DZ Events August’18

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Czech Republic


Skydiving Pink Klatovy 30.07 – 19.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Daily skydiving

Special Events:

5.-12.8. Bigway Camp with Pete Allum
12.-13.8. Swoop Coaching with Curt Bartholomew
14.-18. 8. Czech MADe Boogie
15.-19.8. Pink Canopy Piloting Open


Canopy coaching with Cornelia Mihai 8.08 – 9.08DZ Events August'18
Alright …let’s do it again this summer …let’s go to Klatovy, because it’s such an awesome place
Swoopers and aspiring swoopers, boys and girls… you can get ready for the Pink Canopy Piloting Open and improve your canopy piloting skills level,learn how to get the best out of your canopy and your turn and to take yourself to the next level of flying. I will be organizing 2 days of coaching on the 8th and 9th of August with only 5 slots available (170euros /per day per person + jump tickets).
Either it’s your first swoop comp or you’ve been competing for a while , make sure you do your best to sharpen your skills before the comp
PM me if interested.

CZECH MADe Boogie 2018 14.08 – 18.08DZ Events August'18
SAVE the DATE guys! Did you enjoy it in Klatovy last year? We did and that is why we are back at the same place again! SKY is our playground. More information to come soon!

As you know: This is a skill camp, never mind what the name event says!

48 slots available, 9 LO, 1 camera, 4 days, all levels of freefly

Registration for CZECH made Boogie opens in the end of January 2018:

  • Registration fee – 350 € or 9000 CZK
  • Plane: Skyvan, 4000 m
  • Jump ticket – 32€

Registration form:

Meeting, gear check, briefing on Tuesday afternoon/evening August 14th.

Accommodation on the dropzone:

  •  limited capacity in the shared rooms
  •  your own tent or caravan in the camping area
  •  million stars hotel, for more information:

There will be daily program, videos, kindergarden (English, yoga and games for kids) and a lot more.
Contact until 31.3.2018 to keep your kiddo safe while you skydive.

STAY TUNED and be ready for ROCK & ROLL!!!


Paraclub Beromuenster

FreeflyTraining for Teams in Ebnat-Kappel 10.08 – 12.08. 2018DZ Events August'18
We offer all freefly teams the opportunity to train under competitive conditions during the Swiss Championship 2018.

The rules currently published on Swiss Skydive apply, and judging is carried out by Andri Steinmann.
IMPORTANT: Except fame and glory, no champion will be chosen – but we will be glad to toast your successful training jumps in the evening.
The training is carried out when at least three teams register.

Please use the contact form of the SM2018 Page:
Registration deadline is 03. August 2018


Skydive Spa

POPS Belgium 16.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
First edition of Belgian Pop’s.
The disciplines planned for this first meeting will be: VR 3 Scramble VR4, VR 8 speed, the PA Sport and the traditional Hit’n Rock.


Skydive Spain

TrackDayz: Better, Faster, Steeper 4.08 -5.08. 2018DZ Events August'18
Welcome to Trackdayz! – En español abajo –
The new and improved monthly tracking event at Skydive Spain!

Two full days of action packed tracking jumps

What to expect:
We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.
Every level is welcome, so long as you meet the qualifications below.
Zemi will be leading you on exciting jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

REGISTRATION: 15 € per person per day.
QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.
Minimum: 6x participants

Contact us for more details and to book your slot!

TrackDayz 2018 dates:

1-2 September Zemi
6-7 October with Matty & Zemi
2-4 November with Matty & Zemi
1-2 December with Zemi


SkySaver Week 6.08 – 10.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Come fly from Monday to Friday and enjoy discounted jump tickets!!
Normal policies apply: non-refundable, non-transferable. Can be upgraded to single jump price when outside of SkySaver Weeks.



AFF Residential Course 14.08- 20.08. 2018

All inclusive 7 day AFF course. Transport from airport, accommodation and daily shuttle to the DZ. Get your skydiving licensed with us here in sunny Southern Spain.

We will pick you up at Seville airport (anytime from 8.00h to 19.30h), take you to your shared accommodation, organise transfers to and from the dropzone everyday and drop you back off at Seville airport…it could not be easier..! Places are limited, book now!.

All you have to do is get yourself to the airport and let us do the rest.



Skydive Empuriabrava

Flight – 1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses 29.08 – 30.08DZ Events August'18
World medal winning FS and CP champion Pete Allum is teaching Flight 101 & 102 at Skydive Empuriabrava on the 29 & 30th of August 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 – Wednesday 29 August
Flight 102 – Thursday 30 August

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –


Skydive Lillo

Curso Control de Campana / Canopy Course 18.08 – 19.08. 2018DZ Events August'18
Whether you have just graduated as a skydiver or if you already have many jumps, this course is essential to learn and improve your flight technique with a canopy.

Suitable for all levels of experience, the course is tailored to the knowledge of each participant, thus ensuring the learning of each one according to their needs.

If you want to take your  B License to do the Coaching course, the canopy course is one of the requirements.


AFF course completed and have made at least 1 low jump.

1-2 people € 150
3-4 people € 120
+4 people € 100

+ Tickets

* Low jump ticket for bell course: € 21

*Price per person




Skydive Balaton

Hungary Heli Camp 2018 6.08 – 17.08DZ Events August'18
The original Heli Camp!

This is an authentic skills camp where all jumps are coached and made from the tailgate of an MI-8 helicopter.
Small group coaching, stunning views, decent parties and full catering.

This year we’ll be working with even smaller groups than before: 3:1 coach ratio in week one and 5:1 coach ratio in week two.

Still slots available for week two:
August 13-17
5:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 5 participants)
7 nights, 5 days, 25 jumps
1590 EUR includes:
– shared accommodation in a 2 person room
– 25 coached group jumps (we can do more if the weather is willing)
– 3 meals a day
– Budapest pickup and return service
– a decent party on Saturday August 11th

Week one is full and we’re starting a reserve list. From the previous years we know that the first 10-15 names on the reserve list often still get a slot.

All info and registration form:



Koalas Balaton 2018 20.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
One more year we offer to make a mega boogie to enjoy in this sport that is SKYDIVING.

We will make a week of coexistence sharing special moments, laughter, emotions and, above all a lot of FUNNN JUMPS!!!

20th of August we will arrive at Skydive Balaton to make our registration in the event and dz, we will do it as soon as possible from the morning until 16:00, when you have to be ready to start the brifings.
The next day we will start the jumps from morning until sunset, enjoying to the max during the week.
On the 26th of August we will have breakfast and finish the event, where we will check out all the rooms with the organizers.

This event has two options (depending on availability):

Shared room in the tower area (€ 1100)
Shared room in the dz area (€ 1050)

Both options include:
6 nights accommodation
Dinner on the day of arrival (20)
All meals on jumping days (21,22,23,24,25)
Breakfast on departure day (26)
20 jumps
1 event t-shirt
The rental gears and packjobs are not included.

Run to make your reservation and don`t lose your slot.

For more information and details contact the organizers:
Victor Fernandez- – (email)
Victor Fernandez (BILLY) – (facebook)



FSC-Schwaben goes Skydive Balaton 1.0 27.08 – 2.09.2018DZ Events August'18
Who’s not dreaming of standing at 4000m at the open tail of a helicopter, enjoing the scenic view of lake Balaton, right before the exit horn beeps and you enjoy freefall.

THIS is possible NOW!

Secure your spot in our boogie in Hungary at the Skydive Balaton Dropzone in Siofok.

