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Skydive Spain

SkySaver Week 3.12 – 7.12DZ Events December'18
Come fly from Monday to Friday and enjoy discounted jump tickets!!

Normal policies apply: non-refundable, non-transferable.

Can be upgraded to single jump price when outside of SkySaver Weeks.


LSD 3 Plane HD Skybash! 6.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18
LSD Bigway vertical Camps is coming up on 1 year of working on Levels, Slots and Docks with CRAZY beautiful progression.

To celebrate, we’re hosting an invitational sky bash! Hosted at and sponsored by Skydive Spain!

  • Up to 3 planes
  • 4 days
  • 6 jumps a day

Coaches: Ally Milne & Kim Tornwall
Camera: Adrian Daszkowski

Day 1: Getting the slots right and dusting off any cobwebs. Flying 15 ways until coach approves two planes.
Day 2: Flying the 2 plane formations and closing them! Catered DZ dinner for purchase + movie at the bar.
Day 3: 2 or 3 plane formations + group dinner
Day 4: 2 or 3 plane formations and if nailed: 2 point formation skydive. #Goals LETS DO THIS!

You get the invite if you are:

A) More than capable of flying 3 plane formation skydives safely and like a boss
B) Your attitude and vibe is all the good stuff
C) Both A & B

Registration fee: 200€
We’ve sent out more invitations than slots so don’t sleep on this invite. Secure your slot ASAP by contacting :

Jump price: 27,50 per jump
No block rates from DZ due to their lovely sponsorship of LSD event coach/vid costs.
Remaining 19 jumps paid before first jump of event – non refundable by DZ
The value of any remaining unused jumps will be saved on your Burble account at the DZ.

We really hope to see you at the LSD Bigway Sky Bash!


Skydive Spain XMAS Boogie 21.12 – 4.01DZ Events December'18
Skydive Spain’s Christmas Boogie 2018-19 is ON!

Free registration! Dornier G92 aircraft. Great load organisers. 15k altitude every jump. Organised dinners. NYE party. And Spanish weather that keeps you jumping during the holidays.

We will have lots of FF, FS and WS coaches for this year’s boogie to keep you jumping as much as you want every day.






In order to provide the best service to our participants, the best number of coaches, and of course operate in a way that keeps the planes turning and our customers making as many jumps as possible, we’re asking for pre registration with a deposit to use for your jumps, which you can pay here.
This is not a boogie fee – this is a pre payment on your skydives (usable as soon as you arrive!) to help us understand how many participants are planning to arrive and jump. Thanks for your help in helping us make this the best Xmas Boogie to date!

Registration Form:


Skydive Empuriabrava

Flight – 1 201 & 202 Canopy Courses at Skydive Empuriabrava 22.12 – 23.12DZ Events December'18
World medal winning FS and CP champion Pete Allum will be teaching Flight 201 & 202 Canopy Courses at Skydive Empuriabrava on the 20th & 21st of October 2018.

Module 200 provides a safe environment for skydivers wanting to progress their canopy skills to the next level in the area of high performance landings.

**REQUIREMENT TO TAKE FLIGHT 201: Minimum of 200 jumps**
We also highly recommend to have completed & attended Flight 101 and 102.

**REQUIREMENT OT TAKE FLIGHT 202: Minimum of 200 jumps

**RECOMMENDATION TO TAKE FLIGHT 202: Completed Flight 201 and 500 jumps.

Flight 101 – Saturday 3 November
Flight 102 – Saturday 4 November

To join, sign up here:
201 –
202 -

X-MAS FEST 22.12 – 1.01DZ Events December'18

  • Aircraft: Twin Otter, Beech 99
  • Exit 16500 ft
  • Load Organising by the Fly Warriors & Babylon Freefly
  • A-Team (with Alain Dony) – One day
  • Organised Ballon jump
  • Organised beach jump
  • Windoor next door
  • Happy Hour



Skydive Lillo

Christmas Fest 22.12DZ Events December'18
Enjoy with us the last jumping weekend of the year!
Come celebrate with us the Christmas holidays by participating in our fun Invisible Christmas Friend.


After the jumping day and the invisible friend, we will have dinner at El Paso Restaurant.

