DZ events June’18

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Czech Republic

Skydive Pink KlatovyDZ events June'18

Vector Festival 2018 19.06 – 24.06
We are committed to making Vector Festival the best skydiving experience of your life – whether you have 100 jumps or 10,000, we guarantee you’ll have a hell of a good time!
Come speak to the manufacturers directly; ask questions and educate yourself.
Many vendors will have demos for you to try, bargains for you to buy, and likely free beer at the end of the jumping day!
Skydive PINK Klatovy was an EPIC host DZ for the 2016 edition of Vector Festival.
It’s only fitting that they are hosting it again in 2018… You can be sure to expect a bigger and better boogie than ever!

The website is online!
And the registration is open!!

DZ ProstejovDZ events June'18

JT CUP 2WAY 1ST ROUND 22.-24.6.2018

FS 2-WAY competition
preparation for the Czech 2way Championship
Registration fee 20 EUR must be paid before 10.6.2018
Please send the registration forms to email till 10.6.2018

Registration form download

Complete divepool download


Skydive Oslo (Oslo Fallskjermklubb)

ABC-weekend 22.06. 2018
Welcome to ABC weekend at Østre Æra!

At ABC weekends we focus on students who would like to obtain a new licenses.
For AFF students, we focus on what you need to get closer to A license.
We will have available instructors to be able to:

– jump AFF
– Level 8 jump
– Expedition jump
– Hop-and-pop jump
– Theory test
– Packing course


Grunnleggende Skjermkjøringskurs (Basic Course) 22.06. 2018

Do you plan to take a B license? Then you need a basic screening course.

Weekend 4 – 6th May the basic screening course on Østre Æra is held. The course is for you with A license that will take B license.

The course starts Friday at 19:00 and we skip Saturday, with Sunday as a reserve if the weather is bad.

It is limited to 10 places on the course, first come to the mill principle applies! Minimum 5 participants to hold courses and maximum 10.
If there are less than 5 participants on the course, the registered spell on the remaining place may be desired.

The price is 300 kr per person (deducted from JR), this includes theory on Friday and letter / debrief of 5 jumps.

Tønsberg Fallskjermklubb (Skydive Tønsberg )

Zion Angle Weekend 1.06. 2018DZ events June'18

Zions are going to create  an angle weekend for anyone who wants top quality coaching on tracking.

Independent national team in freefly, with Anna Moxness, Petter Stensvold and Andreas Mosling.

It will be great! We promise you!

Maximum number of participants is 15 , and Anna, Petter and Andreas take a group of about 5 people throughout the day.

They switch to lead the groups so all participants can jump with the three Zions.

If you can not participate all three days, you can sign up for one or two days, but it’s fully prioritised for those who have signed up on all three days.

The fee is NOK 1450, or NOK 500 per day if you can not have all the days.

If you are not a member of TøFSK, you must pay NOK 50 more per day.

If the camp is canceled in full or in part due to bad weather, you will not receive the money back, but you will receive coaching for the same amount in the wind tunnel at Voss, of Zion.


Canopy Course for beginners and advanced 1.06. 2018

Instructor is Kristian Moxnes, Swooping Legend and only Norwegian who has been invited to the Swoop Challenge in Copenhagen.

Take advantage of the chance!


Wingsuit – camp med Espen Fadnes og Amber Forte 7.06. 2018DZ events June'18

We have been lucky to get Espen Fadnes and Amber Forte to us for two campers in 2018. Four days to end both times.

This is the first. Espen is already world champion and legend, and this is the weekend for anyone who wants to improve their skills at WS.

Open to all, no matter what level you have on your winged flight.

Price $ 1200 for four days, or 350 per day if you can not all four days. 50 kr more for those who are not members of TEKSK

We will relax our local rules for just one WS group per lift during this seminar.


Troms Fallskjermklubb – TROFSK (Skydive Troms)

Lofoten boogie 2018 1.06

We will jump in a fantastic Lofoten!

Friday, June 1, Svolvær Airport, Helle

Saturday 2 June Leknes and surroundings

Sunday 3 June Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen

Jumping in Hauklandstranda, Unstadstranda and Rambergstranda on Saturday.


Tromsø Fallskjermklubb (Skydive Tromso)

Static-line Course 11.06 . 2018

There are several courses each year, this is the second course this year. If you wonder what it is, is a bit indefinite, or have already decided to try this … please contact!

More info and registration:


Skydive Oppdal

NTNU FSK Sommerboogie 2018 23.06 – 7.07

During the boogie there will be a plenty of activities to take part in, like Viking blot, jumping, competitions, lying, boasting, swimming in the river, barbecue and sauna.DZ events June'18

This will be the year’s event!

Preliminary program:
The keywords for the boogie: Tracking / bonfire / barbeque / free float / river bath / sauna / tube-hopping / buldring / climbing / pupil hopping / bowling night / rebus run / hangar cinema / speedstar / press.konk / hopping / current video / honor / tandem hopping / sun / beer / hot tub / fireball / frisbee / excess pig / slider / wrestling / lie / etc.

Where: Oppdal Airport, Fagerhaug.
Who: Self-employed jumpers, line students, free fall students, AFF level 8 students. (Unfortunately, we can not guarantee AFF instructors under level 8.)
Boat fee: 200 kr
Final prize: 250 kr for full height, 190 kr for low lifts (5000ft), 270 kroner for students

Weather: Sun and zero winds both weeks!
Mood alert: Very good +

Everyday 09.00-20.00
Saturdays 10.00-18.00
Sundays 12.00-20.00
Accommodation: There are good tent opportunities in the field, and space for caravan / car. We have 15 beds at Luftslottet.

Skydive Voss

Winglorious basterds 2018 14.06

The wingsuit event you don’t wanna miss out on! 5 days of skydiving, a shitload of fun and learning heaps with some of the best wingsuiters in the world.

15 000 feet jumps
Innhopps (on a mountain? And deep in a fjord?)
Skydive, wingsuit and base quiz
We’d like to know if experienced participants are interested in XRW?

Scotty P
Espen Fadnes
Sam Hardy
Jokke Sommer
Hege Ringard
more to come!

Registration is open. 5 days of jumping, price: 2500 Nok.

AAD required!

NOTE: There will be basejumping during the event, but not for beginners. Only if you’re an experienced big wall basejumper.

THE CAMP IS FULLY BOOKED!! But a lot of people have not payed yet, so slots might open up. If you wanna get on the waiting list, please email:



Extreme Sport Week 2018 – Skydive Edition 24.06

It’s time again; Extreme Sport Week is on! Mark the dates in your calendar, get your tickets and start planning for the most awesome week this year.
Lets make it as fantastic as previous years, but with more people, more happenings, better vibes and unstoppable amounts of fun! DZ events June'18

Extreme Sport Week 2018 – Skydive Edition will start bright and early Monday June 25th with organized jumping with amazing organizers and lots of happenings, and go on through Saturday June 30th!