This is what you will get in our all-inclusive offer:

  • 20 jump tickets from 4000m with the MI-8 helicopter
  • High Pull options over the lake
  • Jumping from 8:30 until sunset
  • Hangars with soft floor for packing
  • Pack jobs are available (5€ / packjob)
  • In case of issues with your equiment there are riggers present at the dropzone who can quickly repair your gear.
  • Don’t have your own rig? That’s no problem, you can rent a rig for 10€ per jump at the dropzone.
  • Bus transfer from Ulm via Augsburg, München to Siofok and back
  • Accomodation at the Dropzone (6 nights) including:
  • Breakfast (with drinks)
  • Lunch buffet (drinks not included)
  • Dinner buffet (drinkt not included)
  • Signup fee for the dropzone already included (if you are already signed up please don’t forget your badge)
  • Party on Wednesday night (Bavarian night/ Oktoberfest)with free bier and traditional brass music. Dresscode: Lederhosen & Dirndl
  • Free Welcome T-Shirt
  • Cool people and tons on fun!

Room: DZ Area, 2 Persons/Room
Price (all-incl): 1140,00 €
Preis without bus transfer: 1000,00 €
Preis without jumps: 550,00 €
Preis without jumps and bus: 450,00 €
Add-on fee for single-use of 2-bed room: + 100,00 €

Price (all-incl): 1110,00 €
Preis without bus transfer: 970,00 €
Preis without jumps:520,00 €
Preis without jumps and bus: 420,00 €

We collect a non-refundable fee of 150,- Euro when you book. Full payment of the remaining sum is due upon arrival at the dropzone, i.e. if you book a 2 bed room for 1140,- €, you have to pay 150,- when you book and 990,- cash when you arrive at the dropzone.


Skydive Algarve

AFF Week  30.07 – 5.08, 6.08 – 12.08, 13.08 – 19.08, 20.08 – 26.08, 27.08 – 2.09. 2018DZ Events August'18

Jumping begins on Day 2 with an introductory AFF-Tandem jump which is the perfect way to orientate yourself from the air and to better understand the landing pattern and procedures here at Skydive Algarve.
Then your skydiving experience continues with AFF Level 1.
Accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors you will carry out a series of freefall exercises you have been taught, then open, fly and land the parachute yourself.
Progressing through the levels you will perform a qualifying dive on Level 7 and a low altitude exit from 5,000ft on Level 8.

There is plenty of local accommodation, many with Skydiver rates and reasonable car hire rates to get you to and from Faro Airport (only 40 minutes away from the DZ).
For more information or to book on a course please contact our office


$kysaver Week : June 13.08 – 17.08DZ Events August'18
Discounted midweek jumping Monday – Friday.
All lifts to 14,000ft / 4300m

Exp Jumptickets 27.90€
FS/ FF 1-on-1 coaching 84.90€

Planning a visit? Just email so we can add you to our diary.

We can also arrange accommodation & car hire for you at discounted skydiver rates only available through Skydive Algarve.

*Normal T&Cs apply. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, however we can offer credit to be used at either of our other DZs Skydive Hibaldstow or Skydive Spain)Tickets can be upgraded to use outside of Skysaver Weeks



Progression Course 20.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
If you have just completed your AFF course and consolidation jumps and are looking to gain your USPA A-licence or BPA B-licence then this course is for you!

Whats included:

10 FS coached skydives
We will teach you all of the basic in air skills needed to be safe in sky which makes skydiving with others much more fun! Included within this course you will do 8x 1-on-1 coached jumps 1x 3way coached jump and 1x 4way coached jump. This is the minimum requirement for the BPA Formation Skydiving Grade One (FS1) and also answers all the coaching requirements towards the USPA A-Licence.
**If you have already achieved your FS1 then we can offer you 11x Free Fly Coached jumps instead.

1 Day Canopy Piloting Course
5x Hop and Pop jumps teaching all the skills and more required to gain your licence with an approved The Canopy School canopy piloting coach

Packing Course
You will also have an intensive introduction to packing a sport parachute and be shown how to carry out a line sequence check and how to recognise twist and tangles.
**not guaranteed to get a BPA packing certificate

Briefings/lectures required for the licence
Including duties and responsibilities of a jump master, spotting from the aircraft, flight line checks, introduction to the BPA Operations Manual. Plus the required BPA Canopy Handling grade 2 exam or the USPA A licence exam

The cost for all of this is: 1.310€

To book for this course and pay a 100€ deposit or if you require help booking a hire car or accommodation please contact to find out about our skydiver rates.


FlySafe Canopy School 21.08 – 22.08DZ Events August'18
Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger.

Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions.

Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of.

Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings!

Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible.

You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

For pilots who want to:
• Become a pilot, not a passenger
• Deal with different wind conditions
• Fly their canopy where they want to go
• Learn precise and accurate inputs
• Experiment with front risers up high
• Learn to use harness inputs
• Utilize their body position
• Know how to prevent a low turn
• Practice half-braked approaches
• Land crosswind safely
• Fly with confidence

COACH: Bruno Geada
Bruno Geada started skydiving in 1999 and began his professional skydiving career in 2004, since then has accumulated 5300+jumps.
Canopy control has always been a big passion of his, so in 2013 he created the Fly Safe Canopy Control Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skydivers and in 2015 joined ‘The Canopy School.’ He’s currently based in the Algarve, south of Portugal, where he works for Skydive Algarve as an Instructor and Canopy Coach.

2 day course, 8 jumps included: 408.20€
(non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
5-6 hours
Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

To book your place, email, we will request your details and give you details to pay your deposit.



Fallschirmsport Damme-Höxter / Skydive Damme

Hot Summer Boogie 2018 – 10.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18
Hot Summer Boogie – Skydiving Damme gets a visit from the International Paracentrum Teuge.

From the 10th to the 12th of August 2018 two great planes (Caravan FoxyLady and Supervan from Teuge) are on the way and bring Skydiver up to 4,000+ meters.

The program is extensive: In addition to RW, Freefly & Wingsuit-Load-Organizern we offer balloon and helicopter jumps. A freefly coach offers coaching, there is a raffle with lots of skydive equipement and lots of party!

In addition some manufacturers of Skydivezubehör with demo stands are expected.
Balloon and helicopter jumps are offered at agreed times.

There are ten places in the balloon for jumpers and passengers.

Costs: 120 euros for jumpers, 150 euros for passengers. Only those who have made a deposit of 50 euros, has its place in the balloon safe.

In addition, a boogie and evening briefing participation is required. Please register at or phone: 05491-996010. Further information about the helicopter jumping will be announced.
At the same time we expect manufacturers of parachute jump accessories, which present their offer at demo booths. Ev. You can also test one or the other demo parasols. Anyone who will be on site will be announced.
Prices for jump tickets: 30 euros, there is no orgone fee.

Camping: 10 euros, tent 6 euros
To facilitate the on-site handling you can already download the release here and bring it to the Boogie:

Of course every skydiver, but also spectators are welcome to our Hot Summer Boogie! We look forward to seeing you!



Skydive Binz

Flight-1 101, 102, 103, 201 & 202 Canopy Courses at Skydive Binz 1.08 – 5.08. 2018DZ Events August'18
Brian Vacher is teaching Flight 101, 102, 103, 201 & 202 at Skydive Binz on 1-5 of August 2018.

Courses will be taught in German!

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.

Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.

Module 200 provides a safe environment for skydivers wanting to progress their canopy skills to the next level in the area of high performance landings.