A menu will be offered with:
Starters to share + main course to choose + 1 drink + dessert or coffee

* There will be vegetarian options

Menu price: € 15 per person.
Jumps + Invisible Friend + Dinner


Skydive Algarve

AFF Week 2.12-8.12, 9.12-15.12, 16.12-22.12, 23.12-29.12DZ Events December'18

Jumping begins on Day 2 with an introductory AFF-Tandem jump which is the perfect way to orientate yourself from the air and to better understand the landing pattern and procedures here at Skydive Algarve.
Then your skydiving experience continues with AFF Level 1.
Accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors you will carry out a series of freefall exercises you have been taught, then open, fly and land the parachute yourself.
Progressing through the levels you will perform a qualifying dive on Level 7 and a low altitude exit from 5,000ft on Level 8.

There is plenty of local accommodation, many with Skydiver rates and reasonable car hire rates to get you to and from Faro Airport (only 40 minutes away from the DZ).
For more information or to book on a course please contact our office



$kysaver Week : 10.12- 14.12DZ Events December'18
Discounted midweek jumping Monday – Friday.
All lifts to 14,000ft / 4300m

Exp Jumptickets 27.90€
FS/ FF 1-on-1 coaching 84.90€

Planning a visit? Just email so we can add you to our diary.

We can also arrange accommodation & car hire for you at discounted skydiver rates only available through Skydive Algarve.

*Normal T&Cs apply. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, however we can offer credit to be used at either of our other DZs Skydive Hibaldstow or Skydive Spain)Tickets can be upgraded to use outside of Skysaver Weeks



Progression Course 24.12- 30.12DZ Events December'18
If you have just completed your AFF course and consolidation jumps and are looking to gain your USPA A-licence or BPA B-licence then this course is for you!

Whats included:

10 FS coached skydives
We will teach you all of the basic in air skills needed to be safe in sky which makes skydiving with others much more fun! Included within this course you will do 8x 1-on-1 coached jumps 1x 3way coached jump and 1x 4way coached jump. This is the minimum requirement for the BPA Formation Skydiving Grade One (FS1) and also answers all the coaching requirements towards the USPA A-Licence.
**If you have already achieved your FS1 then we can offer you 11x Free Fly Coached jumps instead.

1 Day Canopy Piloting Course
5x Hop and Pop jumps teaching all the skills and more required to gain your licence with an approved The Canopy School canopy piloting coach

Packing Course
You will also have an intensive introduction to packing a sport parachute and be shown how to carry out a line sequence check and how to recognise twist and tangles.
**not guaranteed to get a BPA packing certificate

Briefings/lectures required for the licence
Including duties and responsibilities of a jump master, spotting from the aircraft, flight line checks, introduction to the BPA Operations Manual. Plus the required BPA Canopy Handling grade 2 exam or the USPA A licence exam

The cost for all of this is: 1.310€

To book for this course and pay a 100€ deposit or if you require help booking a hire car or accommodation please contact to find out about our skydiver rates.



FlySafe Canopy School 21.12 – 22.12DZ Events December'18
Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger.

Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions.

Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of.

Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings!

Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible.

You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

For pilots who want to:
• Become a pilot, not a passenger
• Deal with different wind conditions
• Fly their canopy where they want to go
• Learn precise and accurate inputs
• Experiment with front risers up high
• Learn to use harness inputs
• Utilize their body position
• Know how to prevent a low turn
• Practice half-braked approaches
• Land crosswind safely
• Fly with confidence

COACH: Bruno Geada
Bruno Geada started skydiving in 1999 and began his professional skydiving career in 2004, since then has accumulated 5300+jumps.
Canopy control has always been a big passion of his, so in 2013 he created the Fly Safe Canopy Control Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skydivers and in 2015 joined ‘The Canopy School.’ He’s currently based in the Algarve, south of Portugal, where he works for Skydive Algarve as an Instructor and Canopy Coach.

2 day course, 8 jumps included: 408.20€
(non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
5-6 hours
Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

To book your place, email, we will request your details and give you details to pay your deposit.



Level Up Freefly Week with Zemi Abreu 19.11 – 23.11DZ Events December'18
Get ready to level up your freefly skills at Skydive Algarve’s new freefly school: Level Up!

Join us for Level Up Freefly Week – a week of intense freefly coaching and load organising with Zemi Abreu and more!

During this week, you can book Zemi for coaching 1 on 1, join a group he’s load organising, or book him for the full day for yourself, or split the cost amongst friends.