As always we will have a high level of organizers to create art in the skies above Voss with an amazing amount of skydivers. We will have organizers in all diciplines and more details will be posted when ready.

There will be a lot of innhopps and happenings all through the week, stay tuned for more information.

We have shared rooms in bunk houses at the DZ, available for all guests. To book a bed, please visit

To make this happen we need volunteers. As always you will get a Veko ticket in return for three shifts.
Register here to get an email when the volunteer registration opens:


Meido Skydive

Norddeutsche Meisterschaft im Zielspringen/POPS 9-10.06.2018
The North German championship in accuracy jumping will be held again.
Here you can look at accuracy jumping wonderfully close.


Skydive Spain

TrackDayz: Better, Faster, Steeper 2.06 – 3.06
Welcome to Trackdayz!
The new and improved monthly tracking event at Skydive Spain!DZ events June'18

Two full days of action packed tracking jumps organised by Matty Mitchell. Other coaches may join. Check specific event dates below for coach details.

Other coaches may join.

What to expect:
We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.
Every level is welcome, so long as you meet the qualifications below.
Matty and Zemi will be leading you on exciting jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

REGISTRATION: 15 € per person per day.
QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.
Minimum: 6x participants

Contact us for more details and to book your slot!

TrackDayz 2018 dates:

7-8 July with Saddi
4-5 August with Saddi
1-2 September Zemi
6-7 October with Matty Mitchell and Zemi
2-4 November with Matty Mitchell and Zemi
1-2 December with Zemi


Rebujito: FS and FF Scrambles 9.06 – 10.06

Skydive Spain Scrambles for both disciplines FS and FF.

Victor Fernandez & Hamish Cameron

We will organise the participants, evaluate and score the three pre-established rounds.DZ events June'18

Other event dates this year:

13 & 14 October

Format & Costs:

Registration is 40€ per person per day (includes event organization & share of camera slots for the 3 daily rounds).

Jump tickets: to be purchased on the day of the event or you can use existing block jumps.


The teams will be drawn before each jump, a camera person will be provided for each team.

Event is composed of 3 rounds: 2 pre-set rounds and 1 free round.

Victor & Hamish will evaluate and score each participant per round.


1st – 5 Jump Tickets

2nd – 10 packing tickets

3rd – 25€ voucher for Skydive Spain Shop

There will be one competition per day of the event, so each person can join both days or only one.

Come and join us to have a lot of fun and improve your skills!

Each participant will get a USB with the video of their jumps, and Skydive Spain will make a video of the event to be shared on our social media, featuring all participants.

The Rebujito will not be over until we share a few drinks together in the end of the day & a dinner will be organized by Skydive Spain, open to all the participants & friends who wish to join.


Skydive Empuriabrava

Burning Spring 2018 2.06 – 9.06 DZ events June'18
The 3rd edition of the legendary BURNING SPRING FESTIVAL!

Burning Spring festival is the original and genuine skydive boogie.

This event, which is a mixture of art, music and skydiving, brings a new dimension of beauty to our lives and will change the way we perceive the sport.

‘Fuck Ego’ is our main slogan and fun the principle.

Everyone has to participate in an active way, skydivers for all levels and non skydivers. We look for genuine, authentic and free souls. It is not a technical camp even though you will improve your skills in many ways you can’t imagine.

This next edition will be EPIC!! BRING IT ON.



Flight – 1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive Empuriabrava 7.06 – 8.06DZ events June'18
World medal winning FS and CP champion Pete Allum is teaching Flight 101 & 102 at Skydive Empuriabrava on the 7 & 8th of June 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 – Thursday 7 June
Flight 102 – Friday 8 June

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –

Skydive Lillo

Curso USPA AFFI – Coach 7.06 -17.06. 2018
If you have thrown yourself into this sport and want to continue advancing in your career as a skydiver, become a coach and / or skydiving instructor and turn your hobby into a job.

Skydive Lillo as an advanced training center and in collaboration with the high level athlete Ernesto Gainza, organizes this Coach and Instructor AFF USPA course.

Can you imagine a more exciting profession?

Participation requirements:
Coach: minimum 100 jumps
• Minimum 2 participants
Instructor AFF: 500 jumps and 3 years in sport
• Minimum 2 participants

USPA Coach Course € 300 + tickets
USPA AFF Instructor Rating Course € 700 + tickets

The prices of the seats go to the type of ticket that each client usually uses:
– General price: € 29
– Club members price: € 25
– Price jump bonuses, etc …

Curso Control de Campana / Canopy Course 16.06 – 17.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Whether you have just graduated as a skydiver or if you already have many jumps, this course is essential to learn and improve your flight technique with a canopy.

Suitable for all levels of experience, the course is tailored to the knowledge of each participant, thus ensuring the learning of each one according to their needs.

If you want to take your  B License to do the Coaching course, the canopy course is one of the requirements.


AFF course completed and have made at least 1 low jump.

1-2 people € 150
3-4 people € 120
+4 people € 100

+ Tickets

* Low jump ticket for bell course: € 21

*Price per person


Skydive Algarve

AFF Week 4.06 – 10.06, 11.06 – 17.06, 18.06 – 24.06, 25.06 – 1.07DZ events June'18

Jumping begins on Day 2 with an introductory AFF-Tandem jump which is the perfect way to orientate yourself from the air and to better understand the landing pattern and procedures here at Skydive Algarve.
Then your skydiving experience continues with AFF Level 1.
Accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors you will carry out a series of freefall exercises you have been taught, then open, fly and land the parachute yourself.
Progressing through the levels you will perform a qualifying dive on Level 7 and a low altitude exit from 5,000ft on Level 8.

There is plenty of local accommodation, many with Skydiver rates and reasonable car hire rates to get you to and from Faro Airport (only 40 minutes away from the DZ).
For more information or to book on a course please contact our office

$kysaver Week : June 11.06 – 15.06DZ events June'18
Discounted midweek jumping Monday – Friday.
All lifts to 14,000ft / 4300m

Exp Jumptickets 27.90€
FS/ FF 1-on-1 coaching 84.90€

Planning a visit? Just email so we can add you to our diary.

We can also arrange accommodation & car hire for you at discounted skydiver rates only available through Skydive Algarve.

*Normal T&Cs apply. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, however we can offer credit to be used at either of our other DZs Skydive Hibaldstow or Skydive Spain)Tickets can be upgraded to use outside of Skysaver Weeks


Progression Course 18.06 -24.06
If you have just completed your AFF course and consolidation jumps and are looking to gain your USPA A-licence or BPA B-licence then this course is for you!

Whats included:DZ events June'18

10 FS coached skydives
We will teach you all of the basic in air skills needed to be safe in sky which makes skydiving with others much more fun! Included within this course you will do 8x 1-on-1 coached jumps 1x 3way coached jump and 1x 4way coached jump. This is the minimum requirement for the BPA Formation Skydiving Grade One (FS1) and also answers all the coaching requirements towards the USPA A-Licence.
**If you have already achieved your FS1 then we can offer you 11x Free Fly Coached jumps instead.