**REQUIREMENT TO TAKE FLIGHT 201: Minimum of 200 jumps**
We also highly recommend to have completed & attended Flight 101 and 102.

**REQUIREMENT OT TAKE FLIGHT 202: Minimum of 200 jumps

**RECOMMENDATION TO TAKE FLIGHT 202: Completed Flight 201 and 500 jumps.

Flight 101 – Wednesday 1 August
Flight 102 – Thursday 2 August
Flight 103 – Friday 3 August
Flight 201 – Saturdy 4 August
Flight 202 -Sunday 5 August

To join, sign up here:
101 –
102 –
103 –
201 –
202 –


Skydive Sicilia

Tandem Summer Boogie 5.08 – 19.08, in SyracuseDZ Events August'18



Stavanger Fallskjermklubb

NM-Uka 2018: Test NM in accuracy jumps 15 – 19.08.2018DZ Events August'18
NM-veka 2018 will be held from 15th to 19th. August in Randaberg, Sandnes, Sola and Stavanger. NRK and sports federations (NIF) are in charge of the establishment of NM-veka in the Stavanger region.
15 special federations and up to 30 different exercises are being carried out around the region’s many sports facilities.

Acrobatics with motorcycles, paraglider-acro, model aircraft and drone are already on the program. The Norwegian Air Sports Association, Parachute Division and Stavanger Parachute Club wish to use NRK’s ​​commitment to NM-veka to also profile skydiving.

We invite you to a good old classical parachute discipline; precision. On the old and venerable “Precision Hill” Sola.
You do not need an old canopy from the precision era to attend.
This must be the championship for all. And good training for future demo jumps.

According to the motto, sporting pleasure for everyone, we invite you to sample NM in precision jumping 2018 at Sola.

There will be competition in 2 classes:
– Experienced (jumping with more than 250 jumps)
– Recruited (jumpers with less than 250 jump)

Invitation and registration can be found at:



Tønsberg Fallskjermklubb / SkydiveTønsberg

Zion Angle Weekend 17 – 19.08.2018DZ Events August'18
Zions turn over – and create angle weekend for anyone who wants top quality and coaching on tracking.

Independent national team in freefly, with Anna Moxness, Petter Stensvold and Andreas Mosling.

It will be great! We promise you!

Maximum number of participants is 15, and Anna, Petter and Andreas take a group of about 5 people throughout the day. They are switching to lead the groups so all participants get to jump with the three Zions.

If you can not join for all three days, you can sign up for one or two days, but if it’s fully prioritized, those who have signed up on all three days.


The price is NOK 1450, or NOK 500 per day if you can not have all the days.

If you are not a member of TøFSK, you must pay NOK 50 more per day.

If the camp is canceled in full or in part due to bad weather, you will not receive the money back, but you will receive coaching for the same amount in the wind tunnel at Voss, of Zion.

Sign up here:


Skydive Oppdal

Rosvollboogie 2018 4.08 – 5.08DZ Events August'18
We invite you to the Mid-Norway  heliboogie – more specifically to Rosvollboogien in Værdal’n.

If you’re keen to jump out of a fully functioning Eurocopter AS350 Turbine. The aircraft has space for 5 jumpers and will mainly drop people from 5,000 feet the whole weekend.

Boogie fee: 50 kr
Slot price: 500-600 kr

Accommodation at Stiklestad Camping in Verdal. 3-6-person cabins from 400-900 kr per night. There is also a caravan and tent area with shared kitchen / sanitary facilities.

Are you keen? Put an uninterrupted cross on doodle:

More info soon.


Koseboogie 2018 6.08 -12.08DZ Events August'18

Fallskjermklub invites you again to koseboogie, the most cozy boogie in the north of the Sahara!

We start Monday August 6th and keep going for seven days, with jumping, lying, boasting and just a lot of cozy atmosphere!

Aircraft: LN-BGB, club C206
Boogie fee: TBD
Slot price: regular price (such as cheap)
Students? Yes!

Koseboogie is basically a week of tandem jumping on SkydiveOppdal, but there is plenty of space for everyone from students to skygods!

Kooseboogie is about that everyone contributes everything – cleaning, food, HFLing, HMing, jumping, washing, robbery stories and, not least, kissing!

Are you taking the trip? On doodle:






Skydive Voss

VOSS GLOSS 2018 23.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
Thursday: Arrival, information and jumping
Friday: Organized jumping all day, dinner
Saturday: Accuracy Contest for ALL, Organized jumping,  Award of Miss Voss Gloss, Prize Award and more.
Sunday: Tunnel competition for everyone, jumping

This year’s bouquet of organizers offers FS, FF, Tracking and much more! Perhaps you will try something new this year?

Elise Torgrimsen, Stine-Marie Hegrenes, Lene Sælen, Ditta Valsdottir, Kari Berg, Anja Dahl

Philip Nordås, Kjetil Follesø, Daniel Fløysand, Barton Hardie, Lars Erik Sivertsen (VDO) and Espen Wigemyr (VDO).

You must have A license and arrange yourself with accommodation at
Pay in the legal fee of NOK. 650, – if you are a member of VFSK
Pay in the legal fee of NOK. 750, – if you are NOT a member of VFSK

Account number: 9581.10.71472

APPLICATION OPENs around 1st of July.

Only 50 slots this year – everyone gets the jump!

Please contact Birgitte Horn – 41266539


We look forward!


Cahors Skydive

Boogie Cahors Skydive 10.08 – 12.08.2018DZ Events August'18



Bouloc Skydive

Bouloc Breaktime Boogie 11.08 – 25.08.2018DZ Events August'18

– A Twin Otter and a Pilatus
– Freefly Animation with Florian Lascombe and the whole team of Bouloc initiators
– Relative Flight Animation with Freddy Brebion, Céline Guntz, Myriam Myriam and a passage by Stef Millet
– The Bouloc Freefly Contest and Scramble VR with many lots of partners:
Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports
Weembi Indoor Skydiving
AirFlow skydiving
– The closing party disguised with the theme “TV series”








Skydive Alabama

Night Jumps (Experienced Jumpers Only) 25.08 2018DZ Events August'18


Calling All B, C, and D licensed Jumpers! Night jumps are scheduled! We have one day each month planned out for night jumps.

In order to jump you must:

  • Have a B, C, or D license
  • Make a jump THAT DAY with the SAME RIG you will be using for night jumps
  • Attend a safety meeting and drill right before the night jumps… This means do not go anywhere after day jumps and then come back expecting to jump
  • Have lights or rent them from Manifest


$20 Lift Tickets (Experienced Jumpers Only) 9.08 – 10.08 2018

$20 lift tickets for experienced jumpers ALL YEAR every 2nd weekend!


Bamafest 2018 (8th Annual) 30.08 – 3.09DZ Events August'18
Theme is Rockstars! Pick your own era.

Ben Moseley and The Contrabands will be performing Friday night!

Casino Saturday night with raffle to follow and boy do we have some great prizes coming our way!!

Food vendors:
Friday – Fat Mama’s Lunchbox
Saturday – Cajun Cravin’
Sunday – Porky’s Pride Smoke House

(Rental Wingsuits will be brought for anyone wanting to learn/borrow for the event. Talk to Ryan Clough on the day of the event for more details)

Ryan Clough – Wingsuit, Angle, Freefly, Hybrid
Joe Rivera – Wingsuit
Ronnie Owens – Wingsuit
Don Hurd – Belly
Garet Bloodworth – Freefly
Jeff Guy – Belly
Camping is allowed in the designated camping areas. RVs and campers are welcome, but we do not have accessibility to electric or water hook ups. There are public showers available within the dz.
Aerodyne will be present to test flight their canopies and rigs!



