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Flystation Japan

Tunnel Camp Flystation Japan 14.09 – 18.09Tunnel events September' 18
Flystation Japan is in the one of the newest facilities of the Flystation breed.
The tunnel is fully encased in glass with a base trap door up top. Smooth and quite air flow with a brilliant staff to match.
With a bar up top and a viewing area that looks over the flight chamber there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax.
You will feel very welcome at this facility with plenty explore around the tunnel.
Tokyo itself has manny attractions as well, Always something to do and see with plenty of food restraints and bars to hang out in.

$550 USD per hour + coaching

To book yon can msg here on go on our website





Flyspot Katowice Indoor Skydiving

Vth Flyspot Polish Open 20.09 – 22.09Tunnel events September' 18

Hosted in Flyspot Katowice – World Best Windtunnel.
Organized by team responsible for FAI WorldCup in the Flyspot Warsaw.
Join now the Vth Flyspot Polish Open – competition with great vibe and a lot of fun with friends.

Compete in:
– FS 4way (AAA, AA, A, Rookie)
– VFS 4way
– FS 2way Advanced
– D2W
– D4W
– Freestyle Open

More info coming soon!



Windobona Madrid

FS School with BARAK 13.09Tunnel events September' 18
Come fly and enjoy learning this exciting discipline with Spanish TOP as BARAK skydiving team VF4 !!

Throughout this 2018 we premiered a “Formation Skydiving” project so that this discipline, not so practiced in Spain, but with many followers all over Europe, is taking shape now that the flying community does not stop growing!

We want you to be able to learn, as always with qualified and close people, and at a price accessible to all.

Because flying does not have to be the privilege of a few.

In the WINDOBONA FS SCHOOL we have thought of a continuous training, where choosing 3 of the 6 sessions, you can acquire flight technique in relative, practice with other fliers, with the careful supervision and training of María, Goyo, Pedro and / or Xavi, to get the most out of the time.

The minimum time will be 15 to 20 minutes per person in shared sessions, with prior theoretical class, briefing, debriefing and all the videos of your flights.




Indoor Skydive Roosendaal

Get Your Wings Night 7.09.2018Tunnel events September' 18

Did you fly with us once?

Join the Get Your Wings Night!

Fly your certificate in one evening, get to know other skydivers and benefit from a competitive offer.

You also get 1 session of 1.5 minutes extra from Indoor Skydive Roosendaal!




Hurricane Factory Tatralandia

Insane Tunnel Boogie HF Tatralandia 10.09 – 15.09Tunnel events September' 18
Insane Tunnel Boogie !

Only once in a year you have a chance to fly with the professional coaches for this special price.

Do not miss this opportunity because the places are limited to 15.

You can pay the deposit first 300 euros and secure your place. The rest of the amount anytime till two months before the event!

In the price is included:

  • between 5 hours of tunnel time
  • professional coaching included
  • accommodation
  • breakfast + 1 main meal per day
  • Wellness


1on1 coaching – Flying 1 hour per day

Total price for a week 2750€.

In case you would like to buy separate hours the price is 550€ per hour with coaching included.

The deposit is not refundable. But you can postpone the reg. to another person.




Windobona Berlin

RW/FF Tunnel Night # 7 20.09Tunnel events September' 18

Fly with your friends the third Thursday of every month.

Learn stability and accuracy. Build your FS skills so you can start a team, fly in competitions and attend advanced tunnel camps.

If you’re a freeflyer, refresh your RW skills before becoming a coach or AFF-instructor Fly a star, side-body, cat, compressed accordion, shake hands, rochade, cat machine or “overs and unders”.

Bring a friend with your fall rate, fly one-on-one with Rebecca or do some free flying with Joshi. In August Lena is back as freefly coach.



Weembi Indoor Skydiving

Scramble In & Out à Bondues & Weembi 15.09 – 16.09Tunnel events September' 18
SCRAMBLE IN & OUT VR4 & VR3 – September 15 & 16, 2018 at Bondues & Weembi

Organized by Julien Degen, with the participation of Bruno Périn, Thomas Perrin, Christine Malnis and the France Espoir team.

Forget everything you know about classic competitions, the SCRAMBLE IN & OUT changes everything! Airplane day, wind tunnel in the evening!

How it works?

The composition of the teams will be drawn to mix the levels & experiences. The program of jumps (8 rounds) will surprise more than one … fun and surprises guaranteed! For the VR4, there will be in each team a coach and an outdoor videoman. For the VR3 (accessible from the B2 without VR experience), a coach with indoor video. The paraclub Bondues supports jumps coaches and videoman. There is no registration fee!

On Saturday evening we continue the scramble at WEEMBI indoor on the same principle with the VR3 & VR4 on 10 rounds (40 € / person)!

