Freefly” Friday, but we just want to get our knees in the breeze and have fun. So whatever jumps tickle ya fancy, whether it be flat, angles or freefly, our coaches and load organisers are here to help!

All experience levels welcome. Come out and partake in the froth, do some epic jumps and hang out with the boys (and girls)!

Stick around at the end of the day for beers, BBQ, games, day tape and prizes! Yeeeewww!

And after last load, we will be sending a couple of loads over to Penrith for a demo jump in to iFly then join in on a “money meet” style scrambles event! All disciplines will be included in the scrambles, and all skill levels are welcome. See Scrambles event page for more info!



Skydive Arizona

Turbine Madness Boogie 24 – 26 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
$22 lift tickets. Free registration. AZTC organizers for FS & FF and Wingsuits.
Coincides with the Arizona Challenge hosted by Arizona Airspeed (email:
Food & entertainment TBA.


Skydive California

Pride Boogie 2019, 21 – 23 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Skydive California is excited to announce the dates of our second annual Pride Boogie!

Mark it on your calendars and check back for more details!

Skydive Elsinore

Bridge the Gap 2.0 10 – 12 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Ready to get your four way on? This is the camp for you. All levels welcomed. Please note, registration is needed for this camp.

Friday, May 10th, we start at IFly Ontario. You can do one on one coaching or set up some four-way action. You don’t have to sign up for tunnel time, but this is a great opportunity to get some coaching.

Saturday and Sunday, May 11th – 12th, you’ll be placed in a group that meets your skill level, doing three on one with a coach. Josh Hall will be on the ground and will start the day with some seminars. Josh will also design and help with all dirt dives and debriefs. You can do just one day or both days.

Pricing: The cost of tunnel time will be $145 for ten mins. We will offer a discount of flight time, ten mins for $125 if the participant pre-registers for the jump days before Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Registration for the camp is $45 for one day, $80 for both Saturday and Sunday. Call the office, 951-245-9939 to make your reservation or send Mary an email
Block tickets can be used during the event. Plan on making five jumps per day.

The coaches will be wearing their Go Pros for debriefing, but outside video can be added for the cost of slot, just $10 per jump, and packs for the video flier.

Load Organizers for other disciplines will be available for the weekend. No registration fees needed for jumpers not attending the camp.

Night Jumps Licensed Skydivers Only 18 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
To jump with us for night jumps you must hold a B-License or higher, or be B-License “qualified” – meaning you’ve done your water training and have completed the canopy control proficiency card.

Please sign up in the office if you’re interested in doing night jumps!

Fine Print: Slots pricing: $30 per jump, you cannot use block jumps, and you must have money on your account before sunset, no exceptions. If you’re interested in doing more than one jump, no worries, just make sure you have that money on account before the sunset load takes off. You must be present for the briefing (after sunset, specific time TBA) or you will not be able to jump. Safety first!


Skydive Taft

11th annual Old Farts Boogie 2019 24 – 27 MayDZ Events May - June 2019
Save the date, details coming soon!

Skydive Perris

Australian National Record 2019 23 May – 3 JuneDZ Events May - June 2019
Following the VERY successful 2010 & 2015 National Record events which resulted in the current 119-way record, P3 has invited our Aussie mates back to Skydive Perris to do it again! If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you don’t want to miss this! (And if not… there are a few slots available for non-Aussie superstars. But be warned, for these coveted slots, the competition will be fierce!)

Who Qualifies: The Australian Parachute Federation (APF) requires that 75% of participants on the record must be EITHER:
An Australian natural citizen, OR
A permanent resident of Australia.
There are no specifications for the remaining 25%.

Price: $2895 USD (subject to potential fuel surcharges) for 44 jumps. Approximately 50% of the jumps will be made from high altitude (16,500-19,500 feet AGL) using oxygen. This cost also INCLUDES the following:
– Downloadable event video via
– Event Banquet/Party
– Event T-shirt
– Commemorative Patches & Helmet Stickers

More details on

Night Jumps 15 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

You wanted night jumps at Skydive Perris ?Well here it is!
1st time (beer!) or just want to do it again, this is the event that you don’t want to miss!
$35 dollars per jump, free night briefing (you need 2 jumps to get your D license qualification). Note: “B” license is required.

