Night Jumps in May’18

Denmark, Herning

Dropzone DenmarkNight Jumps in May'18

Night Jumps! 17.05. 2018
We are once again doing night jumps at DZDK, so come out and join the fun!
You can do hop ‘n’ pops or full altitude freefall jumps in groups of up to 4 + video if you are interested, but do the planned jump in daylight first if more than two people.

All lights for the jump can be borrowed from DZDK.

Jumpers must have USPA “B” license or DFU “C”
Minimum jump requirement is 100
Think about what canopy you want to land on a bad spot on the dark.

Night jumps is a requirement for USPA D license

Get yourself out here and lets have some fun 🙂

Alabama, USA

Skydive AlabamaNight Jumps in May'18

Night Jumps (Experienced Jumpers Only) 26.05. 2018

Calling All B, C, and D licensed Jumpers! Night jumps are scheduled! We have one day each month planned out for night jumps.

In order to jump you must:
-Have a B, C, or D license
-Make a jump THAT DAY with the SAME RIG you will be using for night jumps
-Attend a safety meeting and drill right before the night jumps… This means do not go anywhere after day jumps and then come back expecting to jump
-Have lights or rent them from Manifest

$20 Lift Tickets (Experienced Jumpers Only) 10.05 – 14.05. 2018
$20 lift tickets for experienced jumpers ALL YEAR every 2nd weekend!







California, USA

Skydive CaliforniaNight Jumps in May'18

Ready to rocket through the night skies over Skydive California?

For all experienced skydivers, we’re looking forward to our first scheduled night jumps of 2018.

Requirements: B License+
Jump Tickets: $30
Must have your own gear, no Skydive California rentals
Arrive no later than 8:00 PM for mandatory briefing




Maine, USA

Skydive New England

Night Jumps at SNE 25.05. 2018
Night Jumps!
B-License Minimum *must have B number from USPANight Jumps in May'18
Must do at least one jumps on-site before sunset
$35 includes glow sticks, strobe, and thorough briefing

Sunset time: 8:09pm
Briefing time: 8:30pm
Approximate Take-off time: 9:15-9:30pm

To sign up:
Pre-pay for the jump ticket as a deposit and complete this sign-up form.

If jumps are cancelled due to weather the deposit goes on your jump account as a $35 credit.

Folks who are interested in helping with ground crew (must be familiar w/ Skydiving or facilities) please email Ewok.


Ohio, USA

Cleveland Skydiving Center

Full Frontal Moonity 25.05 – 27.05. 2018Night Jumps in May'18

The Caravan from Skydive Chicago will be coming out all weekend starting Friday afternoon.
We will be having night jumps Saturday night followed by a galaxy themed party.

Get your D license requirement and experience the fun and challenge of a night jump.

Jump Requirements: You must have a B License or higher to participate in night jumps.
Section 6-4 USPA SIM. Complete Night jump training. We will do a sunset briefing after civil twilight ends.

Must wear: Light colored jumpsuit for RW, illuminated altimeter, Glowsticks: don’t be scared to go full rave mode, strobe-light that can easily be turned on under canopy, whistle, and non tinted goggles or visor.

We want to have a safe night jump so pack and plan accordingly!
If this is your first night jump you should go solo. It will be smart to bring a cell phone in case you land off.
The landing zone will be illuminated so you can spot where to touch down.
We will have a huge Parkman style bonfire and have a blast!


Texas, USA

Skydive San Marcos

Night Jumps 26.05. 2018Night Jumps in May'18
Night jumps are open to any skydiver with a B License or higher. The USPA’s General Recommendations for night jumps are in the SIM Section 6-4.

Special Equipment:
– A light visible for 3 statute miles
– Lighted altimeter
– Flashlight to check canopy
– Clear goggles

A limited number of lights and glow sticks will be available to purchase from Manifest but it is recommended that you bring your own.

Slots are $30/each and we need 8 slots to make the plane fly.

You *must* make at least 1 jump on the DZ during the day to jump at night.







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