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Troms Fallskjermklubb (TROFSK) was founded in 1967, and today is Norway’s oldest parachute club.

The club is a member of the Norwegian Air Sports Association, which in turn sorts under the Norwegian Sports Association. We are at Bardufoss in Målselv, where we have our primary jumpfield with clubhouse and operate most of our jumping activities.

At Elvenes in Salangen is our secondary jumpfield where we arrange Midnight Sun Boogie the last two weeks of July each year. Bardufoss, quite central in Troms county, is a great place to go with skydiving. In the summer there are many hot and cold days, which parachutists appreciate highly. What makes jumping on Bardufoss for such an experience is the surroundings. With Istind to the south, the sea to the west and stunningly beautiful rock formations to the north and east, it is easy to fall in love instead. It is Northern Norway at its most beautiful. Therefore, we claim that it is skydiving in the world’s most beautiful setting.

Even though parachutists are happy in hot days, we also jump in the winter.  

Skydiving at Bardufoss usually takes place on weekends. But it happens that we get some lift also on weekdays. We try to hold courses on weekdays so the weekends are reserved for jumping.

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Address: Bardufoss flystasjon Bardufoss, N-9325 Nor Norway
  • Country: Norway
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe DZs
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993 525 669

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