1 Day Canopy Piloting Course
5x Hop and Pop jumps teaching all the skills and more required to gain your licence with an approved The Canopy School canopy piloting coach

Packing Course
You will also have an intensive introduction to packing a sport parachute and be shown how to carry out a line sequence check and how to recognise twist and tangles.
**not guaranteed to get a BPA packing certificate

Briefings/lectures required for the licence
Including duties and responsibilities of a jump master, spotting from the aircraft, flight line checks, introduction to the BPA Operations Manual. Plus the required BPA Canopy Handling grade 2 exam or the USPA A licence exam

The cost for all of this is: 1.310€

To book for this course and pay a 100€ deposit or if you require help booking a hire car or accommodation please contact to find out about our skydiver rates


FlySafe Canopy School 21.06 – 22.06
Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger.

Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions.

Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of.

Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings!

Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible.

You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.DZ events June'18

For pilots who want to:
• Become a pilot, not a passenger
• Deal with different wind conditions
• Fly their canopy where they want to go
• Learn precise and accurate inputs
• Experiment with front risers up high
• Learn to use harness inputs
• Utilize their body position
• Know how to prevent a low turn
• Practice half-braked approaches
• Land crosswind safely
• Fly with confidence

COACH: Bruno Geada
Bruno Geada started skydiving in 1999 and began his professional skydiving career in 2004, since then has accumulated 5300+jumps.
Canopy control has always been a big passion of his, so in 2013 he created the Fly Safe Canopy Control Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skydivers and in 2015 joined ‘The Canopy School.’ He’s currently based in the Algarve, south of Portugal, where he works for Skydive Algarve as an Instructor and Canopy Coach.

2 day course, 8 jumps included: 408.20€
(non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
5-6 hours
Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

To book your place, email, we will request your details and give you details to pay your deposit.


Skydive Spa

Rooster Boogie 28.06 – 1.07. 2018
Third edition of the Boogie of the FWCPDZ events June'18
3 clubs will be gathered: Skydive Spa / Para Club Namur / Skydive Cerfontaine during a long weekend.
A boogie is an event opened to all skydivers!

jumps with animators / coaches

party atmosphere throughout the event thanks to the evenings (concert, bbq, video editing of the jumps of the day, etc …)
The event is open to all  but some organized jumps require a minimum level. (CSC for VR, Patent B-C for FF).

For this third edition, the federation has chosen the Spa aerodrome.


Steve Braff
Magali Folkner Braff
Craig Mckernan
Troy Rodway

Balloon jumps confirmed June 28, 29 and 30, morning and evening!

Helicopter, 5000 m
to come up

Registration: € 30 / with event t-shirt (until June 15th)
The day of the event: 40 €


Dropzone DenmarkDZ events June'18

Night jumps! 14.06. 2018
We are once again doing night jumps at DZDK, so come out and join the fun!
You can do hop ‘n’ pops or full altitude freefall jumps in groups of up to 4 + video if you are interested, but do the planned jump in daylight first if more than two people.

All lights for the jump can be borrowed from DZDK.

Jumpers must have USPA “B” license or DFU “C”
Minimum jump requirement is 100
Think about what canopy you want to land on a bad spot on the dark.

Night jumps is a requirement for USPA D license

Get yourself out here and lets have some fun 🙂



20.000 feet / 6000 meter loads! 3.06. 2018DZ events June'18

Highest regular jump in Europe!
Jump from 20,000 feet (6000 meters) with oxygen.

Up to 90 seconds of free fall!

With oxygen in the plane it is possible to reach 6000 meters / 20,000 feet.

We fly with 10 skydivers at a time, and the price is 380 kr.

If there are no 10 skydivers, the additional price is distributed over the participants.

50 solospring and B license (or equivalent).
Participation in High Altitude Briefing on the day, or earlier participation.



Skydive CuautlaDZ events June'18

Nate Jones: Wing Suit 2.06 – 3.06. 2018
Do you want to know the world of Wing Suit?

Skydive Cuautla will host Nate Jones, one of the best in this practice.

Come and live an introduction to this type of flight on June 2 and 3.

Check requirements and more information directly with Nate Jones.

We will wait for you!


Skydive Ramblers

June Learning Curve Camp 25.06.2018DZ events June'18
A week long event for students, novice and anyone else who want’s to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of everything skydiving.
AFF, b-rels, tracking, freefly, starcrest, canopy, rigging, spotting & gps. Plus loads MORE.

Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are personalised mini-boogies specifically designed for A-F licensed jumpers ie.

low experience level jumpers who are wanting to increase knowledge and awareness, gain experience, achieve licences and ratings and try new things in a safe and fun environment, plus experienced jumpers wanting to try new things, new camera flyers and jump pigs wanting to get on heaps of midweek loads.

Videos of the day’s jumps on the big screen each night plus landings videoed each day and debriefed as a group each night. Seminars most nights on a number of topics.

Check out this awesome LCC’s seminar schedule:

– Monday – gear maintenance
– Tuesday – spotting and jump run
– Wednesday – angles and Navigating
– Thursday – Weather
– Friday – A/B licence exams

Come out to progress in the sport – learn how to be safe and of course, have FUN!

Skydive Elderslie – Newcastle Sport Parachute Club

AFF – Learn To Skydive 2.06. 2018
If you are looking for a challenge and thinking of taking up the sport of skydiving, then the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) Course is designed for you.

After a full day of theoretical and practical training, you will be ready to make your first skydive. Together with two highly experienced instructors (combined jumps totalling more than 1000 skydives!) you will climb out and exit the aircraft. Your instructors will be there with you in free fall ensuring you open your own parachute and it is deployed safely. You will steer your own parachute, communicating with an instructor on the ground until you are guided in safely to landing.

Your Stage 1 jump is the first step towards becoming an experienced skydiver – the AFF course consists of nine stages in total. AFF students progress at their own rate, and your NSPC instructors will encourage you and develop your flying skills every step of the way.




Skydive Alabama

SIS Boogie 2018 15.06 – 17.06DZ events June'18
Save the dates!

We will be flying an Otter for this event!!!

Theme is 1950s Sock Hop n’ Pop!

Ben Moseley and The Contrabands will be performing Saturday night!


Kelly Bartko
Ashleigh Hartman

The Relaxed Road, PC will be joining us so make sure you bring some extra cash to and see Erika throughout the days! She will be set up for you in the classroom.


$20 Lift Tickets (Experienced Jumpers Only) 7.06 – 11.06 2018DZ events June'18

$20 lift tickets for experienced jumpers ALL YEAR every 2nd weekend!

Night Jumps (Experienced Jumpers Only) 30.06. 2018


Calling All B, C, and D licensed Jumpers! Night jumps are scheduled! We have one day each month planned out for night jumps.