Sunset: 8:01 Moonrise 6:37

P3 PowerPlay 27 – 30 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
P3 invites qualified FS skydivers to join the P3 Team for more of the incredibly challenging and visually exciting jumps that the Power Play is known for!

Earn your spot on the 100% outfacing 64-way that Dan BC has in his basket for us this year! Are you up for this?

Experience Required: All of the Power Play participants are skilled FS skydivers. Most are competitors with a significant amount of 4 or 8-way team training experience and ALL are required to show up with a great attitude and have a fantastic time.

Price: $1025 USD for 22 jumps.
This price includes downloadable HD video & hi-resolution still photographs via, as well as an event t-shirt.


Skydive Carolina

CarolinaFest 2019 28 May – 2 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
This is the one and only official Carolinafest event page! It is time again to request your time off for CarolinaFest 2018. We hope you will join us for our 11th Carolinafest!

Last year, we SOLD OUT as we cap registration at 400 participants.

Pre-registration will end on Sunday, May 5th. Remember, you MUST pre-register to receive a T-shirt and boogie bag. As a matter of fact, if you intend on attending the event, you should probably pre-register because it is pretty likely we will sell out before the event. If we sell out and all 400 slots are occupied, we will NOT be allowing walk-ins. Don’t slip up and miss out on attending the boogie all your friends will be talking about!

*Jumpers must have at least an A License to participate.

You may pre-register by using the following link:



Skydive DeLand

Disappearing Island Skydive Party (1 of 2) 19 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
It’s that time to enjoy the view of Ponce Inlet from above.

SKYDIVER: $75/ $30 deposit
200 jump min, USPA, membership, B-License, flotation gear
Call Skydive DeLand to reserve your slot 386 -738-3539
INCLUDES: ride on and of island, food, live music, t shirt, and a bus ride back to dz, if needed, also the great views

Second on Oct 13th


Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

2019 Spaceland Atlanta Birthday Boogie 26-28 AprilDZ Events May - June 2019
It’s back!! Pretty much every year about this time….ain’t it great!! Frequently check the “Discussion” tab for details!

Organizers so far…we are talking to others, just dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s:
> Brian Casserly from pussfoot
> James Englund
> Scott Franklin
> Louis French
> Guru
> Scott Latinis

Registration: $35 include event t-shirt / $25 if you don’t want a t-shirt

Registration link –

Purchase Jump tix online and skip the line! $25

Grins and giggles and great memories and fun you’ll have…Priceless!

Prizes (including free jumps!), hot skydives, great friends, beautiful scenery….yeah, you WANNA be here!


Skydive Chicago

Wingsuit Weekend with Travis Mickle 17 – 19 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Join us with your wingsuit and let’s knock that rust off. The aim will be to get back in the swing of things.

All skill levels welcome!!

We will try to make the groups larger as everyone gets up to speed.

Organizer: Travis Mickle (American Wingsuit Academy)

Event form here:

Questions or comments: PM Travis Mickle Directly at

Night Jumps 18 May, 15 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Maybe you have never tried it or you need it as part of a license requirement, whichever the reason, sign up in manifest before 5pm the day of the jump and experience flight in a different light!

*Must sign up by 5pm on the day of scheduled night jump.
*You must have a B License or higher to participate in night jumps.
*Glow sticks or appropriate lighting (Strobe)
*Glow-in-the-dark or lighted altimeter
*Clear goggles/visor
*Must complete at least one jump during the day

Night jump kits are available for purchase at Rock Sky Market.

A mandatory briefing for the night jumps will be held 30 minutes after sunset.

Cost: 1 jump ticket (Not refundable after 5pm on day of scheduled jump.)

*Please Note: This event is for licensed skydivers. While the community is always welcome to view skydiving, there will be no fireworks or UFO/lighted skydiver jumps.

Skydive Chicago’s Memorial Day Boogie 25 – 27 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

Skydive Chicago is hosting its annual Memorial Day Boogie on May 25-May 27. This weekend marks the beginning of our peak season and kicks off the many events we have in store for the 2019 season.

