Top 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe

Czech Republic

Skydive Pink KlatovyTop 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe

Vector Festival 2018 19.06 – 24.06
We are committed to making Vector Festival the best skydiving experience of your life – whether you have 100 jumps or 10,000, we guarantee you’ll have a hell of a good time!
Come speak to the manufacturers directly; ask questions and educate yourself.
Many vendors will have demos for you to try, bargains for you to buy, and likely free beer at the end of the jumping day!
Skydive PINK Klatovy was an EPIC host DZ for the 2016 edition of Vector Festival.
It’s only fitting that they are hosting it again in 2018… You can be sure to expect a bigger and better boogie than ever!

The website is online!
And the registration is open!!


Parasummer 2018 – island boogie in Northern Europe! 14.07 – 22.07 Top 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe

Parasummer will be hosted by Skydive Estonia for the 19th time in July 14-22, 2018 in Kuressaare – the capital of Estonia’s largest island Saaremaa.

Load organizers: Pete Allum (FS), Marco Arrigo (FS), Julian Barthel (FF), Heidi Lindewall (FF), Pasi Pirttikoski (CF), Nick Macdonald (WS).

FREE load organizing for groups of 4 or more skydivers!

Aircrafts: Pilatus PC-6 Porter (10 skydivers), Cessna Caravan Supervan 208 Cargomaster (20 skydivers).

Various competitions and a raffle with awesome prizes, cool parties, sauna, jacuzzi and daily videos, gorgeous island scenery with sandy beaches, public beach landing in front of hundreds of people, great vibes and cool people!

Join event:

Registration is open:

Jump ticket 27€
Earlybird registration until 31.05.2018 – skydiver 59€, non-skydiver 25€
Registration 01.06.- 07.07.2018 – skydiver 69€, non-skydiver 35€
Registration from 08.07 and on site – skydiver 79€, non-skydiver 35€
1-2 day fee 35€.


Skydive Spa

Rooster Boogie 28.06 – 1.07. 2018
Third edition of the Boogie of the FWCPTop 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe
3 clubs will be gathered: Skydive Spa / Para Club Namur / Skydive Cerfontaine during a long weekend.
A boogie is an event opened to all skydivers!

jumps with animators / coaches

party atmosphere throughout the event thanks to the evenings (concert, bbq, video editing of the jumps of the day, etc …)
The event is open to all  but some organized jumps require a minimum level. (CSC for VR, Patent B-C for FF).

For this third edition, the federation has chosen the Spa aerodrome.


Steve Braff
Magali Folkner Braff
Craig Mckernan
Troy Rodway

Balloon jumps confirmed June 28, 29 and 30, morning and evening!

Helicopter, 5000 m
to come up

Registration: € 30 / with event t-shirt (until June 15th)
The day of the event: 40 €


Skydive Empuriabrava

Burning Spring 2018 2.06 – 9.06 Top 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe
The 3rd edition of the legendary BURNING SPRING FESTIVAL!

Burning Spring festival is the original and genuine skydive boogie.

This event, which is a mixture of art, music and skydiving, brings a new dimension of beauty to our lives and will change the way we perceive the sport.

‘Fuck Ego’ is our main slogan and fun the principle.

Everyone has to participate in an active way, skydivers for all levels and non skydivers. We look for genuine, authentic and free souls. It is not a technical camp even though you will improve your skills in many ways you can’t imagine.

This next edition will be EPIC!! BRING IT ON.



NTNU FSK Sommerboogie 2018 23.06 – 7.07

During the boogie there will be a plenty of activities to take part in, like Viking blot, jumping, competitions, lying, boasting, swimming in the river, barbecue and sauna.Top 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe

This will be the year’s event!

Preliminary program:
The keywords for the boogie: Tracking / bonfire / barbeque / free float / river bath / sauna / tube-hopping / buldring / climbing / pupil hopping / bowling night / rebus run / hangar cinema / speedstar / press.konk / hopping / current video / honor / tandem hopping / sun / beer / hot tub / fireball / frisbee / excess pig / slider / wrestling / lie / etc.

Where: Oppdal Airport, Fagerhaug.
Who: Self-employed jumpers, line students, free fall students, AFF level 8 students. (Unfortunately, we can not guarantee AFF instructors under level 8.)
Boat fee: 200 kr
Final prize: 250 kr for full height, 190 kr for low lifts (5000ft), 270 kroner for students

Weather: Sun and zero winds both weeks!
Mood alert: Very good +

Everyday 09.00-20.00
Saturdays 10.00-18.00
Sundays 12.00-20.00
Accommodation: There are good tent opportunities in the field, and space for caravan / car. We have 15 beds at Luftslottet.


Troms Fallskjermklubb / Skydive Troms

Midnight Sun Boogie 2018 13.07 – 27.07Top 6 Upcoming Skydiving Boogies in Europe
Salangen Airfield, Elvenes
Salangsdalen, Troms, Norway

Midnight Sun Boogie goes for the last two weeks of July each year.

Thanks to our location NORD for the polar circle, we can actually jump around the clock all day under the boogie.

Elvenes is  idyllically located south of Troms county. It is an old military camp with grass runaway in the middle of (in fact Northern Norway’s first flight runaway) which is the basis of our sports arena here.

The infrastructure is perfect for our needs, with a large indoor packing area  right at the landing area and good facilities to accommodate many skydivers.

At the end of the runaway is a small lake with a beautiful beach that we land on every night at last load.

It’s our after sky. The Elvenes is situated so that from 14,000 feet you can see the North Atlantic on the west and Sweden on the east.

With northern Norway’s stunning scenery this is without doubts Norway’s most beautiful views.

Come and jump with us in midnight sun!








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