In order to jump you must:
-Have a B, C, or D license
-Make a jump THAT DAY with the SAME RIG you will be using for night jumps
-Attend a safety meeting and drill right before the night jumps… This means do not go anywhere after day jumps and then come back expecting to jump
-Have lights or rent them from Manifest


Alaska Skydive Center

The Alaskan Summer Solstice boogie is back, and this year the boogie will be for 6 days, June 19-24, 2018!

  • $600 includes 13 Jump ticketsDZ events June'18
  • Twin Otter skydives from 13,000′
  • Load organizers – Andy Malchiodi & Regan Tetlow
  • Alaska state head-down and head-up record jumps
  • Midnight “Summer Solstice” jump
  • Glacier Jump (3 tickets includes 2 skydives)
  • Helicopter jumps (2 tickets)
  • Pro Packers & Riggers available
    … and more to come!
    You can manifest for the glacier jump as soon as you register for the boogie.

Since this is a very special jump that is highly dependent on weather, we recommend you register now to have your best chance at getting on one of the first loads!

We have various lodging choices available at a discount and have put together a variety of excursions for you to choose from.

Visit our website often as we continue to add more details and options!


Skydive ArizonaDZ events June'18

AXIS B-License / Fundamental Skills Canopy Course 9.06. 2018
This one day course includes 5 hop & pops to fulfill the USPA B-License Canopy Proficiency Card, Water Training, and Written Exam.
Contact AXIS Flight School for more information: or visit


Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

Spaceland Transitions: 3 way Speed Star Competition 2.06 – 3.06. 2018
Ready to practice that dive and dock for bragging rights? Let’s do this!

Our June Transitions events for recent graduates (up to around 100 jumps) will focus on no-show (no-floater) exits where you dive down to your 3-way team’s coach/organizer as fast as you can for a smooth 3-way formation.

The event is timed over three rounds for fastest completion of the point; the team with the lowest score wins! Your coach will also plan a few points for afterward to keep things rolling after your hero swoop. 🙂

Prizes: TBADZ events June'18

* Show time is by 8 am to be placed on a team. Teams of people arriving after 8 am may be allowed to compete, at the discretion of and with a proper offering to the meet director (Cory Kossan).
* Three rounds from normal jump altitude, formations to be drawn from the ones in the event photo
* Organizer dives out first and lays base (must have video to capture the docks)
* Time will be scored from exiting the plane of the door (as seen on organizer’s video) to completion of the formation
* Formation must be built within 35 seconds and held in control for at least 5 seconds to be scored (tagging on the way by doesn’t count 😉
* No grips allowed on exit
* No contact with anything but the floor of the plane (i.e., no leaning on the door before exit)
* Maximum score per round is 40 seconds
* Incorrect formations receive the maximum score

As usual, there is NO FEE for this Transitions event! Jumps are regular price.

Also: This is an ALL WEEKEND theme! The competition will only run Saturday, but our mentors will be working on dive and dock exits and perfecting your swoop like a beast, dock like a butterfly skills all weekend. 🙂 Or perhaps even floating up to the formation.

Good luck and safe swoops!


Spaceland Transitions: Organizing Successful Skydives 30.06 – 1.07. 2018
Everyone loves a successful skydive! When jumps go as planned, they are a ton of fun, you learn a lot, and there are major smiles everywhere. When they don’t, they range from “oh well” to dangerous.

As a newer jumper, chances are good that you’ve never organized more than one other person on a skydive. But you know you’ll be in that hot seat before long! How will you design a skydive for success?

Plan the dive, dive the plan!

You’ll need to consider the experience and skills of those jumping with you, design a dive with a good chance of success for those people, and know what details will help you all execute that dive so it goes even better than planned. 🙂

This Transitions weekend, we’ll spend the weekend helping you learn how to fly yourself and your friends out of the nest–it’s just as important of a skill as tracking or flaring!


Bay Area Skydiving

Mad John Bigway Skills Camp 2.06.2018
Come join Mad John and learn the skills you need for bigway belly formations from one of the best!
More details coming soon!

SkyDance SkyDivingDZ events June'18

6th Annual NorCal Sisters in SkyDiving Boogie 1.06 – 3.06. 2018

The Annual NorCal Sisters in Skydiving (SIS) Boogie returns to SkyDance SkyDiving.

Many details to come and we look forward to a bigger and better event than last year!

American Boogie 2018 29.06 – 1.07

The annual American Boogie returns to SkyDance SkyDiving!

This year will feature a SkyVan from Perris Valley as well as the usual Super Caravan and PAC750.

Come get some! Details to come…

Skydive CaliforniaDZ events June'18

Sun Path Javelin Demo Tour 2018 – Pride Boogie 2018 15.06 – 17.06

Skydive California is excited to announce our dates for Pride Boogie 2018!

Tons of fun details will be public in a few weeks, but make sure you save the dates for the biggest boogie Skydive California has ever seen!!!

Big planes, crazy water slides, huge party, and the best skydiving we can offer. So if you’re an experienced jumper or looking to do your first skydive then this is the event you don’t want to miss.


Sun Path Factory Rep, Jessie Thompson is super stoked to be attending this event!DZ events June'18

Stop by the SP tent to chat with her about the Javelin harness containers that “are built like tanks.”

She can answer all your questions about sizing, available options and provide helpful tips and tricks to extend the life of your gear.

Jessie will have a fleet of Javelin Odysseys for you to try on and fly so make sure you stop by the SP tent to say hi!

Below are the Complete Javelin Odyssey Systems available for your demo-ing enjoyment:

Container | Harness | AAD | Reserve | Mains
RSK.5 | B-15| Speed | OP126 | Valkyrie 79 Hybrid
RSK-1 | C-18| Speed | OP126 | BYOM
TJNK | B-15| Cypres | OP143 | Spectre or Sabre2 135 or Pulse 150
TJNK.5 |B-15| Cypres | OP143 | Spectre 150
J1KS | C-18| Cypres | OP160 | Sabre2 150 or Pulse 170
J3K | C-18| Cypres | OP176 | Spectre 170
J4K | C-18| Cypres | OP193 | Spectre 190

Thanks everyone, hope your day is amazing and you are getting stoked for this event!!

Skydive Perris

One Step Up 2.06. 2018
Have you done several 40ish Ways and are ready to step it up a few notches?
Perris Organizers have designed this event for those who want just that.
Our goal is to have complex, multi point dives(sequential) and of course completions.
As always the environment will foster fun, learning and laughter, but we are also aiming to do some very challenging jumps and everyone should come ready for all of the above!

If you’re not sure if you have the skill level necessary come jump with the Perris Organizers at other events or on any weekend and we’ll get you readyDZ events June'18

We plan on making 5 jumps. Jump tickets or money on account plus $10 dollars for video.


P3 Power Play 21.06 – 24.06. 2018

P3 invites qualified FS skydivers to join the P3 Team for more of the incredibly challenging and visually exciting jumps that the Power Play is known for!

Experience Required: All of the Power Play participants are skilled FS skydivers. Most are competitors with a significant amount of 4 or 8-way team training experience and ALL are required to show up with a great attitude and have a fantastic time.