To book, simply email or book directly at the DZ office, providing the following info:

Name of jumper(s)
Type of coaching required (e.g. full day coaching; 3x coaching jumps 1-1; group of 3 jumpers booking coach for the day)

If you want to make a group to hire a coach for the day but are not sure your level is good enough, you must clear this with the coaches directly at the DZ and then book the coaching accordingly.

Christmas Boogie at Skydive Algarve 21.12 – 4.01DZ Events December'18
The Christmas Boogie returns to Skydive Algarve!

No registration fee. Jump from our fleet of DornierG92 aircraft. 15,000 ft all day long. Organised dinners and parties. Spend your holiday at Europe’s most beautiful beach lined dropzone. Just 5 minutes from the beach and from the town of Alvor with lots of bars and restaurants.

We have amazing FS, FF and WS coaches lined up for you, so jump as much as you want and ring in the New Year in style.

Lesley Gale – FS
Siân Stokes – FS
Milko Hodgkinson – FS
Ally Milne – FF
Karine Joly – FF
Zemi Abreu – FF
Marcus Budgett – FF
Frederico Machado – FF
Helder Sousa – WS
Shaun Crockford – WS

Willem de Groot – event camera & day tapes
Dan Maden – FS camera

Register here:

Keep following this page for all Christmas Boogie updates!

See you at Skydive Algarve!


Tønsberg Fallskjermklubb/ Skydive Tonsberg

Christmas table at Tønsberg parachute club 8.12DZ Events December'18
– Aperitif on arrival
– The warming buffet of the year is getting better than ever!
Day-to-day ribs (sous-vide 12h) with all accessories.
Pork meat from Pers kitchen in Vestfold, gold winner in 2017 for NM in meat products for beef meat. Vossakorv and all accessories.
– Dessert with house caramel pudding, curry cake and mulberry cream.
There is always the opportunity to buy drinks at the bar.
The registration deadline is Friday 23 November, but because it makes everything a lot easier for us who are planning the party we will be very happy if you can pay in before that. You know that you are going to join, so it’s only just to confirm your sign up right away …
Price of accommodation 4 persons 2-room apartment, including bed and towel.
kr. 425, – per person
kr. 1 695, – per apartment
We look forward!
Regards DL and the board.

Kjevik Fallskjermklubb/ Skydive Kjevik

Christmas Table at Skydive Kjevik 15.12DZ Events December'18
This year’s Christmas table at the Dining Room in Marvika on December 15th.


UK Parachuting

The Christmas Big Leaaap 8.12DZ Events December'18
Take a festive leaaap for East Anglian Air Ambulance this December by signing up for our Christmas Big Leaaap event!

Reaching the soaring heights of 13,000 feet, you will exit the plane with an instructor falling up to 120 mph, descending to 5,000 feet in around 40 seconds. At this point, your instructor will open the parachute and fly you safely back to earth – plenty of time to take in the breath-taking birds eye view of East Anglia, just like our lifesaving crews do every day. Santa suits are provided to get in the festive spirit or you can choose to wear a Christmas jumper of your own.

Pay a deposit of £50 and pledge to raise a minimum of £300. Take on The Big Christmas Leaaap this December with a huge sense of pride knowing that you’re helping to keep our helicopters in the sky saving lives!

Follow the link to sign up: Or to find out more information please email our events team on

Our events team will support you every step of the way to help you reach your fundraising targets!

*Please note, this event will be weather dependent. A new date will be arranged if the weather conditions are considered un-safe for jumping.


The Irish Parachute Club (Skydive IPC)

Irish Parachute Club Christmas Party 15.12DZ Events December'18
Ho Ho Ho!!

It’s that time of year again!!

We are having our Christmas Party in the Hamlet Court Hotel in Johnstownbridge, Enfield, Co. Meath. on Saturday 15th December 2018.

There will be a mulled wine reception starting at 7.30p.m. followed by a 4 Course Meal.

The band are “Men in Black” followed by a D.J. who will keep the celebrations alive until the early hours.

We will need an idea of numbers for the booking and a deposit of
€ 20.00 per person (non refundable) will have to be paid a.s.a.p. to secure your booking so please comment or pm us on this page.

You can ring the office with a deposit or pay in the Manifest at the weekend.

Let’s make it a Christmas Party to remember.


