Tunnel Events April’18

If you’re looking to take the big leap, we have the scoop!

Whether you’re spotting for what’s new at your local drop zone or wind tunnel, or you’re looking for an event (like boogies, courses or special offers) to help you become a better skydiver, we’re here to deliver the latest info.

Always check with us to see what’s going on in the skies near you.

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Tunnel Events April'18
Ice Mountain Adventure Park – Pro Flyer Nights, every Tuesday

Price: Only 137,5€/15min (Rotation provided, animator incl.)
Reservations: 056 55 45 40,

Don’t forget to mention your preferred time sessions and discipline of flying (Fs2/fs4/ff2/ff4/freestyle…).

Czech Republic


Hurricane Factory Prague

Tunnel Events April'18

Wanna be a tunnel instructor? 19.04

Tunnel Instructor Course with Honza Turek at Hurricane Factory Prague!What: Spotter A, Spotter A+, Spotter B ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!
The price & the length of the course depend on your skills!
Facebook Honza Turek

Czech Open 2018 28.04

More info will follow.





GIVE ME FIVE to fly – Challenge Flyzone, 21.04

GIVE ME FIVE TO FLY – 2nd Edition – 15 HOURS OF FLIGHTS TO WIN FOR PODIUMSTunnel Events April'18

The challenge will take place on Saturday 21st April 2018.

And for those who want more, the Sunday will be FREE TUNNEL ! Not to mention the SKYDIVE on the spot for 24 € the jump! For the most morning, technical visit of the wind tunnel.


Are you a beginner?  it’s for you! You are confirmed?  it’s for you! No teammates?  we will find them!


– VR3 beginners

– VR3 confirmed

– VR4

– D2W


– VR3: 270 €

– VR4: 360 €

– D2W: 210 €

(registration fee offered for the judges team)

In addition to 2 practice rounds and 8 rounds of competition, everything is included!

The snacks of 10h and 16h to fill up with vitamins.

Lunch at noon to treat you.

And of course the meal and the fiesta of Saturday night to explode!

Not to mention the 15h flights to the podiums, all participants will win the raffle!

For you to be on top of the challenge, the flight time for your training will be 500 € upon registration.


Tunnel Events April'18

Indoor Skydiving Bottrop

Deutsche Meisterschaft Indoor Skydiving 6.04

Welcome to the 1st German Indoor Skydiving Championship!

The time has come. The 1st German Indoor Skydiving Championship will take place in 2018 in Bottrop. After many impressive competitions at national and international level, it is now time to give this exciting sport the official national stage it deserves.

We look forward to seeing you in Bottrop on April 6th and 7th as the country’s best indoor skydivers compete and deliver breathtaking battles in the wind tunnel.

Look forward to an exciting competition for athletes and spectators with an attractive supporting program.

All information on the disciplines, registration and program can be found at www.indoor2018.dfv.aero



City Skydive Utrecht

One-on-Monday, every other Monday, twice per monthTunnel Events April'18

Every other Monday City Skydive will host One-on-Monday:

– One on one coaching by City Skydive instructors
– €200 per 15 minutes
– Open to all sportflyers and skydivers with less than 5 hours of tunnel experience
– Flying 19:30-21:00

Book your time by messaging Yvonne Wiggers or through events@cityskydive.nl.

City Skydive Kids Camp, twice per month

From now on the City Skydive Kids Camp is twice a month! Every last Wednesday afternoon and every third Sunday morning. Especially for young pilots between 5 and 14 years old. Give up and participate, an afternoon / morning full of games & activities and of course learn to fly yourself!

Flight times on: Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00, Sunday from 09:00 to 11:00.

You must be present an hour before the flight.


– 5 flights € 60, –

– 10 flights € 100, –

This includes what to drink and (healthy) snacks.

Each flight takes 1 minute.

For more information & bookings you can mail to events@cityskydive.nl



Voss Vind

VossVind Festival 2018, 25.04Tunnel Events April'18

Welcome to the VossVind Festival!
In the end of April we’re going to have a blast in Voss: Tunnel flying, skydiving and parties! Only have 1 h of tunnel time? Great! 1000’s of hours, awesome! It doesn’t matter. VVF is fun for everyone! This event is for flyers to meet other flyers and fly together. Hopefully we’ll get some jumps in as well.

How it works?
You pay me 6000,- NOK and I’ll give you 4×15 minutes of tunnel time distributed over three days. AND free access to all 1 hour huck-jams!

So that’s 4 hours of flying just there. BUT! The idea is for you to share time with each other as well. So tell your friends when you’ve been dealt time and they can come in and fly on your time, just as you can fly on theirs.

VossVind Festival is the perfect build up to Skydive Voss season opening as we finish when the DZ opens. We’ll have free load organizing for festival participants.


Slots are limited to 25 people, so be fast!

Ps! This event is for Pro-Flyers only

April Tunnelcamp with Zion – VossVind, 27.04

Get ready for the season opening in Voss!
Ignacio Martinez, Anna Moxnes, Andreas Mosling and Petter Stensvold is ready to fly with you.
Suitable for all levels – Dynamic or static

6400nok per hour including coaching. We will help out with accomodation and airport transfers if needed.

Contact us here on facebook or email: zionfreefly@gmail.com

RussiaTunnel Events April'18

Indoor Skydiving Championship of Northwestern Federal District 7.04

The championship is organised by “Butterfly” wind tunnel and Federation of Parachute sport of Leningrad Region.