Price: $975 USD for 22 jumps.
This price includes downloadable HD video & hi-resolution still photographs via, as well as an event t-shirt.


Skydiving centre in Zephyrhills

FurtheranZe FS camp 9.06 – 10.06 2018DZ events June'18
This will be the next camp in the ongoing series of FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving Skills camps.
There are still slots left. You can reserve a slot at this camp up until noon of the Thursday prior by following this link:
Once there, select the date(s) of your desired Camp(s) by clicking on them on the calendar, and follow the rest of the instructions to pay your registration.

Prerequisites to attend a camp are 200 freefall jumps, 100 of which are formation skydives.
Waivers to these prerequisites will be considered on a case-by-case-basis for very-well qualified applicants who have accumulated substantial coached flight time in a suitable wind tunnel, but are short of the jump totals required. Cost will be $40 registration fee for each day, six Skydive City jump tickets, and your share of your videographer’s service charges.

FurtheranZe camps are an excellent way to meet other skydivers who are interested in achieving more during their skydives.
They require less commitment than a traditional skydiving team, but may help you meet people you could form a team with.
FurtheranZe camps are NOT a substitute for basic flight coaching. They are a way to further develop your formation skydiving skills in a structured environment.

Teams can also join a FurtheranZe camp as a way to warm up for FSL Meets, or to receive coaching tailored to your team’s desires.
Cost will only be $40 registration fee per person for each day, and you can make as many jumps as you desire/can afford using your own videographer.


Chicagoland Skydiving Center

Discount Wednesday at CSC every Wednesday in June!
Discount Wednesdays, every week May thru September at CSC.
Licensed skydivers get $5 off every 14k slot, all day! (That’s just $22 per slot, people!)

CSC only flies turbine aircraft and regularly schedules load organizers on Wednesdays.
It’s the place to be for hump day jumps. Bring a friend!

*Excludes special event dates, competitions, and applicable only on CSC aircraft.
May not be combined with other promotions or jump packages. Discount applies to retail rate only.


Free Ground School 15.06. 2018
Free, no obligation Ground School class, courtesy of Freefall University.
Call 815-561-3663 to sign up or reserve your spot online at

Skydivers interested in going through AFF (solo training) will need to complete Ground School to transition past tandems.
One free ground school is offered per month. Students unable to attend a free class may schedule their own at any time online at

MWSL Meet 2 at CSC – 23.06. 2018
Whether you have a team already, or are interested in joining up with other people to form a pick-up team,
sign up at–__NmYwNzbxeWDtlgwi2OQ/viewform

Skydive Chicago

USPA Coach Courses at Skydive Chicago 5.06 – 7.06. 2018DZ events June'18

Tired of your job, ready for career change or just want to give back to the sport?
It’s time for the next step. Skydive Chicago will be hosting Angie Argon from for a coach course this year at Skydive Chicago.
Sign up now and push yourself to the next level!

Must be a current USPA member, 18 years old, USPA B license or higher and a minimum of 100 jumps. For more information and pricing visit

Contact Angie for Registration: or 951-240-1155





Vertical World Record Tryout Camp #9 8.06 – 10.06. 2018DZ events June'18
The Vertical Elite are a group of skilled head down flyers that push the limits to what is possible.
By having this mindset we are able to unite and accomplish great things. Everyone is welcome to put the hard work in to join the team.


We will be holding Tryout Camps at the end of 2017 and continuing on into 2018. Dates, locations, and camp organizers can be found at the Vertical World Record web page located here:

Click the link to choose your camp now and get ready to be a part of skydiving history!

NOTE: Specific details of the event such as jumping times, registration, and other pertinent information will be shared as the event draws closer.



Night Jumps 23.06. 2018
Maybe you have never tried it or you need it as part of a license requirement, whichever the reason, sign up in manifest before 5pm the day of the jump and experience flight in a different light!

*Must sign up by 5pm on the day of scheduled night jump.DZ events June'18
*You must have a B License or higher to participate in night jumps.
*Glow sticks or appropriate lighting (Strobe)
*Glow-in-the-dark or lighted altimeter
*Clear goggles/visor
*Must complete at least one jump during the day

Night jump kits are available for purchase at Rock Sky Market.

A mandatory briefing for the night jumps will be held 30 minutes after sunset.

Cost: 1 jump ticket (Not refundable after 5pm on day of scheduled jump.)

*Please Note: This event is for licensed skydivers. While the community is always welcome to view skydiving, there will be no fireworks or UFO/lighted skydiver jumps.


2018 FAI Wingsuit World Record Camp & Vertical Hybrid Event 15.06 – 17.06. 2018
2018 FAI Wingsuit World Record Camp & Vertical Hybrid Event (Skydive Chicago June 15-17)

Organizers: Purple Mike, Travis Mickle
Video: Norman Kent, Jeremy Tyer

• Goal: Two Plane Wingsuit Formations
• When: June 15-17
• Where: Skydive Chicago
• Registration Fee: $60
• Jump Price: $28
• T-shirt (Optional) $20
• Prerequisites:
o 300 total jumps with 100 wingsuit jumps.

Come join us at Skydive Chicago for exciting two plane wingsuit formations! The focus of this event is to build the skills required to make formation records. Since this is not a record attempt, we will build upon the lessons learned from the multi-level vertical hybrid formations that we did at Skydive Spaceland Houston last October. This means that there will be vertical and backflying slots available for advanced flyers 🙂


Skydive Chicago’s Homecoming Weekend 16.06 – 17.06. 2018
Are you missing your SDC family?DZ events June'18

Skydive Chicago is more than just a dropzone, it’s a community. In our over 20 years of business we have graduated nearly 1,000 AFP students, forever changing their lives as skydivers.
We know that as life goes on, priorities change but SDC stays with everyone.
We are inviting all AFP graduates from every year, whether your are a current or former skydiver, to come join us for the 2nd annual SDC Homecoming weekend. Meet up with old friends, make some new friends and maybe even a jump. Please help get the word out, invite anyone you know who may be interested in attending.

Check in at manifest when you arrive this weekend to sign in and pick up your name badge and raffle ticket.

Activities will include:
-Free refresher for AFP graduates (please call in advance for more details and reservations)
-Class jump
-Class photos (Saturday Afternoon)
-Raffle with Prizes! (Saturday @ 7pm, Skylounge)
-Get your Freak Brother #

No registration fee applies. This is a free event.


10-Spot, 10-16 Way Skills Camp 23.06 – 24.06. 2018
Who: Skydivers who have experience in successful 10+ way formation skydives.DZ events June'18
This can be a great opportunity for skydivers who are looking to expand their experience with larger formations.
This event will also be great for any skydiver who enjoys formations of this size, as there will be slots that will challenge the more experienced jumpers of the group.

What: A weekend of formation skydiving with skill building, fun, and exciting 10-16 way formation skydives.
We will plan on 7-9 jumps per day. Registration includes coaching, coach and video slot+packjob, dinner at the Tiki bar on Saturday night, a Rhythm T-Shirt, and access to the video online.