Skydive Cuautla

New Year’s Beach Boogie 18/19 27.12 – 2.01DZ Events December'18
Puerto Escondido is a remote paradise in the south coast of Mexico, surrounded by beautiful nature, it is known for it’s famous pipes, awesome weather, exquisite food, great nightlife, warm hospitality and over all laid back atmosphere. It’s been a “must” for back-packers, surfers and skydivers over the past 20 years.

This Year’s Boogie is boosted with a Super Twin Otter, along with world-renowned organizers from different disciplines so the coaching vibe is for sure going to be fresh, dynamic, young and energetic, this ensures great time up in the air and in the ground.

Early 7am loads at 17000ft, and beautiful sunset loads, all beach landings. Don’t miss your chance to fly above the breath-taking Mexican coast

This Boogie is the perfect opportunity to finish 2018 and start 2019 with the right attitude, doing what we love.

Check-In: December 26th
Boogie: from December 27th to 2nd January
Check-Out: January 3rd

REMEMBER! Our drop zone it’ll be open from December 12th to January 10th, so you are welcome to visit us and jump from season’s beginning.


– Rémi Angéli
– Martin Lemay
– Jess Harper
– Fernando Gallegos
– José Alejandro Novoa
– Norman Kent
– Nate Jones
– Mancino Roberta

and more to be confirmed!

Planes: Super Twin Otter

Early-Bird Payment: 110 U$D (Until August 31st)
*with available credit cards
Regular price: 150 U$D

Click here to register:


New Zealand

Skydiving Kiwis

SDK XMAS Tupeke December 2018 22.12DZ Events December'18
Tūpeke – Māori for “To jump”

We live in a beautiful country, let’s jump and land in it!!

On the 3rd Saturday of every other month we will be jumping into a different ‘Beautiful’ South Island location.

Lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains, anywhere we can land, we can go.

Location reveal – One month in advance So watch the event page and get registering in advance…

Exact Landing Area reveal – Only given up in the Pre-Jump Briefing
that will take place at 3pm on the day of our Tupeke in the Skydiving Kiwis Hangar.

Price – $50 – $200 or more depending on the location. One month in advance to allow you time to decide if this one is for you.

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to secure your slot, please use the ‘Get Tickets’ button above to make purchase your ticket.

*Should the event be cancelled due to weather, a $50 credit will be added to your jump account.

What you get?
Opportunity to hone your skills in off dropzone landings, complete a jump into places that perhaps have never been jumped into before.
Learn the skills required to make the right decisions when faced with off dropzone landings.
A beer with mates, a feed of some kind, perhaps a beautiful sunset and high fives amongst good friends!!

Skill Level – Open to anyone A-License and above that has proven canopy skills sufficient with landing in the chosen landing area and has our CSO’s approval.

Registration is essential using the ‘Get Tickets’ Button Above.

Slots may be limited, to be confirmed 30 days prior along with he location.



Skydive Ramblers

24+ Bigway Loads (December) 15.12

December Learning Curve Camp 17.12 – 21.12DZ Events December'18
A week long event for students, novice and anyone else who want’s to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of everything skydiving. AFF, b-rels, tracking, freefly, starcrest, canopy, rigging, spotting & gps. Plus loads MORE.

No rego and no hidden costs! For more info visit the website.

Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are personalised mini-boogies specifically designed for A-F licensed jumpers ie. low experience level jumpers who are wanting to increase knowledge and awareness, gain experience, achieve licences and ratings and try new things in a safe and fun environment, plus experienced jumpers wanting to try new things, new camera flyers and jump pigs wanting to get on heaps of midweek loads.

Xmas Feel Good Time 26.12 – 31.12DZ Events December'18
It’s the Xmas Feel Good time! Come out and play!
Spend the last week of the year skydiving!

DZ Orphans’ party on Christmas Day 25th Dec. (sorry, no loads)
New Year’s Eve party 31st Dec. – 1st Jan.

The Drop zone at Toogoolawah will be CLOSED all day New Year’s Day. Back to normal on 2nd January 2019.
Happy New Year all you Ramblers!!


Sydney Skydivers

Freefly Friday 7.12DZ Events December'18
Freefly Friday is a 1 day event held on the 1st Friday of every month at Sydney Skydivers.
Yes, we know the event is called “Freefly” Friday, but we just want to get our knees in the breeze and have fun.
So whatever jumps tickle ya fancy, whether it be flat, angles or freefly, our coaches and load organisers are here to help!
All experience levels welcome. Come out and partake in the froth, do some epic jumps and hang out with the boys (and girls)!
Rego is only $25, all money goes towards BBQ and beers at the end of the day. Yeeeewww!