Skydive Arizona

AXIS B-License / Fundamental Skills Canopy Course 11.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

This one day course includes 5 hop & pops to fulfill the USPA B-License Canopy Proficiency Card, Water Training, and Written Exam.

Contact AXIS Flight School for more information: or visit


The 51st Annual Lost Prairie Boogie 4.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18


Skydive Perris

Angle Fest 25.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
Love angle flying or looking to up your angle skills? This is the event for you! Nate Smith will be organizing. E-mail Nate at or call Nate at (805) 450-1228 for more information and to register.


Skydive Taft

LiquidSky Freefall Fest 2018 31.08 – 2.09DZ Events August'18



Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

Flight – 1 101 Canopy Course at Mile Hi Skydiving 4.08DZ Events August'18
Denver Broncos Thunderstorm pilot & all-around swooping extraordinaire, Jimmy Tranter will be teaching Flight-1 101 canopy course at Mile Hi Skydiving Center on the 4th of August 2018.

Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.
You will learn the fundamental skills needed to pilot your canopy safely, and practice drills that you will utilize throughout your skydiving life.

Flight 101 – Saturday 4 August

Cost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.

To join, sign up here:
101 –


Swoop Instruction with Nick Batsch 12.08DZ Events August'18

Swoop instruction at Mile-Hi with 4 time champion and 10 time world record holder, Nick Batsch!


Courses dates:  July 28, August 12 and more TBA.

Contact Nick for rates and to sign up:


Skydive Delmarva Inc

Jump For Valor 10.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18
ump for Valor
Aug 10th-12th Skydive Delmarva would like to invite you to participate in a found raising effort for the Kenton Stacy Fund. More info about the cause can be found at

10% of boogie registration fees, $1 from all jump ticket sold, and proceeds from the raffle will go to the cause.

In support of our active and retired military we will have 1/2 price tandem Skydives and $20 jump tickets to 13,500 ft all weekend.
Tandem students can schedule their jumps below

Charm City Helicopters will be flying loads on Sunday.

18k sunrise and sunset loads are available at $35 per jumper.
Friday Clancy Ewald will be hosting a videography clinic on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday the naval academy will be organizing a 3 way scrambles competition. With tic tac toe team accuracy.

Flight-1 will be hosting a 101-102 course Saturday and Sunday. Enrollment in this course also comes with free boogie registration.

Pre Registration includes food, drinks and a Kua Sky jersey!

Live music, dinner, yard games, bon fire and will follow jumping Friday and Saturday night.

Pussfoot will be bringing games and Shenanigans for all to enjoy.

Camping is available at no cost, facilities include covered packing indoor and outdoor showers. Game room/ kitchen and bunk room.
We will be flying the super otter all weekend!


Connecticut Parachutists

CPI’s 58th Anniversary Boogie 10.08 – 12.08
Awesome party to celebrate the anniversary of CPI’s founding! Let’s celebrate with an awesome BBQ, super fun skydives with Simon Bones and Ben Liston and of course all the penguins!


Helicopter Jumps at the Annual CPI Boogie! 11.08DZ Events August'18
CPI is bringing a Helicopter to the Boogie! Please pre-purchase your jump ticket today! Refunds will be granted if it is weathered out or we dont get enough people to cover the ferry fee.

Must have a b-license to participate.




Skydiving centre in Zephyrhills

FurtheranZe FS camp 11.08 – 12.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

This will be the next camp in the ongoing series of FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving Skills camps. There are still slots left. You can reserve a slot at this camp up until noon of the Thursday prior by following this link:

Prerequisites to attend a camp are 200 freefall jumps, 100 of which are formation skydives.

FurtheranZe camps are an excellent way to meet other skydivers who are interested in achieving more during their skydives.

They require less commitment than a traditional skydiving team, but may help you meet people you could form a team with. FurtheranZe camps are NOT a substitute for basic flight coaching. They are a way to further develop your formation skydiving skills in a structured environment.





Skydive Sebastian

Splash Bash 3 Wet Hot American Boogie 13.07 – 15.07. 2018DZ Events August'18

Splash Bash 3-Wet Hot American Boogie. More Aircrfts, more pools, more hot tubs, Slides, big ass bbq, free beverages, live band, dj.

Nothing but 3 days of fun in the sky and on the ground!

Raising money to help Paws Meals on Wheels, a charity helping the elderly and their furry family.



Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

SIS – Atlanta 4.08 – 5.08DZ Events August'18
We have a great lineup of awesome organizers for this ladies weekend out (at the DZ)! Shay, Amber, Karen, and way do you want to miss this weekend!!!

> Aircraft: Caravan
* Registration: $20 whether you attend both days or just one day…so attend both!!

* Jumps: $22 for USPA licensed, registered SISters

Registration link:

Check back frequently for more info on the cool happenin’s we have planned.

Spaceland Transitions: Tracking 4.08 – 5.08
Recent A graduates and all jumpers with 100 jumps or less–this event is focused on YOU!

Does your track not meet your standards? Whether you are working on straighter lines, flatter tracks, or leaving the formation more quickly, you better not miss this weekend! Our mentors are ready to help you safely hone this life-saving skill!

Customer Appreciation Weekend! 18.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
You can bet the humble abode that there will be more details, just wanted to get the word out now so that you can tell your friends and family where they can find you if they want to see you Aug 18-19!

* – yeah, you gotta be of legal age to consume alcohol
** – licensed skydivers only

NIGHT JUMPS!!!!! 25.08DZ Events August'18
For fun jumpers only, must have C license. You will be required to do two day time jumps that day.

Getting ready for the night jumps:
*During the day of August 25th, make at least 2 jumps for currency and weather acclimatization.
*Have all of your own equipment and lights to safely make the jump (Chem lights and a safely mountable light that is visible for 3 miles).
*The mandatory night briefing is at 8:30 pm
*Read in your SIM section 6-4 before August 25th.

*Jump tickets are $50.
*First load is at 10 PM for full moon.
*We need at least 10 people per load.
*Be ready for good times around the bonfire during and after the jumps.

Sign up sheet is in the office. Call in or write your name on the list to RSVP by August 25th.


DZONE Skydiving (Star, ID)

Flashback Friday, Price rollback to $198, until 28 September 2018DZ Events August'18

Flashback Fridays at DZONE® Skydiving Boise (in Star Idaho) for 2018! We’re rolling back prices ten years on Fridays!
ONLY $198 to 11,000 ft MSL or upgrade your altitude when you show up!

To qualify just Like us and select that you are attending the event. Show it to us on your phone at the front desk and watch that price rollllllllll back!

Take a couple hours off work… you can afford it now! All other normal restrictions apply.





Skydive Chicago

Skydive Chicago’s Summerfest 2018 28.07 – 5.08DZ Events August'18

That’s Right! Summerfest is back and it’s going to be an incrdible time with old friends and new.

This year will feature new events, new bands and a few other surprises as well.

We are still squaring away the details of this legendary event and we will keep you updated as The Boogie of Boogies gets closer.

One detail we can share is that the Vertical World Record will not be held during Summerfest this year.

We know that long calls, when the record is being chased, have put many of you on the ground for much longer than anyone would want.

That won’t happen this year! We will be flying our aircraft for Summerfest jumpers and Summerfest jumpers alone.

See you all there sooner than you think!