Where: Skydive Chicago

When: June 17-18, 2017. We’ll meet at 8am on Saturday, and please plan to leave Skydive Chicago no earlier than 4pm on Sunday.

Cost per person: $90 registration plus $30 per jump

Registration is due with your form submission. Registration can be paid cash or check made out to “FSS, LLC” and mailed to:

Formation Skydiving Services, LLC
PO Box 1525
Chester, SC 29706

Credit Cards payments can be made for a 3% fee.

SkyVan Weekend 29.06 – 1.07. 2018
Skydive Chicago’s new SkyVan will be here all weekend for everyone to enjoy!
Take advantage of the weekend and jump out of one of the most fun planes out there.
Make sure to be here and join in all the fun!


Vertical Sequential World Record 29.06 – 1.07. 2018
For my 40th bday last summer we set out to break the Vertical Sequential Record and were unsuccessful! I want to be REDEEMED!!

I’m determined to go for this BEFORE the next Largest Vertical WR because per the rules, when we get a bigger VWR, then the minimum # for this category goes up. Right now the minimum is a 3-point 41-way.DZ events June'18

This is an invitational event only. Invites will be sent by January 25th via FB messenger. If you did not receive an invite, PM me (if you meet certain big way skill criteria, then you will be added to the waiting list).

Deposit (non-refundable) to confirm slot: $100
Final Rego Cost due 2 weeks before event: TBD

Melissa Nelson Lowe
Tom Johnston*
Matt Fry

Skyvan, Otter

Camera Flyers:
Daniel Angulo

Randy Connell – Chief Judge
Deanne Brazelton

Location: Skydive Chicago


Skydive New England

Night Jumps at SNE 22.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Night Jumps!
B-License Minimum *must have B number from USPA*
Must do at least one jumps on-site before sunset
$35 includes glow sticks, strobe, and thorough briefing

Sunset time: 8:26pm
Briefing time: 8:45pm
Approximate Take-off time: 9:30pm

To sign up:
Pre-pay for the jump ticket as a deposit and complete this sign-up form.

If jumps are cancelled due to weather the deposit goes on your jump account as a $35 credit.

Folks who are interested in helping with ground crew (must be familiar w/ Skydiving or facilities) please email Ewok.

New Jersey

Skydive Cross keysDZ events June'18

Tandem Rating Course with David Pancake 31. 05 – 2.06
Get your TI rating with Range!
Must have at least 500 Jumps and a D License.
Minimum of 3 years in the sport.
And must have an FAA Class 3 Medical
Contact Manifest or Range directly if you have any questions!
B License Canopy Course with Matt Vasapollo 1.06
Canopy Course with Greg Windmiller 22.06 – 24.06

New York

Skydive the Ranch

Waz Up Mix Up Boogie 2018 16.06-17.06

The Waz Up Mix Up is a boogie in honor of The Ranch AFF instructor Linda “Waz” Wasilonski.

Originally created as a fundraiser to help Linda defray the costs of her battle with lung cancer, the boogie takes a new track in 2018.

With her passing, The Ranch is honoring her legacy by fostering Linda’s passion for continuing education and progression in skydiving.

The Waz Up Mix Up will give you an opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines, regardless of how much experience you have in the sport.

Now, this ain’t your average rookie round-up.  Whether you have 50 jumps or 1,000 – there is always something in the sky that is new to you.  This event is your chance to get some quality, focused coaching in a safe and fun environment.

For every offered discipline, we’ll match a bad-ass sky ninja with small groups of 2-3 skydivers that have less experience/lower jump numbers in that discipline.

Is this boogie for you?  YES! Maybe you have thousands of belly jumps but barely a dozen freefly jumps and want that stable sit.  Maybe you’re a tunnel rat VFS baller who desperately wants to learn how to track.

Have you mastered head down but only have 10 wingsuit jumps and want to get flocking?  Did you just get your A license and need to get those belly skills beyond your AFF?  Even if you just feel lost in the crowd or intimidated by bigger boogies, we’ve got you covered.  If there is something you want or need to learn – this IS the boogie for you!

The Waz Up Mix Up will also host some special events for advanced wingsuiters.  Special WS organizers, airport-to-airport cross country jumps, flocking and stacking are just a couple more ways we’re going to mix it up.

DZ events June'18

Here’s what you get for your $55 registration fee:
• 8 “coach passes” that secure your opportunity to make 8 jumps with a Jedi knight of skydiving**
• Dinner and entertainment Saturday night
• A raffle ticket for Saturday night’s prizes – with random drawings all throughout dinner (must be present to win). Prizes include:
• Free registration for Waz Up Mix Up 2019, The Ranch SIS Boogie or TSK 2018 (WHAT DO WE WANT?)
• Cool ass T-shirts – TSK, Team Evil, Waz Up Mix Up
• Ordinary Charms necklace or discount on a custom piece of skydiving jewelry
• Discount on custom helmet graphics
• Bottles of Freefall Sangria
• Merch packages from Vigil, Vertical & PD
• Packer services
• GRAND PRIZE – all your Saturday jumps for FREE!!!!! (everyone present at dinner is eligible to win the grand prize – even if you already won a smaller drawing during dinner!)
But wait… there’s more! Available on-site for additional purchase during the boogie:
• 50/50 raffle tickets (everybody loves $$)
• Raffle tickets to win awesome prizes!! (place your tickets in the drawing you want to win – the more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win!)
• A first flight course or a FULL day of wingsuit coaching with Jim Bilodeau
• 15 minutes of tunnel coaching from Ryan of Team Evil
• 30% off base price, 15% off options on a container from UPT
• Discount on a wingsuit from Tonysuits
• 20% off base price of a container from Velocity Sports Equipment
• Canopy course with Sergey Fedotov – the Big Boy Russian Ninja
• We’re pretty sure there will be more as we go along….
• Additional “coach passes” (in case you want to do more than 8 jumps with your skygod)
• Saturday Lunch (we’ll have burgers and hot dogs, etc for purchase on-site to keep you jumping!)
• Sunday Brunch (coffee, coffee, COFFEE)
• Packers (can’t get your 10 lb canopy in your 5 lb container? pay someone to do it for you!)
What’s not included :
• Your jump tickets ($25 each. cash or charge to 13.5k ft aboard our colorful fleet of Twin Otters)

North Carolina

Skydive Paraclete XP

2018 FLCPA Meet #5 Paraclete XP 9.06 – 10.06. 2018
Join us for Meet #2 of the 2018 FLCPA season.
FMI & registration visit
Mandatory briefing Friday evening
Coaching on Friday for all registered.