Price of jumps
– in VR3 29 € with 1 coach.
– in VR4 32 € with a coach and an outdoor videoman.


Paraclub of Lille-Bondues & WEEMBI (Lesquin).


September 15 & 16, 2018, from 8:30 am Saturday morning in Bondues.

Registration required via: https://www.weembi.com/scramble-in-out-2018/





iFLY Phoenix

Flight School at iFLY Phoenix, every Monday

Until 3 September





iFLY San Diego

Flight School at iFLY San Diego, every MondayTunnel events September' 18

Until 3 September



iFLY Hollywood

Flight School at iFLY Hollywood, every Friday

Until 7 September



iFLY Ontario

Flight School at iFLY Ontario, every Thursday

Until 31 August



iFLY San Francisco Bay

Flight School at iFLY SF Bay, every Sunday

Until 9 September



iFLY Sacramento

Flight School at iFLY Sacramento, every Wednesday

Until 5 September




iFLY Denver

Flight School at iFLY Denver, every WednesdayTunnel events September' 18

Until 5 September




iFLY Orlando

Flight School 

Every Wednesday until 3 October!




iFLY Chicago

Flight School 
Every Monday until 3 September!



iFLY Rosemont

Adult Bodyflight League, every Sunday until 30th SeptemberTunnel events September' 18
Introducing League Nights at iFLY Rosemont!

Bodyflight athletes of all skill sets, levels, and ages who want to learn how to fly like a professional and want to be part of a growing and thrilling new sport are welcome to participate.

Flying is the most unique and energizing way to exercise: it will keep you healthy and make exercise fun! We provide a safe learning environment where you will be able to master new skills, show them off, and even be able to learn to fly with other students. There will be a coach available to instruct flyers of every level.

Join us every Sunday at 6:30pm. The cost is $69.95 for 5 minutes with coaching included.

To book your spot, call us at 779-368-4359 or email jfultz@iflyworld.com

Flight School 

Every Monday until 3 September!
Kids Club is now Flight School!




iFLY Naperville

Flight School 
Every Monday until 3 September!




iFLY Kansas City

Flight School 
Every Wednesday until 3 October!




iFLY Baltimore

Flight School Tunnel events September' 18

Every Tuesday until 4 September!

Adventure awaits! Flight School is the most rewarding way for kids ages 4-16 to experience the power of flight.

Through one-on-one coaching, each Flight School student learns a progression of flying skills in a fun group setting.

Every session is taught by an experienced flight instructor who is highly trained in safety standards and certified by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA).

Sign them up for Flight School at iFLY Baltimore for weekly flight time and coaching! Call us at 667-888-4359 for more info and to register your kids today!





iFLY Oklahoma City 

Flight School at iFLY Oklahoma City

Every Monday, until 3 September





iFLY Portland – Oregon

Flight School at iFLY Portland

Every Wednesday, until 5 September




iFLY Dallas

Flight School at iFLY Dallas

Every Wednesday, until 5 September



iFLY Houston Memorial 

Flight School at iFLY Houston

Every Wednasday, until 5 September



iFLY Houston Woodlands 

Flight School at iFLY Woodlands

Every Monday, until 3 September



iFLY Austin 

Flight School at iFLY Austin

Every Wednesday, until 26 September



iFLY San Antonio 

Flight School at iFLY San Antonio

Every Wednesday, until 5 September




iFLY Loudoun

Flight School

Every Wednesday until 4 September!



iFLY Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving

All Abilities Night 5.09

Tunnel events September' 18
iFLY Indoor Skydiving cares about supporting flyers of all abilities.

Come Fly and Save at our exclusive event for the special needs and differently abled community to take flight!


Reserved Night & Event Savings!

Ask our flight crew for details.

Space is Limited. (24 tickets max)

Reservations Required.

$39.95 + tax EARN YOUR WINGS FLIGHT PACKAGE with FREE flight video!

(Flight package includes rental gear, a training class and two flights for one person with an instructor.)

Event Arrival Time: 5:00pm

Class Start Time Group 1: 5:30pm (first 12 arrivals) 6:00pm class (second group of 12 arrivals)

Please contact our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Kendall Snyder, for additional questions at 757.754.4359 x 107.



STEM Program Open House for Educators 18.09

Tunnel events September' 18
Come to our STEM Open House and see how we take education to new heights.

Tour our state of the art vertical wind tunnel and see how we inspire students with the power of science.

You can explore our STEM facilities to learn about the engineering that powers our wind tunnels.

Enjoy demonstrations, labs and refreshments. You can even take a flight!

Check out why thousands of districts and educators have chosen iFLY Va Beach for STEM Education Field Trips to inspire the future of science and engineering.



iFLY Seattle – Washington

Flight School at iFLY Seattle

Every Wednesday, until 5 September



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