Freefly Coaches


Register by filling out this form:

Early rego is only $25 ($35 on the day)


Skydive Oz

Dan BC Bigway Camp 6.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18
Come for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 days!

Dan BC is travelling to Australia this coming December to coach Bigways! Are you reading this correctly? YES!
Aussie Bigways, in conjunction with Skydive Oz, will be hosting what will be our last P3 coached event prior to the Perris USA camps and record attempts in May 2019.

Event Purpose and Eligibility:
This Bigway Event is for those planning to prepare for and attend Perris USA May 2019.

You will need to have emailed your expression of interest to Greg Jack to be eligible for this event –
Outline of Event:
Dan BC will coach one group per day – up to16ways
Debriefing will be behind closed doors where participants will be free to converse with Dan BC
Dan BC will provide each participant with a suggested pathway to best prepare for Perris 2019
We are aiming to provide at least one day per participant jumping with Dan BC. Therefore we have max. 60 slots available
When not jumping with Dan BC, we have Aussies coaching 12ways – 32ways
Planes and Facilities:
Two Caravans to service our Bigway Groups.
Sarah and Luke at Skydive Oz will be providing meals throughout the event. Food/Meals can be purchased at the cafe on the day.
Onsite accommodation can be booked online here…
Camping is $10 per night per person, includes use of the onsite facilities of showers and kitchen.
We are aiming for $30 per day registration cost (to be confirmed)
Jump Tickets:
$45 to 15,000 feet
or $410 for a pack of 10 tickets paid in advance ($41 per jump ticket)

Skyfest 2 – 5x day New Years Eve Skydiving Festival 27.12 – 31.12DZ Events December'18
Ahoy ye’ scurvy sky-dogs, Don’ yar Jolly Rogers and jump onboard for 5 days of skydiving n’ swashbuckling.
Only 80 Tickets available.

• 15x 15000ft Skydives (208 Caravan)
• 5x days camping
– Canopy – Jules McConnel
– Free-fly & Angles – Andrew Keir
– Free Fly – Ben Cutler
– Wingsuit – Chris Byrnes
– Flat/Bigway – Riss Anderson
• Demo Canopies – From NZ Aerosports
• Live Music + NYE DJ

• Seaplane Skydives! ($60)
• Beach Landings & River Swoops
• Sun Burn, Scurvy, & Rum!
Thar be a wee bit mor ye’ scallywags!


* Tickets are transferable but not refundable and must be paid in full prior to the event.

* Seaplane jumps on Friday the 28th only. Limited availability & weather permitting.

Pack your Pirate outfits: Swimmers, swords, parrots, floaties/inflatables for the opening ceremony river float event.

The Skymonkey Food Project will have food options available.


Skydive Elderslie – Newcastle Sport Parachute Club

Wild Wild West Christmas Party 8.12
Skydive Elderslie’s Annual Christmas Party!
Come and celebrate the American Wild West, come as a cowboy, bar girl, American Indian, US Marshall, outlaw, Mexican, horse, whatever, enjoy a few drinks in our Saloon Bar, feast on a sumptuous Christmas dinner, and watch the sun go down over our sprawling ranch.
Note: More information will be published here shortly.





Skydive Alabama

Night Jumps (Experienced Jumpers Only) 22.12.2018DZ Events December'18


Calling All B, C, and D licensed Jumpers! Night jumps are scheduled! We have one day each month planned out for night jumps.

In order to jump you must:

  • Have a B, C, or D license
  • Make a jump THAT DAY with the SAME RIG you will be using for night jumps
  • Attend a safety meeting and drill right before the night jumps… This means do not go anywhere after day jumps and then come back expecting to jump
  • Have lights or rent them from Manifest





Skydive Arizona

Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive Arizona 8.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18
PD Factory Team member, Justin Price will be teaching Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive Arizona on the 10 & 11 of November 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.

Flight 101 – Saturday 10 October
Flight 102 – Sunday 11 October

Cost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –


AXIS B-License / Fundamental Skills Canopy Course 15.12DZ Events December'18

This one day course includes 5 hop & pops to fulfill the USPA B-License Canopy Proficiency Card, Water Training, and Written Exam.

