Skydiving Club of Oulu (Oulun Laskuvarjokerho)

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Description Skydiving Club of Oulu (Oulun Laskuvarjokerho)

The Skydiving Club of Oulu operates at the Oulu airport where the club has it’s own club-house. In the club-house we have rooms for packing, repairing and storing of the parachutes. There’s also a buffet and a classroom. We jump from a Cessna C-182 which takes 5 jumpers/load. Our pilots are highly experienced and especially trained for jump flights.

The club owns 8 parachutes. You will also find helmets, radios, overalls, jump shoes and automatic openers at the club – in other words: everything you need in parachuting.

Jump ticket 4000m – 29 EUR

Tandem jump + video – 395 EUR

Skydiving Club of Oulu (Oulun Laskuvarjokerho)’s Address

Address: Lentokentäntie 668, 90410 Oulunsalo, Finland
  • Country: Finland
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 90410
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