Skydivers Over SIxty 100-Way Record 11.08 – 14.08DZ Events August'18
This is the one…The BIG ONE, for SOS.

Organizers Rick Poplinger, Roger Ponce, and T. J. Hine, are putting together an elite and old group of skydivers from east to west for a SOS 100-way Record
The team will meet at Skydive Chicago August 11 – 14, 2018.
Roger Ponce has designed dives that will prove challenging but achievable.

All members must have a current POPS membership and an SOS membership (
We plan 17 jumps at 18,000 feet msl with O2.
Jumping starts at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and ends at 3:00 p,m, on Tuesday.

FFI and a chance for an invite contact Rick Poplinger –


A-License Club 25.08 – 26.08. 2018

A’ License Club is a unique opportunity to ease yourself into the sport of skydiving. We understand that the hangar can be daunting and the idea of approaching others to jump is sometimes not as easy as it seems. Skydive Chicago will be hosting ‘A’ License Club weekends throughout the season. Led by local organizers. Days will be filled with briefings, dirt dives and jumps focusing on different techniques. And there will be goofy dives to mix things up!

We invite jumpers from all dropzones to participate.

Registration: NO registration fee, just pay for your jumps

Questions: email


Skydive Chicago’s Vertical World Record 2018 13.08 -17.08DZ Events August'18
The Vertical Elite are a group of skilled head down flyers that push the limits to what is possible. By having this mindset we are able to unite and accomplish great things. Everyone is welcome to put the hard work in to join the team.

We will be holding Tryout Camps at the end of 2017 and continuing on into 2018. Dates, locations, and camp organizers can be found at the Vertical World Record web page located here:

Click the link to choose your camp now and get ready to be a part of skydiving history!

NOTE: Specific details of the event such as jumping times, registration, and other pertinent information will be shared as the event draws closer.


Night Jumps 25.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Maybe you have never tried it or you need it as part of a license requirement, whichever the reason, sign up in manifest before 5pm the day of the jump and experience flight in a different light!


  • Must sign up by 5pm on the day of scheduled night jump.
  • You must have a B License or higher to participate in night jumps.
  • Glow sticks or appropriate lighting (Strobe)
  • Glow-in-the-dark or lighted altimeter
  • Clear goggles/visor
  • Must complete at least one jump during the day

Night jump kits are available for purchase at Rock Sky Market.

A mandatory briefing for the night jumps will be held 30 minutes after sunset.

Cost: 1 jump ticket (Not refundable after 5pm on day of scheduled jump.)

*Please Note: This event is for licensed skydivers. While the community is always welcome to view skydiving, there will be no fireworks or UFO/lighted skydiver jumps.



SkyVan Weekend 31.08 – 3.09DZ Events August'18
Skydive Chicago’s new SkyVan will be here all weekend for everyone to enjoy! Take advantage of the weekend and jump out of one of the most fun planes out there. Make sure to be here and join in all the fun!



Des Moines Skydivers

Labor Day Otter Boogie 31.08 – 3.09DZ Events August'18
Twin Otter to 13k ft all weekend! Huge 4-day jump event!



Skydive New England

Maine State Women’s Record 17.08DZ Events August'18
When: 8/17/18, rain date is 8/19/18

Come join Colleen Touhey and Jill Lavacchia as they look to break the Maine state women’s record for largest formation! It will be a fun filled ladies weekend as one of the SIS events will be the very next day, Saturday 8/18/18.

The current record is a one point 19 way set back in 2012. The goal is to break this record with a one point 21-way formation. The morning jumps will include practice jumps in 2 smaller groups to evaluate in-air skills and find the best slot for each person. The jumps to break the record will take place in the afternoon.

The day will begin at 7 AM and all participants should plan on attending and jumping for the entire day.

Please RSVP to Colleen Touhey indicating if you will attend one or both days, Fri 8/17 and/or the rain date of Sun 8/19.

Cost: Jump tickets plus registration fee of $15 per person to cover the record submission cost and per person record fee if record is successful. Left over money will go towards beer!

RSVP: Please RSVP to Colleen Touhey via facebook or email,, by 8/8/18

Tiki Boogie! 31.08 – 3.09DZ Events August'18
It is that time of the year people.. Skydive New England’s annual Tiki Boogie!

Aircraft- SkyVan & Twin Otter
Registration – $45 covers organizers, live entertainment every night, tent camping, Tiki cup and free dinner Friday night. Registration at the door (no pre-registration)

Jump Tickets- $28

We will be flying multiple planes all weekend long. Tons of skydiving, partying, and awesome vibes!

Dr. Pete and Brian Touhey will be organizing RW everyday. Freefly and wingsuit organizers will be provided by ELE off the couch tour. There will be music every night! The Ripcord Cafe will also have dinner available for purchase every night with a free dinner for all on Friday August 31st.

Friday, August 31st:
ABC Party @ The Ripcord Cafe with DZ house band

Saturday, September 1st:
DJ black light rave and foam party!

Sunday, September 2nd:
Tiki Hut burn

Monday, September 3rd,
Organizing and more skydives!!

* Drop zone will be closed Tuesday for clean-up !

**Licensed jumpers please note SNE does not allow gear which contains an Argus AAD aboard any aircraft**



Big Ways with Guy Wright 17.08 – 19.08
Do you want to see what Big Way Sequential is all about? On Friday August 17th, world class organizer Guy Wright is coming to Jumptown to organize and coach midlevel belly flyers who meet the requirements and want to experience Big Way Sequential with some challenging 16 way formations. There will be no registration fee courtesy of Jumptown and $2 will be added per jump to cover video. For more information PM Peter Kramer

Night Jumps 25.08DZ Events August'18
Night Jumps!

B License Qualified. Must make 1 jump during the day. Strobe visible for 3 miles, and chem lights.


Skydive Pepperell Center

Barefoot Boogie 2018 “Rock the Pink” 19.07 – 22.07. 2018DZ Events August'18


  • In addition to our Twin Otter…
  • Helicopter Thursday & Friday
  • Skyvan Friday – Sunday

more information will be added….stay tuned!





Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club

Home Grown Boogie 2018 31.08 – 3.09
Every year Midwest Freefall Midwest Freefall holds it annual Home Grown Boogie over Labor Day weekend! Featuring some of the best skydiving organizers in the country including the Raw Dogs CRW. Whether you enjoy wingsuiting, RW, freefly, CRW, angles, XRW or anything in-between then Home Grown is the place for you!

Stay tuned for more details about special guest organizers, featured live music, catered dinner plans and all the juicy details of what we have in store this year!

All experience levels welcome.

Come join us for what will be an amazing weekend of skydiving, friends, live music, and all the usual skydiving shenanagans you’ve come to love at Michigan’s BEST skydiving facility!

Did I forget to mention, there’s NO registration fee for our annual Home Grown Boogie!!




Meadow Peak Skydiving

The 51st Annual Lost Prairie Boogie 4.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18
Mark your calendar now!

Invite your friends! Share it on your timeline!


Skydive Nagambie

Intermediate Big Way Skills Development Camp 18.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
Aussie Bigways
Intermediate Bigway Skills Development Camp , hosted by Skydive Nagambie

Coaches: David Loncasty & Tracey Basman;…so we know we will be in good hands!

When: August 18th/19th 2018

Join us at Skydive Nagambie for another great Bigway event, and hone those skills for yet another season of Bigway flying coming up in the spring of 2018/19.
Pre-requisites: Star Crest and preferably some Bigway experience.
Plan is for 10 jumps over the weekend, with all jumps videoed and debriefed.
Please refer to the Aussie Bigways skills and event guide for more details and pre-event reading on coached Bigway camps, what we expect from you, and what you can expect!

