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Czech Republic


Hurricane Factory Prague

Hurricane Skydive Weekend no. 1   15.06-17.06. 2018Tunnel events June'18

– Organized jumps at Most airport

– limited capacity -> 6 slots

– organizers Honza Turek & Čestmír Frič

– registration 2 500 CZK / person (in the price is organization, T-shirt, Saturday dinner / barbecue)

– registration DOES NOT include tickets, accommodation, breakfast / lunches, equipment rental and packing (we are all able to arrange)

– meeting on Friday at 18:00 (gear check, introduction to the program)

– Schedule is 6 jumps on Saturday and 6 jumps on Sunday

– in the case of bad weather the registration is not returned, it is used for tunnel time

More information and registration at e.turkova@hurricanefactory.com or j.turek@hurricanefactory.com! Email subject “Hurricane Skydive Weekends”!


SwedenTunnel events June'18

Bodyflight Stockholm

Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes Allskill camp 11-18.06 2018

Combined: tunnel, wingsuit dropzone

Stockholm in Sweden, is fast becoming the epicentre for wind tunnel flying. With both vertical and horizontal tunnels just walking distance from each other, and a large active Dropzone during the summer season, I find myself spending more and more time there.

I believe that the wind tunnel is the heart of air-sport, a fantastic tool which allows us to understand and refine body positions and movements in the air.

It is where we can try new ideas and techniques before taking them out into nature, giving us a chance to correct and perfect our muscle memory.

This camp will have a large focus on the connections between all elements of flying (freeflying, tracksuiting and wingsuiting).

Whether your passion is tunnel flying, skydiving or base jumping. Creating good muscle memory from the wind tunnel will allow you to focus more on what “you are doing”, than thinking about what “your body is doing”.

/Amber Forte


Windobona Madrid

The 2WAY Windobona competition returns! 1.06 2018Tunnel events June'18

If you like to fly, have fun and cheer with flying friends this is the time to enjoy all this.

We launched our second 2WAY championship of FS and MFS (the latter in two levels).

Registration costs € 220 and includes competition and 5 minutes of official training.

The training and the draw of movements will be on Friday, June 1 from 5 to 9 pm and the competition on Saturday, June 2 from 6 to 9 pm.

We will close with awards ceremony (tunnel time !!) at 10 pm and celebration starting at 10:30 pm. And, of course, we will offer optional pre-training on demand for all levels.

Because to compete and improve you do not need to have 100 hours of tunnel.

You will find all the details of the competition and the registration form in the annexes and regulations of the attached link.


The registration period is now open! Contact us at 91 230 62 51 or write to sportflyer@windobona.es


FranceTunnel events June'18

Weembi Indoor Skydiving

Huck’jam & blind test! 21.06 2018

Huck’Jam all levels! Music festival & blind test, 10min of flights to win!

Registration mdussouillez@weembi.com






Ice Mountain Adventure Park – Pro Flyer Nights 5.06 2018Tunnel events June'18

Price: Only 137,5€/15min (Rotation provided, animator incl.)
Reservations: 056 55 45 40,

Don’t forget to mention your preferred time sessions and discipline of flying (Fs2/fs4/ff2/ff4/freestyle…).





City Skydive Utrecht
Tunnel events June'18

One-on-Monday 11.06, 25.06 2018

Every other Monday City Skydive will host One-on-Monday:

– One on one coaching by City Skydive instructors
– €200 per 15 minutes
– Open to all sportflyers and skydivers with less than 5 hours of tunnel experience
– Flying 19:30-21:00

Book your time by messaging Yvonne Wiggers or through events@cityskydive.nl.




iFLY Phoenix

Flight School at iFLY Phoenix, every Monday

Until 3 September



iFLY San DiegoTunnel events June'18

Flight School at iFLY San Diego, every Monday

Until 3 September


iFLY Hollywood

Flight School at iFLY Hollywood, every Friday

Until 7 September

iFLY Ontario

Flight School at iFLY Ontario, every Thursday

Until 31 August

iFLY San Francisco Bay

Flight School at iFLY SF Bay, every Sunday

Until 9 September


iFLY Sacramento

Flight School at iFLY Sacramento, every Wednesday

Until 5 September


iFLY Denver

Flight School at iFLY Denver, every Wednesday

Until 5 September


iFLY Orlando

Flight School 9,16,23,30.05 2018

Every Wednesday until 3 October!

iFLY Fort Lauderdale

Flight School, check the dates in May!
Until 4 July!


iFLY Chicago

Flight School 7,14,21,28.05 2018
Every Monday until 3 September!

iFLY Rosemont

Flight School 4,11,18,25.06 2018

Every Monday until 3 September!
Kids Club is now Flight School!