Throughout the holiday weekend we are offering tandem skydives at only $189 per person. *Advanced reservations are required to qualify for discounts.

This is also the official opening of the Tiki Hut!



Registration: FREE

Upright World Record Try-Out Camp 7 – 9 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

Ok everyone… is the announcement you have all been waiting for….

The dates for the Upright World Record Attempts are July 22-26, 2019 at Skydive Chicago!!!! Mark your calendars and start training.

To get a slot on the initial record attempts you will need to secure an invite.

We will be having training camps and tryouts in various locations/dates. Invites will be only be given out during tryouts.
More details and contact information will be coming soon.

Here is the location and dates for SDC’s Tryout Camp
Last Chance Tryout #7 – Skydive Chicago
June 26-30, 2019

Contact Amy Chimmy for further information.


Skydive Tecumseh

Solstice Boogie 2019 21 JuneDZ Events May - June 2019
Summer Solstice Boogie is back with a bang! We are celebrating the longest day of the year with TWO aircraft, load organizers and more!!

When: June 21 to June 23
Where: Skydive Tecumseh
Aircraft: Twin Otter & King Air


David Cherry
Dave Rhea

more to be announced!

Vendors, prizes and an event to write home about. We can’t wait to kick off the BEST SUMMER EVER with you!!


Skydive Kansas City

WSLN Skydive KC 3 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
WSLN “Women only” Canopy Course

-Learn to fly your parachute with confidence in an all-female environment

-All skill levels welcome from Basic through advanced competition canopy piloting

-Learn how to deal with some of the biggest issues female skydivers face under canopy

-Advance your skills with a fun course structure that will have you flying better than the boys

To help support women in reaching their canopy goals the WSLN will provide financial support to EVERY woman who participates, bringing your cost down to just $100 + jump tickets!

Check out our current list of courses and stay tuned for more locations to be scheduled throughout the season. Come and get some! Contact Jeannie at for more details and to reserve your spot– spaces are limited!

10th Annual Memorial Boogie 24 – 27 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Join us for a weekend of turbine skydives, Load organizers. More to come.

New Jersey

Skydive Sussex

That’s How We Roll Boogie 21 – 23 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Come join us for our boogie! Organizers, prizes, food, music and more!

More info to come soon!

Skydive Cross Keys

Night Jumps 14 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
We are going to be doing NIGHT JUMPS on Friday, June 14th 2019

Jump tickets will be $30, prepayment is required. Must do at least one jump at CK that day and have at least a B License! BRING YOUR OWN STROBES AND GLOW STICKS. Limited supply available at the CK Gear Store.

All jumpers must be approved by Range or Pancake.

We need a min of 12 people to fly!

We will do TWO night jumps, if you want to be on both loads you will need to pre-pay for both. Just select one or two night jumps when paying. If the weather does not cooperate we can refund the night jumps back to your account!

Book at this link:


Start Skydiving

Ohio Record Weekend at Start Skydiving 28 – 30 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Ohio Record Weekend led by Collective Pitch at Start Skydiving.

During the 2018 Ohio Record Weekend, we set 3 state records:
Largest HD Formation 14way – State Record – Ohio
Largest HU Formation 13way – State Record – Ohio
Women’s HD Formation 4way – State Record – Ohio

This year, we’re going bigger! Plans are in the works to have a tailgate aircraft and a caravan standing by for formation loads. More details coming soon. We are looking fo


Skydive Tennessee

SkyBound Boogie 20 – 23 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019

Our 2nd Annual SkyBound Boogie is here!

Inverted Bi-Plane Jumps link

More information is to come!!! Stay Tuned!


Skydive Lone Star

Bridge the gap with Steve Downey 9.03, 13.04, 11.05 etc.DZ Events May - June 2019
Steve Downey will be coming out to organize fun jumpers of any flying level the second Saturday of the month!!

Steve is a world champion and brings a ton of knowledge to the table.
Come learn some great flying skills and make some new friends!


Skydive Orange

Cinco de Mayo Boogie 2019 3 – 5 MayDZ Events May - June 2019
SAVE THE DATE! More details will be added as they are confirmed.