Contact AXIS Flight School for more information: or visit


Thanksgiving Boogie 22.11 – 25.11DZ Events December'18
The annual Thanksgiving Boogie includes $22 lift tickets with free registration and World Class organizers.
An Upright World Record Training Camp will be held November 23-25 in conjunction with the boogie.
raditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the Bent Prop Thursday night (fees apply) along with Friday and Saturday night festivities.


Holiday Boogie 22.12 – 1.01DZ Events December'18
The best holiday boogie is back with all the popular events and more! DC-3 jumps, Hot-Air Balloon jumps, World-class organizers, Speed-Star competition, Film Festival, Bonfire, Casino night, New Years Eve party w/ DJ Jake and so much more!

$45 registration includes T-shirts, discounted lift tickets and freebies.

Come enjoy our on-site tunnel and ring in the New Year under the sunny skies of Arizona!

USPA Collegiate Championships 28.12 – 2.01DZ Events December'18
The first National Collegiate Parachuting Championships took place in 1958.
USPA has hosted competitions at various locations in the U.S. ever since, promoting safety, competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among college skydivers.

The Collegiates provide a great way for college students, generally limited for funding, to compete in skydiving, and many continue on as competitors after graduation.
Many of today’s leaders of the sport got their start as college skydivers.



Skydive Elsinore

Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive Elsinore 8.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18
John Minos is teaching Flight 101 & 102 at Skydive Elsinore on the 8th and 9th of December 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.

Flight 101 – Saturday 8 December
Flight 102 – Sunday 9 December

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –

Learn Formation Skydiving with Josh Hall 16.12
Want to learn more about formation skydiving? This is the mini camp for you. Josh Hall will be organizing formation skydiving with formation aircraft. You can learn more about that float slot from the tail aircraft, or diving out last from the lead aircraft.

~Dec 16, 2018 8:00 a.m. on creeper pad
~Registration is a must. Email Mary :
~Cost: Jump ticket plus $20 for video. *can use block tickets*
Plan on four to five skydives for the day.


Skydive Perris

Intro Head Up Movement 15.12 – 16.12DZ Events December'18
E-mail Nate at or call Nate at (805) 450-1228 for more information and to register.

Christmas Boogie – Party in Perridise! 27.12 – 1.01DZ Events December'18
Ok People, this is the announcement of our Christmas Boogie, PARTY IN PERRIDISE!

MANY MORE DETAILS TO COME, but we want you to be able to save the dates already. **Please join this event on Facebook to get a notification when we update the details!**

We have many things in store for you, including:
– No Boogie fees
– $24 jumps
– Skyvans and Otters (Be there for the return of SUPER BLUE!)

– World class Organizers in ALL DISCIPLINES everyday (FS, Freefly, Angle, Tracking and Wingsuit): Roberta Mancino, Perris Force, the Perris Organizers, Christy Frikken, Dan Brodsky-Chenfleld, The Perris Freefly Organizers, the Perris Wingsuit Organizers…

– 4-WAY FS coaching and organizing by Perris Force and Dan BC on the 28th and the 29th, followed by a FRIENDLY COMPETITION on the 30th.
– Special activities for FF and WINGSUITS to be announced soon!
– FS AND MFS 2-way Tunnel League competitions at the PERRIS WINDTUNNEL on the 30th (evening)

– TOP FLITE KICKASS 20-WAYS on Dec 29 and 30 – contact Kevin Kierce on Facebook for more info.

– BALLOON JUMPS every morning – book in advance with ‘Balloon Dan’ 951.261.0552
– (Possibility of DC3 SUNSET LOADS – yeah, we’re still working on this one)
– PARTY at the Bombshelter on the 29th AND the 31st



Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

Flight – 1 101 Canopy Course at Mile Hi Skydiving Center 1.12DZ Events December'18
Denver Broncos Thunderstorm pilot & all-around swooping extraordinaire, Jimmy Tranter will be teaching Flight-1 101 canopy course at Mile Hi Skydiving Center on the 1st of December 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Whether this is your first canopy course or if it’s been a while since you gave some love to the nylon above your head, refresh your knowledge and get reacquainted with your canopy. This course is not only for newly licensed skydivers, but it’s also for the experienced skydiver who is looking to refresh and refine your canopy flying skills!

