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Southern Spain’s #1 dropzone, located near Sevilla.

Skydive Spain – perfect skydiving location

This dropzone is situated nearby many international airports, such as Seville, Jerez, Faro, Malaga, visiting Skydive Spain is easy!

Learn to skydive or experience the fascination of your first freefall in sunny Andalucía.

Car hire in Spain and Portugal, from the major airports, is easy to arrange and great value for money.

Seville city centre is a 20 minute drive from the dropzone. From Seville airport to the dropzone, the journey will take you 25 minutes.

Faro airport is a very easy drive for only 2 hours.  Malaga airport will take at least 2 and a half hours.

Skydiving Courses

For those looking to become skydivers, we have beginner skydiving courses; the Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF) held regularly at our dropzone.

Highly qualified instructors speak many languages and have instructor ratings with the British Parachute Association and United States Parachute Association.

At Skydive Spain, they fly up to 15,000ft, the highest altitude in Europe and offer world-class coaches for progression courses or team training of any discipline.

If you’re looking to make a first time jump, learn to skydive or are an experienced freefly, formation or wingsuit skydiver, Skydive Spain is THE place to jump in Spain!

Skydiving equipment for students

DZ’s parachute equipment is the most advanced equipment on the market today. The containers are United Parachute Technologies Vectors with Skyhooks.

The main and reserve canopies are Performance Designs Navigators. The AADs are Vigil 2s. All of our harnesses are adjustable which means that you can have a parachute that fits you correctly and comfortably.

Together your parachute system is highly specialized for AFF. Jump suits, helmets, radios, goggles and altimeters are all provided by the dz.

A wide range of canopy sizes is available it can accommodate almost anyone. The largest main canopy at Skydive Spain is a Navigator 300 square foot.

The main canopy sizes for students then go down through 280, 260, 240, 230, 220 square foot. What this means is that you can start your AFF course on a large docile main canopy and as you gain experience you can progress to our smaller and more maneuverable canopies under the direct supervision of our instructors.

Having graduated the AFF course, should you require a British Parachute Association A-License, we have all the instructors and expertise you need. We have a BPA Advanced Instructor who is required to sign all the necessary paperwork for you to apply for your BPA A-License.

For experienced skydivers

We offer coaching towards more advanced qualifications such as formation skydiving and freefly. Go to the experienced part our website to find out more about each discipline.

Skydive Spain is a freeflyers paradise! All  freefly coaches have many years of experience and have trained specifically to become freefly coaches as well as excellent freeflyers themselves. In addition, they have a proven ability in teaching and communicating with students.

One-on-one coaching is available, following the BPA guidelines for FF1 and FF2, and team coaching, from introductions to freeflying, tracking, and back flying. Every jump involves a pre-jump brief and safety instruction, a coached jump utilizing continual communication between student and instructor, and a post-jump debrief.

FS Coaches are available all year round and can be booked per jump or the10-FS-Coaching package, excluding rig hire.


Skydive Spain offers full range of facilities to support the skydiving operation and to give you the best experience, whether on holiday fun jumping, here to take an AFF course, experience a Tandem Skydive, participate in team training or take part in one of Skydive Spain’s events.

  • Large and free from obstacles landing area
  • Fleet of turbine aircrafts
  • Highest jump altitude in Europe – up to 15,000ft!
  • Warm and sunny weather all year round
  • Gera rentals. Secure kit store for all centre equipment; tandem rigs, student rigs, hire rigs.  The rental rigs are available, starting at 300 sq ft down to 170 sq ft.  Should you require to hire an altimeter you will be charged a daily fee and a form of ID is required. Dz’s shop is stocked with the ancillary skydiving equipment and also T-shirts, fleeces and other fashions to take home.
  • Large and comfortable packing area. There is a huge padded packing area in the main hangar, and more space in the second hanger when required.  Team of packers is available to offer you the bliss of not packing, for a small fee.  All pack jobs are to be bought in the DZ office.
  • On-site Rigger (BPA and FAA certified)
  • Debriefing rooms with camera docks. There are classrooms and debriefing areas all with TVs and access to DVD recorders.  The first floor classrooms are equipped with A/C for the summer temperatures. This is where the briefings for our tandem skydives and AFF courses, among others, take place.
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs. A large flat screen TVs ideal for watching your previous jump with friends and a dedicated de-briefing area for external schools or coached jumps.  All screens are set up with all the camera leads for ease of use.
  • Creepers, Mock-up area, free WIFI Internet connection and much more! The airfield Café offers a selection of hot and cold drinks & snacks. Plus a wide selection of alcoholic drinks for your well earned thirst, DVD’s, stereo system, large flat-screen TV and free WIFI Internet connection.

Skydive Spain fleet

Skydive Spain is committed to having a turbine aircraft permanently based on the airfield. Normally this is their Spanish registered plane – EC-KTC, a twin turbine Dornier G92 which takes 15 skydivers to 15,000 feet in 13 minutes.

During the busy periods, don’t be surprised if you see a few other Dorniers flying skydivers to altitude! There is always the right amount of aircrafts to serve the current amount of jumpers.

All dz’s super fast turbine aircrafts are provided  by Wingglider Limited.


The unforgettable  tandem skydive in Spain

Skydive Spain offers the memorable first time tandem skydive experience! Skydive Spain is located just 20 minutes south-west of Sevilla, in the south of Spain.

If you are looking at discovering the fascination of freefall without having any previous experience, the tandem skydive is a great choice for you.

It is designed to allow you to experience freefall skydiving without the complication of doing an intensive course beforehand.

After only 15 minutes of instruction, you will be ready to do a parachute jump with your tandem instructor.

You will experience terminal velocity at around 130 mph on your first jump for up to a minute! This can only be achieved from 15.000 feet.

Because we use some of the fastest climbing airplanes in the industry, the dropzone is able to offer you the fabulous experience of your Tandem Skydive from 15,000 feet, the highest exit altitude in Europe.

This allows you a longer freefall experience – which is the ultimate rush!

Be sure to book the video and photos option for your skydive! You will never be able to repeat the feelings of your “first jump”, the experience, the adrenaline, the peaceful feeling and the freedom, but you can share it with family and friends and re-live it as many times as you want.


Where to stay near Skydive Spain

Visitors of Skydive Spain have a wide range of opportunities for accommodation while they are staying in the area. From hotels and holiday apartments in the local villages  to uncountable options in Seville city centre that you can easily find with an internet search.

The accommodation options listed on the Skydive Spain official web page offer special rates for Skydive Spain customers. If you want to book your stay with any of them, please call or email the dz directly and they will help you with the booking.

Skydive Spain’s Address

Address: Aerodromo La Juliana, Ctra. A474
  • Country: Spain
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 41110
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