Minimum participants will be 1 group of up to 16 jumpers including one coach.
We can expand up to two groups if there is enough interest.
This event is proudly bought to you with the generous support of:
APF Fi-Fund,
Skydive Nagambie.
Please call or email Louise or Tom at Skydive Nagambie to reserve your slot:
(03) 5794 1466;
A non-refundable $20 registration fee is payable to the DZ.
This is required to hold your slot and help cover some of the event costs.
If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact Aussie Bigways Vic Mentor, Christian Peric:


SA Skydiving

2018 SA State Championships 3.08 – 5.08DZ Events August'18
Welcome to the 2018 State Skydiving Championships.
This event is open to all levels and everyone is strongly encouraged to grab a friend, get involved and have some fun. If you have a team, fantastic, if you don’t but wish to join one, let us know! The State Meet competition is planned as an overall 4 day event (August 2nd to the 5th). The Thursday and Friday are optional training days for all experience levels where interstate and local coaches will be on hand to provide briefs and debriefs for attending participants. Saturday and Sunday will be the competition days.

There is a proposed 5 rounds for each event, however it will be judged on a minimum of 3.

We are seeking to have a Cessna Caravan for this event, pending a funding request. Stay tuned.

Due to popular demand Food will be catered by Los Pinchos Locos food truck, stay tuned for an awesome pre-registration deal.

The top placed team in each event will have the opportunity to represent SA at the Nationals Event in Moruya, NSW 2019.

Training Jumps Available
SA Skydiving will provide discounted training jump tickets to teams


Skydive Ramblers

30 way formation loads Rego for 4th & 5th August 2018 DZ Events August'18
The program for this event is to start on Saturday the 4th August at 8am with 4 or 5 jumps doing 14 to 15 ways (Formation Loads) and building the skill levels for the next day. Then we will plan to start on Sunday the 5th of August at 8am to do 4 or 5 jumps doing 28 to 30 ways (If the skill levels has been reached to do this safely).

This form is an application to attend this event and you will be sent confirmation by email that you have been excepted, this decision will be final, this is to maintain a higher standard of skill and safety to make successful skydives not just attempts!

After receiving your email approval you will need to deposit $100 to confirm you slot (This money will be used to cover your first 2 slots and camera slot costs for the first day provided we have full event!)

Downunder Dynamics Foot Fetish 6.08 – 11.08DZ Events August'18
This is a 6 day event. The goal is to learn head up and really get the forward drive going in groups, The flatter the better. When training vertical tho the focus will be on getting the basics of larger group flying down and start to work on some sequential’s, if all lines up at the end we will mixing it up with a bit of everything. We want to push the sport of head up flying to new levels. Learn to fly in groups and push yourself individually.

DZ: Toogoolawah Skydivers

– 6 day camp.
– Only 5-7 participants per group.
– Groups will stay the same throughout,
unless changes are needed.
– Coaches will rotate every 2nd day. The 2nd day
with the coach just lets you clarify things a
little more.
– 5-7 jumps per day

Please be honest with your skill level when registering. Overestimating your skills on the rego form may cause you to be removed from the camp with out a refund, this is due to safety issues and allowing the best progression for everyone on the camp.

– MUST already be able to safely fly in groups of head up with 6-8 people (in slot)
– Minimum, must be able to fly HU angles safely inside your designated quadrant on either your back or belly.
– 500 jumps minimum, have a recommendation from a coach.
– AADs activated are Mandatory.
– Freefly friendly Gear (Tight BOC)
– Freefly and star crest Required
– Can fly in slot head up (this is not the place to learn head up tracking, it is to refine it).

Mason Corby
Keith Grealy
Antonio Aria
Zack Yusaf

Tommy Seira

Accommodation Toogs DZ: (07) 5423 1159

Rego: $380
Rego is $380 for the week with a non refundable fee of $100. If you cancel within 2 weeks out you will loose the whole rego of $380.

Rego form:

This camp is a progression camp. It is not a party camp. All Participants are required to be on the loads in the morning. Not turning up on time because you are hung over will cause you too loose a ticket per load you miss. If you are hung over we will not force you to jump but you will still loose your ticket. This is an event for PROGRESSION, there will be a party the last night. Lets make that the good one.

Downunder Dynamics #5 13.08 – 18.08DZ Events August'18
Toogoolawah DZ: 13th-18th Aug

This is a skill camp for ALL levels, Beginner through to experienced. You will be broken into groups according to your levels. 4-6 people per group. Larger groups can be made later during the week. NO freefly crest required. C Licence Minimum, Dedicated coach on site for 1 on 1’s and crest jumps will be possible dependent on availability.
$380 REGO, Rego Closed

August Learning Curve Camp 20.08 – 24.08.2018DZ Events August'18
A week long event for students, novice and anyone else who want’s to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of everything skydiving. AFF, b-rels, tracking, freefly, starcrest, canopy, rigging, spotting & gps. Plus loads MORE.

No rego and no hidden costs! For more info visit the website:

Learning Curve Camps

Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are personalised mini-boogies specifically designed for A-F licensed jumpers ie. low experience level jumpers who are wanting to increase knowledge and awareness, gain experience, achieve licences and ratings and try new things in a safe and fun environment, plus experienced jumpers wanting to try new things, new camera flyers and jump pigs wanting to get on heaps of midweek loads.


Commando Skydivers

Night Jumps-Commando Skydivers 25.08DZ Events August'18
Ever wanted to do a Tandem skydive at night time. Well this is a rare opportunity. Join us for a Night tandem skydive and see what the Latrobe Valley looks like from the air via the full moon light.
Message us on face book or call 1300555956 to secure your booking. Very limited slots available.

First Night Jump Course package
Commando Skydivers will be running a first night jump course on Saturday 25th August. There will be 5 jumps in this package
Jump 1- 4000ft – 5 second Delay (solo)
Jump 2- 6000ft- 10 Second Delay (solo)
Jump 3- 10000ft- 30 Second Delay (solo)
Jump 4- 12000ft- up to 4 way
Jump 5- 12000ft- 8 way (night star Crest jump)

MINIMUM Requirements- Certificate C and above, illuminated alti, a torch to check your canopy, clear goggles, audible alti.

Nice to have- glow sticks

The cost for the 5 jump package, including classroom training is $220
Call the office on 1300 555 956 to pay your non refundable deposit of $100. The balance will be payable on the day.


Skydive Oz

Canopy Course with Mossy 16.08 – 18.08DZ Events August'18
Canopy Course with the one and only Mossy (Alan Moss)
Thanks to the NSWPC and the APF, Mossy will be coming down south for 3 days of canopy shredding awesomeness!
All experience levels are welcome, Mossy will tailor his coaching to suit your needs. Join for any or all of the days you would like.

Coaching can include (but not limited to):
•Flare technique
•Getting the most out of your available inputs
•High performance landings

Rego will be $30 a day. Slots are limited, click ‘Get Tickets’ to apply.

4 Way Training Camp with the one and only Mossy 19.08 – 22.08DZ Events August'18
4 way training camp over 4 days with APF coach Mossy (Alan Moss). Bring your team and get the edge in the lead up to the tunnel comp – consistency in coaching is key, and Mossy will be coaching at both events. He is also the main man for FS at the skydiving nationals. What an opportunity to experience his coaching style and get that all important team-coach bond! You don’t want to miss this!