– Louis French
– Maxine Tate
– Erin (Kruth) Lewis
– Sandy Grillet

– Jared Miller
– Matthew Fry
– Konstantin Petrijcuk
– Dave Rhea
– Brad Hunt

– Jesse Weyher

– Chris Mort
– Val Sobol
– Vincent Faires
– Scotty Bob

– D Squared
– Zach Lewis

Sun Path Products, Inc

Raffle Prizes from Levity, ParaGear, Blue Skies Magazine, Larsen & Brusgaard, Flight-1, Sun Path Products, Inc and Bev Suits!

Friday night: Jello wrestling
Saturday night: DJ, bonfire & costume party

Saturday night dinner by Borinquen Lunch Box (Taco/Nacho bar)


Night Jumps! 18 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Cost: $32 per jump
There are only 42 spots available! Two loads.

You MUST be B License qualified and make at least 1 jump during the day prior to the night jumps.

You will need a strobe light (visible for at least 3 miles) and green & red chem lights. We have a few strobes/chem lights at the facility please let us know ASAP if you need to use them.

The briefing will be held directly after sunset load!


(RAIN DATE: June 15th.)

Next Level Skills Camp at Skydive Orange 7 – 9 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Skydive Orange beginner-intermediate skills camp! This 3-day camp is ideal for Wingsuit pilots looking to develop their formation flying skills.

– Have had a FFC
– Be safe to fly in a group of 2-3 students
– Own a small-intermediate wingsuit

You will LEARN:
– Formation flying techniques
– How to approach your slot in formations
– How to break off from small groups
– Slot specific flight techniques
– Best practices for deployment

Coaches: Scotty Bob, Chris Mort, Val Sobol, and Dan Dupuis

Registration cost: $350
*Please plan to attend all 3 days as no pro-rated cost is available.*

Apply Here:

Next Level Summit at Skydive Orange 13 – 16 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Wingsuit Summit at Skydive Orange: For intermediate/advanced flyers. Must be able to safely fly in groups.

June 13 – 16th, 2019
Coaches: Val Sobol, Scotty Bob, Chris Mort, Sean Scheurer, Dan Dupuis (Camera)
Aircraft: Twin Otter

This is a 4-day event for intermediate-advanced wingsuit pilots. We will be focusing on specific slot flying, backflying formations, and dynamic movements such as 270’s, flares, and carving. Each day you will jump with a different coach in your group of 4-6 students, followed by evening seminars/discussions for a variety of topics.

You can EXPECT to:
– Learn how to minimize your inputs to fly quietly
– Learn how to lead a group as the Base or Leader
– Improve your backflying performance range
– Improve your body configuration
– Increase your Flare
– Refine your transitions

You MUST be:
– Capable of flying a slot in a group of 4 or more
– Flying a suit that is considered to be intermediate or larger
– Able to safely break off from a formation of 4- 6 people
– Able to safely approach a formation of 4- 6 people

Registration cost before April 1: $400
Registration cost after April 1: $425
*Please plan to attend all 4 days as no pro-rated cost is available.*


SIS Speed Star WSCR & Night Jumps 18 May 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
SIS Speed Star/WSCR Event at VSC, with Night Jumps!!
Come out to VSC for a day full of:
Speed Stars
WSCR attempts
Night Jumps *Must have Night Jump Kit*
POSSIBLE WSCR Night Attempt!

Need at least 8 women to qualify for the award! See below for more details.
Kelly Tongol will be organizing the Speed Stars, and Nancy-Gruttman Tyler will be the special guest! May 18th is the 50th anniversary of Nancy’s VERY FIRST JUMP! Let’s make this special!
NO FEE, just come out and jump! Men are welcome, too 🙂

ALSO – its a FULL MOON so that means night jumps!! This is going to be such an awesome, fun day. And you can even get a night certified WSCR!

Accuracy Bingo! 29 June 2019DZ Events May - June 2019
Test your accuracy skills by joining us for this day of accuracy bingo!
-Each jumper gets 2 Bingo cards
-LZ has 9 circles painted on the ground of varying sizes
-Jump and try to hit the circles you need to get a BINGO!!
-Fun contest, prizes, and competition!


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