Jumptown, Orange

Austin Jameson Beginner Angle Camp 2.06 – 3.06. 2018
SIS Boogie 08.06. 2018
Freefly Organizing: Amy Chmelecki
RW Organizing: JLo Pierce and Tricia Small

CReW camp with Chad Neidigh 15.06 – 17.06. 2018
RW Camp with Andreas 16.06 – 17.06. 2018
Luis Prinetto Organizing 22.06 – 24.06. 2018

Jumptown “Q” Boogie 28.06 – 01.07. 2018DZ events June'18
Aircraft – JT Otter
Organizers – TBD

Aircraft – JT Otter
Organizers – TBD

Saturday –
Aircraft – JT Otter, TBD
Organizers – TBD
Dinner – catered BBQ dinner
Party w DJ from 9-12a
OPEN BAR!!! From 9-12a (while supplies last)

Aircraft – JT Otter, TBD
Organizers – TBD

Registration link to follow after aircraft and organizers are finalized.



Skydive Harbor Springs

Jump For Polio 3.06. 2018DZ events June'18
In 1979 Rotary committed to help eradicate the global scourge of polio.
Since then, Rotarians around the globe have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in more than 122 countries.

Now, the disease is on the cusp of extinction, with only a handful of isolated, difficult cases remaining.
Several loud proud northern Michigan Rotary clubs have organized to Jump for Polio.

This skydiving fund raiser will raise at least $20,000 to stamp out polio.

Our volunteer ‘jumpers’ will be working hard to raise the minimum $1,000 per jumper pledge.

All donations are matched 2:1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
If you want to support a jumper you can make an online donation via our event ‘ticket’ link. Be sure to forward electronic receipt to your jumper!


Skydive Kansas City

RW Sequential’s 22.06 – 24.06. 2018
Challenging all of you with a weekend of complex skydives. Steve O will be organizing RW jumps to your skill levels.


Aerohio Skydiving Center

Flight – 1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses 30.06-1.07. 2018DZ events June'18

Aaron Stocum will be teaching Flight-1 101 & 102 canopy courses at Aerohio Skydiving Center on the 30th of June & the 1st of July.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy.

Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.

Flight 101 – Saturday 30 June
Flight 102 – Sunday 1 July

Cost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.


Skydive Rick’s

IAD Course 9.06, 24.06.2018

To set up your course, call Skydive Rick’s at 330-426-2565 or visit our web site at for more information.

IAD Courses start at 9:00am sharp. Please arrive fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork. If you have a large group of jumpers and can not make a certain scheduled weekend date, call us and we will add your class to our schedule.

IAD stands for “Instructor-Assisted Deployment” and is a method of training where the instructor initiates deployment of the student’s parachute when the student jumps from the plane.

Assisted during climbout by our USPA Licensed IAD Instructor, the student exits the aircraft solo with the parachute deploying immediately.

Exit and opening occur at 3,500 feet, then the student pilots the parachute to the landing area.

Canton Air Sports

Skydive Chicago’s Fast Climbing Caravan Weekend 9.06 – 10.06 2018

Skydive Chicago’s Caravan Will Be Here For The Weekend!

Start SkydivingDZ events June'18

Head Down Record Weekend! 15.06 – 17.06. 2018
Hey people, it’s that time again… Time to set some new State Records!! Collective Pitch members Tyler Roemer and Brad Hunt are coming to head up this event.
Hopefully we can get both HD and HU Records during the weekend, but the focus will be making sure we complete the HD formation. We are looking to do a 24-way or more utilizing the 2 caravans.

If you’ve received an invite, awesome! Please register ASAP in order for us to get a good headcount.

If you would like to join here are the requirements:

Must be comfortable floating, diving, approaching, docking, and breaking off (So pretty much everything) with at least 10 or more people HD.

So mark your calendar and get signed up!



PennsylvaniaDZ events June'18

Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center

Jay Veenendaal at STL 8.06 -10.06 2018

Jay Veenendaal will be at STL June 8th – 10th, 2018. He will be organizing Vertical, Angle jumps and freeflying

Price per person will be $125/per day (non- refundable) paid to manifest by Friday June 1st at Noon
8 people max per day so reserve your slot early!



Skydive Tennessee

Father’s Day Special 15.06 – 18.06. 2018
Give Dad the THRILL of his life! Jump with him from 14,000′ up and make even more memories together!


Skydive San Marcos

Night Jumps 23.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Night jumps are open to any skydiver with a B License or higher. The USPA’s General Recommendations for night jumps are in the SIM Section 6-4.

Special Equipment:
– A light visible for 3 statute miles
– Lighted altimeter
– Flashlight to check canopy
– Clear goggles

A limited number of lights and glow sticks will be available to purchase from Manifest but it is recommended that you bring your own.

Slots are $30/each and we need 8 slots to make the plane fly.

You *must* make at least 1 jump on the DZ during the day to jump at night.




Skydive Orange

Angle Camp w/ D-Squared 2.06 – 3.06. 2018DZ events June'18

VA Record Camp w/ Matt Fry & Veenendaal 15.06 – 17.06. 2018
Join Matthew Fry and Jay Veenendaal for the Skydive Orange VA Record Camp with plans to break the record in Oct. (dates TBA)

Who may attend this camp?
-must be able to fly head down on all portions of a skydive
-must be able to turn 180 from center and break off safely
-must have and audible altimeter
-must have AAD

What will this camp focus on?
-The goal of this camp is to evaluate your flying in your strong and weak slot to better plan the VA record dive.
-This is a camp, you will not be asked to sit down unless there is a safety issue with you.

We look forward to flying with you and let’s smashed that record!!!


Flight-1 201 & 202 Canopy Courses at Skydive Orange 16.06 – 17.06. 2018
Kaz Sheekey is teaching Flight 201 & 202 at Skydive Orange on the 16 & 17th of June 2018.

Module 200 provides a safe environment for skydivers wanting to progress their canopy skills to the next level in the area of high performance landings.DZ events June'18

**REQUIREMENT TO TAKE FLIGHT 201: Minimum of 200 jumps**
We also highly recommend to have completed & attended Flight 101 and 102.

**REQUIREMENT OT TAKE FLIGHT 202: Minimum of 200 jumps

**RECOMMENDATION TO TAKE FLIGHT 202: Completed Flight 201 and 500 jumps.

Flight 201 – Saturday 16 June
Flight 202 – Sunday 17 June

To join, sign up here:
201 –
202 –

Phoenix XP – RW Skills Camp 23.06 -24.06. 2018

Freefly Organizing: Kevin Haugh 23.06 -24.06. 2018


Skydive Kapowsin

Laika’s Sport Accuracy Landing Competition 24.06. 2018
Laika was the first animal to orbit the earth. She was a dog. She went up in Sputnik 2, but didn’t make it back down to earth. Don’t be like Laika. Land safely (and accurately) on earth!

To honor Laika, and show we can come down to earth, we’re having an accuracy landing competition. Impress your friends! Win prizes!!DZ events June'18

3 Categories:
Novice: 100 or fewer jumps
Intermediate: 101 – 350 jumps
Advanced: >350 jumps
Competitors unable to document logged jump numbers will be categorized as Advanced jumpers.

All competitors must be registered and report to the briefing area by 9:30 am. Late arrivals may be disqualified.