Thanks to the APF and NSWPC the coaching will be just $25 per person per day. Come for any or all of the days you want.

Slots are limited, click ‘Get Tickets’ above to apply now!

Just one registration per team is required. Please provide details of all team members or nominate a captain to organise registration payments. Camera flyers don’t need to pay registration.

AUSSIE BIGWAYS TRAINING 18.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
Aussie Bigways Training at Skydive Elderslie
Intermediate Level

Date: 18th & 19th August

Get ready for Perris USA May 2019

If you are new to Bigways – learn best practice now.
If you are more experienced – challenge yourself and learn new skills

This is an opportunity to obtain constructive feedback from Australia’s best coaches in Bigway, FS and personal flying disciplines. Coaching will be:
Dave Loncasty – ground coaching
Tracey Basman – team coach

Enjoy jumping Bigways over the Hunter Valley at the iconic Elderslie DZ.

All jumps will be videoed by top rated aussie camera flyers and there will be great footage to debrief all jumps.

Any downtime due to weather will be filled with informative seminars, presentations and briefings.

Registration will open shortly. Please refer to the capability criteria detailed in the ABW Skills and Events Guide when registering.

Registrations will be validated and confirmed by the coaches.

Registration is $50 for the weekend

Skydive Elderslie – Newcastle Sport Parachute Club

New Jersey


Skydive Sussex

5th Annual SIS Weekend 10.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18
Ladies! Save the date and check back soon for more info.

Pre-register & save:



New York

Western New York Skydiving

WNYSkydiving’s Skyvan Boogie 2018 24.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
Tandem Students & First Time Jumpers:
The event you’ve all been waiting for is back! The Skyvan will be returning August 24-26 this year! This aircraft we’ll be jumping out for during the 2018 Boogie, holds up to 22 jumpers! You’ll be jumping from over 2.5 miles above the ground (approximately 3,000ft higher than our normal exit altitude). Regular cost is $275 but with our spring sale you can book your skydiving for just $219. For larger groups, we have group rates as low at $199. This is the perfect event for large groups! Don’t worry, if you’re the daredevil of your group of friends you can jump without a group too! Bring the friends and family along to watch the show!
Experienced Jumpers:
AAD’s are required for all jumpers. High performance landings require a D license.

Normal Registration fee is $75. Early bird registration will be $50 and must be received NO LATER than August 1st. Registration includes: Dinner, Games, and Parties Friday and Saturday night, access to the keg and camping all weekend, and your boogie shirt. Feel free to bring your friends and family to the after hours fun this year! Call to pay via credit card over the phone or come out to the DZ to make a few jumps and pay via credit/cash/check! If you have an account with us, let us know if you would like your registration paid off your account! 716-597-7393

Registration for non jumpers:
$75 / $50 if registered by August 1st!

Registration is nonrefundable, dinner, parties and games are rain or shine.

AFTER HOURS: Come get Wet n’ Wild with us Friday night! Dunk tank, inflatable water slide, swoop n’ slide fun and more! Bonfires Saturday & Sunday night!

CAMPING: Tents and trailers welcome, no water/electric hookups available.




Cleveland Skydiving Center

The Raw Dogs and Twin Otter 17.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
The Raw Dogs and skydive Chicagos Twin Otter

If you have ever wanted to get involved with Canopy Relative Work this is the weekend to do so. The Raw Dogs will be with us all weekend training jumpers like YOU how to safeishly bump uglies canopy style. The Raw Dogs are going to be bringing loaner canopies and gear with them for those of you that want to learn. The Twin Otter will be here friday at 1pm. We will have more information posted soon.



Aerohio Skydiving Center

4-way Skills Camp 26.08
Our local (and very successful) RW competitor Brian Turk will be holding some 4-way skills camps for anyone interested. There’s no cost and you don’t need to have a team, you’ll be teamed up with other jumpers in the camp. Drop him an email with any questions or if you’d like to attend. Also, please confirm here if you plan to attend so that we can post any updates or additional information.

July 28
Aug 26
Sept 23
Oct 28 (candy may be provided for anyone who participates in a costume)

Don’t have three friends, or maybe you prefer 2, 3, or 5 way jumps? No problem, we have you covered!




Start Skydiving

Wingsuit Weekend Festival! 9.08 – 12.08DZ Events August'18
oin us for a great weekend of wingsuiting at Start Skydiving! We have an awesome line up of organizers for this event! We will have specialty aircraft, co-ed and female record attempts, as well as organizing for all levels including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and XRW.

We plan to set the Ohio wingsuit formation record.

•Travis Mickle of Wicked Wingsuits
•Scott Callentine
•David Covel of Team Fastrax
•Mat Greene
•Tyler Rice

•Alex Hart from Team Alter Ego Fastrax will be organizing XRW all weekend!

We will be capping off each night with bonfires and cookouts.

Registration is $70, but if you register before July 1st, the price is only $55!! So register early to make this event even better than last year!

More details to follow!

Hops in the Hangar – a craft beer event that takes flight 18.08DZ Events August'18
TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Purchase yours today:

The First Annual Hops in the Hangar is a unique, craft beer aficionado’s event that will surely take flight.

Gathering a blend of craft beer fans and aviation enthusiasts in an airplane hangar, Hops in the Hangar will be an EPIC event here in the tri-state area.

Beer has never looked so cool as being served in a huge, operating airport hangar- talk about unique ambiance! Hops in the Hangar will feature a wide selection of beer from breweries big and small and showcase a variety of aircraft. The professional skydivers jumping overhead will create an experience few will forget. The evening will be packed with beers, planes, food trucks, music and more.


Join us in tasting samples of amazing, unique craft beers- you choose 15 to sample from dozens of breweries that are on site. Food trucks available for purchase. Airplanes will be available on site for tour and awesome photo ops. Be prepared to see skydivers jumping overhead (weather permitting) and, if Mother Earth cooperates, one of the most incredible sunsets you’ve seen. Beers, bites, music and fun- all in a unique, roomy setting. The unique environment allows for us to enjoy the outdoors with the hangar doors being open but providing cover for shade and weather. This event is rain or shine….but has a 100% chance of beer.

VIP TICKETS: allow you to enter the event an hour early to get first dibs on the beer choices, including some “VIP only” offerings that select breweries may bring. Enjoy 2 extra drink tickets as well.

DESIGNATED DRIVER TICKETS: include non-alcoholic drink tokens as well as food credits at the food trucks. Special additional perks available only for our DD friends as well!

Now is the time to JUMP ONBOARD!


Night Jumps! 25.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Get ready for night jumps!!

The cost is $30 per slot and covers your lift ticket as well as all necessary safety equipment, training and supervision by an Instructor.

*You must have a current USPA B License or higher to make a night jump at Start Skydiving*

Sign ups will be in Manifest the day of! Please sign up if you are interested in participating!



Oklahoma Skydiving CenterDZ Events August'18

2018 BASE trip 6.08 – 10.08
We will make our annual pilgrimage to the Bridge! Loads of fun, BASE jumps!!!


Skydive Oregon

Sun Path Javelin Demo Tour 2018 | Jump Junkies Boogie 3.08 – 5.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Sun Path Factory Rep, Jessie Thompson is super stoked to be attending this event!

Stop by the SP tent to chat with her about the Javelin harness containers that “are built like tanks.” She can answer all your questions about sizing, available options and provide helpful tips and tricks to extend the life of your gear. Jessie will have a fleet of Javelin Odysseys for you to try on and fly so make sure you stop by the SP tent to say hi!

