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We operate year round, weather permitting. This drop zone  accommodates all jumpers: students, licensed jumpers, canopy pilots, wing suit pilots, etc.


We follow the U.S. Parachute Association guidelines for camera use while skydiving. That means you must have jumped at least 200 times before you can use a camera while skydiving at VSC.


We offer a large padded hangar for packing and storing your stuff. We have lockers on a limited basis and we will build more lockers very soon.  We offer a dedicated 42-inch flat screen LCD TV and DVD player so you can plug in your cameras and watch your skydive video, or debrief your team jump, etc.


Our drop zone offers a huge, open landing are for everyone to land easily, without having to worry about a crowded landing pattern. We offer a primary landing area and an even larger student landing area, each having plenty of space!

You will need a current United States Parachute Association membership to jump at VSC.

We only permit high-performance landings from qualified individuals who exit at 5,000 feet to avoid conflict with other canopy traffic. We can also drop you over the pond at Picture Lake Campground if you want to swoop over water.



We offer a unique training harness that features a 23 inch monitor to display videos of malfunctions. Therefore, you can practice emergency procedures by using video as a training aid.

Our main aircraft is a King Air that carries 14 jumpers. It is a beautiful airplane and very fast-13 minutes to altitude when full. We also offer a modified Cessna 182 with a larger engine and wing extensions, for fast climbs even in the 182!

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Address: Dinwiddie Airport (PTB) 6775 Beck Chappell Dr North Dinwiddie, Virginia 23803-6732
  • Country: United States
  • Neighborhood: North America DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 23803-6732
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(804) 466-0215

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