Registration fee: $15 prior to competition day (June 24); $20 on competition day. Registration closes at 9:15 am on competition day. All registration fees are non-refundable. Contact Skydive Kapowsin manifest to pay registration fee.

Jump tickets: Standard hop&pop rates for Skydive Kapowsin

Prizes: All registration fees will be awarded to top 3 finishers in each category. There must be at least 3 competitors in a category to award prizes in that category. Prize money deposited into winners’ Kapowsin user account to be used for jump tickets, gear, repacks, etc. Amount of prize money is dependent on number of competitors.

Scoring (Lowest combined score for 3 rounds): Competitors will exit from ~3,500 feet. Target is a 50-foot diameter circle enclosed within a 75-foot diameter circle.
0 points: First contact and stop w/in 50-foot circle
25 points: First contact w/in 50-foot circle, but stopping point w/in 75-foot circle
25 points: Body part other than feet touch ground prior to stopping
50 points: First contact w/in 50-foot circle, but stopping point outside of 75-foot circle
75 points: First contact outside of 50-foot circle, regardless of stopping point

In case of a tie in any competitor class after 3 rounds, winner will be selected by a jump-off or coin toss, at the judges’ discretion.

Judges decisions are final. No arguing, whining, bitching, or moaning. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Overly demonstrative celebratory dances may be tolerated, depending on their quality, as determined by the panel of judges.

And, thank God you weren’t Laika.

Skydive West Plains

Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive West Plains 16.06 – 17.06. 2018DZ events June'18
UK CP Team Member, Maxine Tate will be teaching Flight 101 & 102 canopy courses at Skydive West Plains on the 16 & 17th of June 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.

Flight 101 – Saturday 16 June
Flight 102 – Sunday 17 June

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –

July Jumpin! 19.06 – 2.07. 2018
Beer, Burgers, Boogie!
More info to come but let’s get on it! Save the date NOW!


Skydive MidwestDZ events June'18

Coach Course w/ Xcel Skydiving 8.06 – 10.06. 2018
Come and get your coach rating with Kazu Oyama of Xcel Skydiving!
A B-license and 100 jumps minimum are required to attend.
Please have a copy of the IRM and SIM (with the Coach test completed before the course).
$225 in course fees and a minimum of four slots for evaluation jumps.
A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot in the course. Your deposit will go towards your course fees.

We are looking forward to helping you get your first instructional rating! If you need further information or have any questions email Kazu!




Intermediate Angles Mini Skills Camp 16.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Come do some skill building with an incredible coach! Naomi Kotzee of Evolve Flight School will be hosting this awesome camp!
This event is for Angle flyers at an Intermediate skill level.
Participants should have some experience with group jumps. This event is not for beginners learning to track.
The goal of this mini camp will be to sharpen group flying skills and work toward increasing speed and changing angles.

-Maximum 6 slots available
-Plan for 6 jumps. Lift tickets are $24
-Registration is $50 (Please pay cash directly to coach)
-Please contact Naomi Kotzee ( to register and confirm a slot in this camp.



2018 Sun Path Sequentials at SDMW 22.06 – 24.06. 2018

Come and shred the skies with Sun Path at Skydive Midwest this June! This is a vertical skills camp open to freeflyers of various skill levels. Each jumper will be paired with a group that matches their experience level. We intend to have several smaller groups focused on building basic freefly formation skills (3-6 ways) and a set of larger groups (8-12 ways) doing some more advanced and creative sequential jumps, plus everything in between!

Registration cost: $50 total plus jump ticketsDZ events June'18

What you get:
6-8 organized jumps per day
30min FREE tunnel time on Friday night sponsored by Sun Path
Saturday night dinner & party included in registration
Plus, the opportunity to win some amazing prizes! And we do mean amazing prizes. 🙂

Confirmed Organizers:
Mickey Nuttall
Rusty Lewis
Scott Robinson
Damien Germano
SDMW Chemtrails
Laura Golly / Jessie Thompson

Only 40 slots are available for this camp. Flyers will be matched with organizers in groups based on their skill level (Rookie, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Rookie (2 on 1): Rookie groups will be head-up jumps focused on the basics of freefly exits, approaches, staying on level and in slot, and safely breaking off. Participants must be competent and safe sit flyers. No head down flying experience needed.

Beginner (3 on 1): Beginner groups will be focused on building confidence while approaching, taking docks, and breaking off from head down jumps. Participants should feel comfortable taking head up docks, flying head down unassisted in the sky, and working on the basics of head down formation flying.

Intermediate (5 on 1): Intermediate groups will feature more intricate head down skydives with some mixed points and moving pieces. Jumpers should be able to approach, take grips, move in pieces, and break off from both a head down and head up orientation.

Advanced (8-12 ways): Jumps will have a little bit of everything – head up and head down moving pieces, gripped and ungripped transitions, eagles, carving around the formation, and whatever other fun stuff our organizers dream up! Let’s get creative! Take a break from record camps and join us for some awesome sequential flying!


Intermediate Headup Mini Skills Camp 30.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Come do some skill building with an incredible coach! Naomi Kotzee of Evolve Flight School will be hosing this awesome camp!


This event is for Headup flyers at an Intermediate skill level. No Headdown skills required.

Participants should have some experience with group jumps. Must be able to control levels and fly in slot.

Must be able to break off safely in a back track. Goal is to work on cool exits, build group flying experience.

Practice proximity flying and grip taking in groups.

-Maximum 6 slots available
-Plan for 6 jumps. Lift tickets are $24
-Registration is $50 (Please pay cash directly to coach)
-Please contact Naomi Kotzee ( to register and confirm a slot in this camp.


Skydive Milwaukee

Freefly Weekend & Tunnel Camp 7.06 – 10.06. 2018DZ events June'18
I’m so pumped to come back and see everyone again this year!
I’ll be organizing all types of free flying over the weekend, with a warm-up tunnel camp at iFLY Naperville beforehand.

We will do a mix of belly jumps, headup jumps, headdown jumps, and lots of tracking! All of that on the same skydive, everytime. 🙂 Can’t wait to play in the East Troy skies!

No registration for the skydiving weekend!

Click below for tunnel availability.




Night Jumps 30.06. 2018DZ events June'18
Expand your skydiving experience by coasting gently around the sky over the drop zone under canopy on a warm summer night and set down in a lighted landing area.

Completing two night jumps, one solo and one RW jump complete one of the D license requirements.

Prerequisites are a B license, an illuminated altimeter, a strobe light, cyalumes, and a jump at the dropzone during that day.

Strobe lights are about $20 and cyalumes are about $2. Both will be on sale in the office. Many of your member friends might loan you a strobe.

These jumps are setup by one of our Safety and Training Advisors who will perform a safety briefing before takeoff.
If you want to complete you B license we are offering a canopy course for the price of the jumps.

Come and jump with the Sky Knights!

If you are a skydiver and you are not ready, feel free to come, hang out, and see the process.

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