Below are the Complete Javelin Odyssey Systems available for your demo-ing enjoyment:

Container | Harness | AAD | Reserve | Mains
RSK.5 | B-15| Speed | OP126 | Valkyrie 79 Hybrid
RSK-1 | C-18| Speed | OP126 | BYOM
TJNK | B-15| Cypres | OP143 | Spectre or Sabre2 135 or Pulse 150
TJNK.5 |B-15| Cypres | OP143 | Spectre 150
J1KS | C-18| Cypres | OP160 | Sabre2 150 or Pulse 170
J3K | C-18| Cypres | OP176 | Spectre 170
J4K | C-18| Cypres | OP193 | Spectre 190

Thanks everyone, hope your day is amazing and you are getting stoked for this event!!




Skydive San Marcos

Night Jumps 25.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Night jumps are open to any skydiver with a B License or higher. The USPA’s General Recommendations for night jumps are in the SIM Section 6-4.

Special Equipment:

  •  A light visible for 3 statute miles
  • Lighted altimeter
  • Flashlight to check canopy
  • Clear goggles

A limited number of lights and glow sticks will be available to purchase from Manifest but it is recommended that you bring your own.

Slots are $30/each and we need 8 slots to make the plane fly.

You *must* make at least 1 jump on the DZ during the day to jump at night.



Skydive East Tennessee

Certification Courses for Coach & AFF Instructor Ratings 3.08 -13.08 DZ Events August'18
AFF and Coach Courses at Skydive East Tennessee. We are excited to host Michael Wadkins / Xcelskydiving August 3-13 to hold a Coach Course and AFF Instructor Course. The Coach Course will be Aug 3,4,5.
The AFF Instructor Course will be Aug 6-13. Seven candidates are confirmed for the courses but SET welcomes ALL skydivers to join these events that want to earn the ratings from one of the top course directors in USPA. We will be contacting everyone with details of costs, deposits and other info soon. Michael has asked anyone that has any questions to contact him at 615-504-9791. You may contact Gary and Tim also with any question. GAME ON!!!


Skydive Utah

Shred the Gnar 2.0 at Skydive Utah 17.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
Shred the Gnar is back!

If you missed it last year, you need to be here this time! There will be tons of fun all weekend for licensed skydivers, fist time jumpers, and spectators.

Get..ready….to SHRED!

2 Turbine Aircraft
– Skydive Utah’s Super King Air
– Visiting Twin Otter

Food options all weekend
– Friday: Food truck (TBA)
– Saturday: Falafel Tree food truck
– Sunday: On site smoker BBQ

We will have tandem specials going all weekend long. No registration fee required for tandems.

Registration fee: $25
– Shred the Gnar event t-shirt
– 1 raffle ticket
– Free BBQ on Sunday

Fluid Wings demo canopies

Load Oragnizing/Coaching by:
– Chris Argyle
– Mike Wittenburg
– Laura Wagner
– Val Sobal

Raffle with tons of sweet prizes.

Check out the link below for more information and to register.


Skydive Orange

Big O Boogie 2018 22.08 – 26.08DZ Events August'18
Think Wet Hot American Summer meets meets Heavy Weights – so get out your tightest spandex shorts, favorite tube top and lots of sweat bands!

THE EVENT WILL BE CAPPED AT 350 registrants – no exceptions – so register early to ensure yourself a slot!

Confirmed Load Organizers as of 7/5
Sandy Grillet
Melanie Curtis
Maxine Tate
Christine Bruchac

Jason Brigmon
Matthew Fry
Tyler Roemer
Katie Hansen
Sam Smith
Melanie Firth

Chris Mort
Scotty Bob
Noah Bahnson

Jay Veenendaal




Skydive Kapowsin

Washington State POPS Formation Skydiving Record Attempt 4.08 – 5.08DZ Events August'18
Wanted!! Experienced belly formation skydivers to help break the Washington State POPS formation skydiving record. The existing record is a 26-way from 2016.

$50.00 non refundable deposit paid to Skydive Kapowsin by July 28, 2018 to hold a slot. Deposit will go toward first jump ticket, camera flier slot, POPS record submittal, etc. Must commit to 5 warmup/qualifying jumps on Saturday and 5 record attempt jumps on Sunday. Formation load jumps on Sunday will be $30 each, including extra altitude and camera.

We’ll be having a potluck dinner on Saturday evening after the practice and fun jumping is done for the day. Bring a main or side dish to share.

Download the event application form at:

Must have your POPS membership by Saturday, August 4, 2018. POPS applications available at

For further information contact Pat Chapman at:



Skydive Midwest

Swoop Training Days (Experienced Jumpers) 18.08 – 19.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

In support of our local competitors and athletes, SDMW would like to offer discounted training jumps for competitors who are registered for MWCPA Meet #1.

Come out and enjoy a weekend of swoop training with your fellow competitors!

Hop n’ Pops will be only $16 for anyone registered for the upcoming meet.

($18 for non-competitors).

In order to swoop the pond, canopy pilots must be approved by the S&TA, have minimum 1000 jumps and demonstrate consistent and safe canopy piloting.

Jumpers must follow all dropzone rules, FARs and USPA Safety Recommendations.


Advanced Angles Camp 25.08DZ Events August'18
Come shred with experienced Evolve Flight School Organizer, Naomi Kotzee. This event is for Angle flyers at an Advanced level. Participants absolutely MUST have group flying experience. Flyers must be able to fly slot, adjust pitch angle and adjust speed at will. The goal of this event will be to rip some sick angles, have a lot of fun and work on switching orientations from Headup and Headdown angles.

-Maximum 10 slots available
-Plan for 6 jumps. Lift tickets are $24
-Registration is $30 (Please pay cash directly to coach)
-Please contact Naomi Kotzee ( to register and confirm a slot in this camp.

Night Jumps (An experienced jumper event) 25.08DZ Events August'18
B-Licensed (or higher) jumpers, come share the night sky with us! Safety briefing begins at 8:30pm. You must attend the safety briefing if you wish to jump, no exceptions. You must bring proper lighting (or be prepared to buy it from us). If you have never jumped at SDMW you must do a day jump prior to night jump.


Skydive Milwauke / Sky Knights SPC

Night Jumps 18.08. 2018DZ Events August'18

Expand your skydiving experience by coasting gently around the sky over the drop zone under canopy on a warm summer night and set down in a lighted landing area.

Completing two night jumps, one solo and one RW jump complete one of the D license requirements.

Prerequisites are a B license, an illuminated altimeter, a strobe light, cyalumes, and a jump at the dropzone during that day.

Strobe lights are about $20 and cyalumes are about $2. Both will be on sale in the office. Many of your member friends might loan you a strobe.

These jumps are setup by one of our Safety and Training Advisors who will perform a safety briefing before takeoff.
If you want to complete you B license we are offering a canopy course for the price of the jumps.

Come and jump with the Sky Knights! If you are a skydiver and you are not ready, feel free to come, hang out, and see the process.


2018 SKSPC Cheese Boogie 23.08 -26.08
Save the date for the 11th annual Cheese Boogie! Details coming soon.

Skydive Twin Cities

Skydive Twin Cities’ 20th Anniversary Boogie 17.08 – 19.08DZ Events August'18
Celebrate Skydive Twin Cities’ 20th Anniversary!
2 Gnarly Airplanes. (PAC 750 and SuperVan)
What to expect: Jumping, Jumping and More Jumping, food, drink, bonfires, etc.
More details to come!

2018 SKSPC Cheese Boogie 23.08 -26.08


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