You will learn the fundamental skills needed to pilot your canopy safely, and practice drills that you will utilize throughout your skydiving life.

Flight 101 -Saturday 1 December

Cost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.

To join, sign up here:


Skydiving centre in Zephyrhills

FurtheranZe FS camp 8.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18

This will be the next camp in the ongoing series of FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving Skills camps. There are still slots left. You can reserve a slot at this camp up until noon of the Thursday prior by following this link:

Prerequisites to attend a camp are 200 freefall jumps, 100 of which are formation skydives.

FurtheranZe camps are an excellent way to meet other skydivers who are interested in achieving more during their skydives.

They require less commitment than a traditional skydiving team, but may help you meet people you could form a team with.

FurtheranZe camps are NOT a substitute for basic flight coaching. They are a way to further develop your formation skydiving skills in a structured environment.



Tandem Instructor course 22.12 – 24.12

Cosmic Christmas Boogie Night Jump 22.12, 29.12 DZ Events December'18
Sunset briefing for each day then launch at right after evening civil twilight ends. B License equivalent or higher required. Several dates available on the calendar already. Must have B license or equivalent. Each Night Jump costs a regular jump ticket ($25 or block jump) plus $5 covers the organizer and the strobe and chem light rentals.

Generally we do not do Night Jumps during the summer season, since it is our “slow-season”.

If you have other dates or requests, or a group ready to go, we can do them pretty much any time, send to

Cosmic Christmas Boogie HALO Jumps 23.12, 30.12DZ Events December'18
What skydiver doesn’t want to go higher? The High altitude load to 22,000 ft is for B license equivalent or higher holders only.
We provide the oxygen, Cannula, briefing and a great experience for your 100+ second freefall. 8am briefing and then we launch.


Skydive DeLand

Flight-1 Ladies Canopy Camp at Skydive DeLand 15.12 – 16.12DZ Events December'18
TEAM GB CP Team Member and Flight-1 Instructor, Maxine Tate will be hosting a Ladies Canopy Camp at Skydive Deland on the 15th & 16th of December.

This weekend is specifically designed for female pilots of any experience level looking to work on their canopy flying skills. We will address your personal goals over the camp, tuning up your current skill set and working towards your next milestone. Any experience level is welcome and while you can come to either day, we strongly advise you to commit to a full weekend of learning.

Slots are limited to six each day to keep the class targeted and tailored to your own goals and ensure quality time for everyone. So if you are determined to take the next step or to address a particular challenge under canopy, sign up asap to guarantee a slot. Coaching fee is $150 for each day. Low altitude jumps at Skydive Deland are $19.

Saturday 15 December:
Sunday 16 December:


Freakfly Festival 3rd edition 27.12 – 5.01DZ Events December'18
Join us at Skydive Deland this Christmas // New Years period for the most rad experience of the year. Wrap up 2018 in style with a mix of focused learning camps inside an epic boogie vibe PLUS… That’s right a NYE party to dream of for years to come.

The Freakfly Festival is losely based on the “Voss freefly festival” & run by the same organising team, its a multi discipline event, innhopps and extra curriculum activities all included.

During the FFF We offer focused coaching & organizing on 2 & 3 day camp basis, running over a 9 day period with the 1st January as an official OFF DAY. and 2nd and a BOOGIE day so we can all ease back in to it :)… (remember to bring your TuTus and epic socks by the way.. Just sayin)

Camp participants will be in small groups (unless it is a big way camp) with the same coach (coach of your choice), plus we also have floating outside videographers and ground coaches for those who are not in a camp but just part of the boogie.

This years friends:
Zion Freefly, F4L, Joyriders, Tribu Freefly, Alter Ego
Claudio Cagnasso
Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher
Anna Moxnes
Luis Alfredo Lopez Mendes
Petter Mazetta
Curt Bartholomew
Jeannie Bartholomew
Petter Stensvold
Paul Ferriman
Andreas Mosling
Johannes Bergfors
Dan Darby
Jesse Wehyer
Lane Paqain
Amy Chmelecki

But pre register NOW…. check out drop us your e-mail to pre-register and get info of this years camps 1st!!

any questions e-mail

See you in DeLand
Lets get Freaky 😉



Skydive Sebastian

Night Jumps! 22.12DZ Events December'18
B License and day jump at Skydive Sebastian required. If you do not have a night jump kit, we do have them for sale in Manifest.