Zelenogorsk (St-Petersburg), Russia

– VFS 2-way intermediate
– VFS 2-way open;
– Fly Kids Sport intermediate

Fee: 3000 rub.
To register, please send a message to Aleksandra via email shu-@list.ru
Registration will be open till 31 of March.


IFLY Toronto – Whitby: Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship – 2018 6.04Tunnel Events April'18

We’re celebrating the opening of IFLY Toronto – Whitby in a big way!
The Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship took a break last year, but the event is coming back in 2018 and is being held at our brand new wind tunnel (opening in the winter of 2018) on April 6-7-8, 2018!

Tunnel flyers of all ages and skill levels will have the opportunity to compete in many different disciplines that will be broken down into classes to accommodate any type of flyer.

The championship will also be the qualification event for the 2018 Bahrain World Cup of Indoor Skydiving.


4-Way FS – 10 rounds (8 rounds for Junior) /

2-Way FS – 6 rounds /

4-Way VFS – 10 rounds /

2-Way VFS – 6 rounds /

Dynamic 4-Way
Open (Speed & Free)

Dynamic 2-Way
Open (Speed and Free)
Advanced (Speed only) – 6 rounds *please note that this event will take place only if a minimum of 4 teams register.

Freestyle – 7 rounds (F – C – F – F – C – F – F) /

*To compete at the Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship, a junior competitor must be old enough to fly and under the age of 18 at the time of the competition.

COMPETITION FEES (prices per team, taxes included)

4-Way FS and VFS: $395
2-Way FS and VFS: $250
Freestyle: $130
D2W: $275
D4W: $395


Fill out your registration form now! http://bit.ly/2AGpo5I

Registration deadline: March 5, 2018 (we will accept entries after the deadline only if capacity allows).

Payment deadline: March 23, 2018 (entry fees will be increased by 15% if they are paid late).


If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Catherine Carignan-Levasseur (514) 524-4000 ext. 214 or catherine.c@skyventuremontreal.com.

We are looking forward to seeing you compete in our brand new iFLY Whitby tunnel!

iFLY TorontoTunnel Events April'18

2018 Late Night Events 20.04

Winter haters rejoice! We’ve planned 3 Late Night events to cure those winter blues and keep you on top of your game throughout the season.
Our Late Night events are perfect for newbies and PROs alike. Practice new skills, fly with friends or family, have fun and meet others who share your passion.
April 20th from 10:30 PM – 3 AM

These events are open to PRO flyers and anyone who has completed an introductory package!

Event includes:

  • Free coaching, for the entire event (no briefing or debriefing)
  • Snack table
  • Free photos and video, sent by WeTransfer
  • Good vibes and relaxed atmosphere

10-minute block | $146 taxes in.

Call 289-795-4000, spaces will fill up fast!

*time is per person, non-refundable and non-transferable





iFLY Phoenix
Flight School at iFLY Phoenix, every Monday


Tunnel Events April'18

iFLY San Diego
Flight School at iFLY San Diego, every monday

iFLY Hollywood
Flight School at iFLY Hollywood, every friday

iFLY Ontario
Flight School at iFLY Ontario, every thursday

iFLY San Francisco Bay
Flight School at iFLY SF Bay, every sunday

iFLY Sacramento
Flight School at iFLY Sacramento, every wednesday

iFLY San Diego Oceanside
Practice Your Pitch at iFLY Oceanside, 13.04


iFLY Denver

Flight School at iFLY Denver, every wednesday


iFLY Orlando
Flight School at iFLY Orlando, every wednesday

iFLY Fort Lauderdale
Flight School at iFLY Fort Lauderdale, every tuesday, League Night at iFLY Fort Lauderdale every wednesday


iFLY Atlanta
Flight School at iFLY Atlanta, every wednesday


iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park
Flight School at iFLY Chicago – Lincoln Park, every monday

iFLY Chicago Rosemont
Flight School at iFLY Rosemont, every monday

iFLY Chicago Naperville
Flight School at iFLY Naperville, every monday


iFLY Kansas City
Flight School at iFLY Kansas City, every wednesday


iFLY Baltimore
Flight School at iFLY Baltimore, every tuesday

North Carolina

Paraclete XP

Tunnel Workshop at Paraclete XP 20.04Tunnel Events April'18

Rhythm tunnel workshops are an awesome way to skyrocket your flying skills!

SDC Rhythm XP has a structured curriculum that is designed to help you develop & improve your flying skills as effectively & as FUN as possible!!

Sign up here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWG-16p-aQV0SzZoKCEYVodz4QzuAc1dPMni116c5OTf8CSQ/viewform

If you have questions, contact Steve Lefkowitz at steve@rhythmskydiving.com or 609-865-3718.


iFLY Oklahoma City
Flight School at iFLY Oklahoma City, every monday


iFLY Portland
Flight School at iFLY Portland, every wednesday


iFLY Dallas
Flight School at iFLY Dallas, every wednesday

iFLY Fort Worth
League Night at iFLY Fort Worth, every monday

iFLY Houston Memorial
Flight School at iFLY Houston, every wednasday

iFLY Houston Woodlands
Flight School at iFLY Woodlands, every monday

iFLY Austin
Flight School at iFLY Austin, every wednesday

iFLY San Antonio
Flight School at iFLY San Antonio, every wednesday


iFLY Loudoun
Flight School at iFLY Loudoun, every wednesday


iFLY Seattle
Flight School at iFLY Seattle, every wednesday

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