Female Flight Night 20.06Tunnel events June'18

LADIES! Female Flight Night is going to be the last Wednesday of every month.
Check in starts at 7:00 PM, with stretching and warm ups starting promptly at 8:00 PM.

Flying lasts from one to two hours depending on the amount of women we have RSVP.
Please register your IBA profile at tunnelflight.com, so we can verify your skill level and group flyers accordingly.

NOTE: Flyers MUST be signed off as level one flyers.

Price: $20 deposit to save your spot ($60 due at time of check in for a total of $80)
Call iFLY Rosemont 779-368-4359 x 1807 or email jfultz@iflyworld.com with any questions or to reserve your spot with a deposit!

iFLY Naperville

Flight School 4,11,18,25.06 2018
Every Monday until 3 September!

iFLY Naperville

Flight School 7,14,21,28.05 2018
Every Monday until 3 September!


iFLY Kansas City

Flight School 9,16,23,30.05 2018
Every Wednesday until 3 October!


iFLY BaltimoreTunnel events June'18

Flight School 5,12,19,26.06 2018

Every Tuesday until 4 September!

Adventure awaits! Flight School is the most rewarding way for kids ages 4-16 to experience the power of flight.

Through one-on-one coaching, each Flight School student learns a progression of flying skills in a fun group setting.

Every session is taught by an experienced flight instructor who is highly trained in safety standards and certified by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA).

Sign them up for Flight School at iFLY Baltimore for weekly flight time and coaching! Call us at 667-888-4359 for more info and to register your kids today!

North Carolina

Paraclete Xp SkyVenture Raeford

Tunnel Workshop at Paraclete XP 29.06 2018
Rhythm tunnel workshops are an awesome way to skyrocket your flying skills!

SDC Rhythm XP has a structured curriculum that is designed to help you develop & improve your flying skills as effectively & as FUN as possible!!

If you have questions, contact Steve Lefkowitz at steve@rhythmskydiving.com or 609-865-3718.



iFLY Oklahoma City – Oklahoma

Flight School at iFLY Oklahoma City, every Monday

Until 3 September



iFLY Portland – Oregon

Flight School at iFLY Portland, every Wednesday

Until 5 September


iFLY Dallas

Flight School at iFLY Dallas, every Wednesday

Until 5 September

iFLY Fort Worth 

Flight School, every Tuesday

Until 19 June

League Night at iFLY Fort Worth, every Monday

Until 30 July

All Abilities Night, every WednesdayTunnel events June'18

Until 11 July

All Abilities Night at iFLY is a unique event that makes the dream of flight a reality for those in the special needs community.

This program has been custom designed for those with physical and cognitive challenges to create an environment of support and inclusion, while focusing on making what seems impossible, possible.

If you have someone in your life that is unable to participate in able-bodied activities but still wants to be challenged and push their limits, this is the perfect event to join.

For more details and to reserve your spot:
please contact us at 817-818-4359
or sales.fortworth@iflyworld.com.

Everyone in the special needs community is welcome to participate!

Event package includes a pre-flight training session, all the
necessary flight gear (suit, helmet, goggles).

Each flyer will be assisted by specially trained Flight Instructors during the event with extra attention and accommodations based on participant needs.

Each flyer receives 2 flights (1 minute each) for only $39.95 and a FREE video!

iFLY Houston Memorial 

Flight School at iFLY Houston, every Wednasday

Until 5 September

iFLY Houston Woodlands 

Flight School at iFLY Woodlands, every Monday

Until 3 September

iFLY Austin 

Flight School at iFLY Austin, every Wednesday

Until 26 September

iFLY San Antonio 

Flight School at iFLY San Antonio, every Wednesday

Until 5 September


iFLY Loudoun

Flight School 6,13,24,31.06 2018

Every Wednesday until 4 September!



iFLY Seattle – Washington

Flight School at iFLY Seattle, every Wednesday

Until 5 September

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