We manifest for night jump loads THE DAY OF the scheduled jump. Please leave ample time to arrive, make a day time jump, and manifest for the night jump.

This is a reoccurring event! Keep your eyes on this page to see all dates between November – March!

Invasion 2018 27.12 – 1.01DZ Events December'18
This Invasion is galactic!

As always, we will have SDC’s fleet of Otters, novelty aircrafts, beach jumps, world class organizers (including SDC Core and SDC Rhythm XP), food, beer, live music, and games at night, our famous Island Party, and much more!

Keep an eye on this page for more details! Official website will be updated as well:





Jump Georgia Skydiving

Belly camp 8.12 – 9.12DZ Events December'18
Who: All belly skill levels are welcome!

Why: This camp is designed to make BELLY GREAT AGAIN. We will be working on: launching linked and diving exits; level, slot, docking (to simulate big way experiences); and ‘turning points’ (to simulate competitive RW experience). We will prep and dirt dive each exit and jump with a full video debrief at the end of the day and pointers between jumps. Expect to do 5-6+ jumps per day.

RAIN OR SHINE we will still hold this camp. If the weather is less than ideal, I will have videos from Nationals and various team trainings to review. I will also walk through 4- and 8-way dive pools and hold mini-seminars on belly exits and level, slot, docking!

Cost: $50 (non-refundable) per day registration fee + the cost of jumps at Jump Georgia. Registration fee payable via PayPal. Price includes videos (& possibly pictures). Make sure to bring your flashdrive!

Wingsuit course with Chase Mccook 30.11 – 2.12DZ Events December'18
This is a camp for beginner/intermediate wingsuit pilots with intentions on building skills in basic formation and dynamic flying.
Getting multiple wingsuit groups in the plane and proper exit procedures off jump run to ensure safe flights for both groups.

Also plan on building larger formations with all pilots and working with the more experienced flyers with backflying and moving about the formations during the flight.
The main goal of the camp is to have everyone leave the weekend feeling like they improved on some aspect in their wingsuit piloting skills and to also feel more safe and be able to plan and execute fun and safe wingsuit flock formations.

The camp is set for Thanksgiving weekend if there is enough interest and a better weekend in November would work I can be flexible, please leave feedback in the discussion, I’m excited to put this event together and hope to see positive feedback from everyone interested.
Camp costs will be $35 for the weekend payable to via PayPal. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message.


Skydive Chicago

Skydive Chicago’s Christmas Party 1.12DZ Events December'18
Come enjoy Skydive Chicago’s 2018 Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony. AFP graduation certificates will be presented to all 2018 graduates and a 2018 AFP class photo will also be taken.
Additional awards will be presented to the Most Improved Skydiver, Skydiver of the Year, and Freak Brother of the Year.
We will also be showing the Skydive Chicago Year End Review, highlights of this year’s activies.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Location: Skydive Chicago Auditorium

New Jersey

Skydive Cross Keys

Skydive Cross Keys Annual Holiday Party 8.12DZ Events December'18
Time to dress up and join us in the hangar Saturday, December 8th for our Annual End of the Season Holiday Party!

Catered Dinner and some Holiday Punch will be supplied.

Santa Jumps during the day!

We will be giving out our Annual Awards after dinner, so don’t miss out!

North Carolina

Skydive Little Washington

Night Jumps! 1.12DZ Events December'18
Coming back by popular demand, NIGHT JUMPS! You asked so we are making it happen. Here is everything you need to know:

WHEN: December 1, 2018
WHERE: Skydive Little Washington
WHO: Everyone is invited to come watch but read the requirements to see if you qualify to jump.

Online at:
Or at Skydive Little Washington.

1. Skydivers participating in night jumping should meet all requirements for a USPA B or higher license*.
2. Participants must complete a comprehensive briefing and drill immediately prior to the intended night jump.
3. Please make sure that if you have never jumped at our drop zone, you come early that day to get some jumps in. At least 1 day jump at Skydive Little Washington is required before you can participate in this event.

*You do not need to have a B-license, you just need all the qualifications for one.



Skydive Orange

Annual Christmas Party! 8.12DZ Events December'18



Skydive Kapowsin

Christmas Party 15.12DZ Events December'18
Come help us celebrate a great year of skydiving.
Food, Drinks, Dancing and lots of fun. Dress code is semi formal to formal.



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