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Description Skydive Spa

Open full-time between April and October; otherwise just weekends. The  only full-time professional DZ in Belgium.

Located in the Belgium Ardennes nest to the FI race track-Spa Francorchamps, 1.5 hrs from Brussels, close to the Dutch and Belgium border.

About Skydive Spa

Located at the Spa La Sauvenière Airfield, the Dropzone features two large landing zones.
If you come for the first time, a Dropzone briefing will be provided upon your arrival.

DZ Fleet

The fleet consists of 2 Cessna Caravan and two Cessna caravan with a hauling capacity of about 100 Skydivers per hour. Those planes are specially equipped and homologated for the skydiving activity.
They will bring up to 4.000 m comfortably in about 15 minutes for your Skydive.

For special occasions, sometimes additionally there are Skyvan’s and Pilatus to the fleet line.


At Skydive Spa, every effort is made to provide Skydivers with the most friendly but efficient conditions for a safe practice of their favorite activity.

In this way, you will see that the Manifest is fully computerised to run efficiently your registration, the administration of your account, the manifesting, the boarding calls, …etc.

When registering, you receive a nominative card with a barcode. The pre-paid jumps are credited and, through simple scan at the Manifest, you will be manifested in a load to the jump altitude of 4.000 m.

Several load screens in the packing hall enable you to check how much time is left before your boarding call and take off.

Gear rental

For those who do not have their own equipment, the DZ offers a wide choice of rental gears in different canopy sizes. Most of our rigs are recent UPT Sigma’s ranging from 230 sq ft to 150 sq ft. All are fitted with Vigil® safety device. Rental fee is € 10.- /jump + € 5.- for packing (mandatory).

Also always available :

  • helmets
  • altimeters
  • student jumpsuits
  • radio receivers for students
  • creepers

Tandem jump in Spa

Skydive Spa is famous for the quality of the service and the perfectly adapted infrastructure guaranteeing you to fulfill your dream in an optimal safe surrounding with the most experienced Instructors.

Tandem Parachute jump is for sure the fastest and the easiest way to become acquainted with the incredible fascination of the parachute jumping. It gives to all, young or older, hooked-up to an experienced Instructor, to make their first step into an extraordinary sport.

What to expect?

Upon your arrival at Skydive Spa, you will be welcomed by a friendly team of  Skydivers who will first explain all the different steps of your jump.

Then, you will put your jumpsuit on, step into your harness and, together with your Instructor, board the plane. On your way to the altitude of 4.000 m for a 15 minutes ride !

The moment is here, the heart beats faster, the door is open, green light is on and …. 45 seconds later, the parachute is open, you can relax and enjoy for a few more minutes the breath-taking scenery of the Spa town, seen from above. Your Instructor will share with you your feelings during the canopy ride before bringing you softly to the grass of the Airfield with just one idea in mind : I want to do that again !!!

Safety is the priority

All the equipment which is used for Tandem jumping are recent and produced by famous manufacturers : Most of the rigs are UPT Vector Sigma®, the absolute reference in the field.

The rigs are also equipped  with Vigil® Automatic Activation Devices.

The usage of such a safety devices is compulsory at Skydive Spa; fruit of the most modern technology in computer controlled devices, it ensures the activation of the reserve parachute in case of malfunction of the main one and, by the way, provides you with a maximum of safety.

Appointment is necessary by phone at : 0032 87 269 906 or on  https://www.skydivespa.be/en/initiation/tandem-skydive

AFF course

The seven Levels involved can be accomplished within 7 jumps, clearing the Student to jump unaccompanied. It is then common to see Students receiving their qualification after just 3 to 4 days of jumping, even if it is sometimes necessary, for safety reason, to repeat one or two jumps. If you have already done an AFF Discovery jump in the course of the year, that jump will be ‘’deducted’’ from the complete instruction.

The instruction starts with the theory and the ground training.
AFF Instruction is provided once each month in every language (FR-NL-E-D).

You are an AFF student :

Your theory course stays valid for one month, try to make your first jump as soon as possible short period of time

You are a student with less than 25 jumps (<A license) :

• After 3 months without jumping has to repeat a jump level 7
• After 6 months without jumping has to repeat a jump level 3 and a jump level 7.
Furthermore he needs to do a theory refresher and pass a test
• In both cases, a detailed briefing about the key aspects of the theory course will be necessary.

You have more than 25 jumps :

• It’s a good idea to pass your CSC course, so you can jump with other certified skydivers
• Now it is also a good moment to buy some basic equipment (googles, helmet, altimeter, gloves etc)
• The rental gear will still be packed by our staff packers
• If you want to buy your own parachute, make sure that you get advice from our rigger or other staff members.
• Once you have bought your own parachute, it will have to be passed by our staff and registered in the manifest system
• Inform yourself about progression licenses

Canopy piloting school at Skydive Spa

At Skydive Spa we attach special importance to safety. It is for this reason that when you have completed your AFF training, we will have the pleasure to offer you a canopy flight training course in collaboration with the Ronald Emonts Canopy Piloting School.

The course offers you some theoretical parts and briefed / debriefed jumps. You will learn how to navigate under canopy, control your parachute and land smoothly without disrupting the circuit of other skydivers.

The flight lessons under canopy contain 5 chapters, which begin with the basic instructions given in class followed by a precise coaching between each jump.

The ground instructor films the student’s landing for a debriefing. After each jump, the student returns to class for the rest of the classes.

You will learn a lot about your canopy flying which will bring you to a better understanding of its flight characteristics, AND ESPECIALLY BETTER INSURANCE AND SO BETTER SAFETY.

Take a pleasure under canopy. What should I do in the event of a bad release? How to land out of area and what should I be watching? When should I use toggles? What influence does the “harness bend” have on my landing ?, etc …

You will find a precise answer to all these questions during the lessons, whatever your experience, whether you are beginner or experienced, our training will improve your skills. Whether you leave AFF (PAC) or have 2000 jumps, everyone will find it.

Lodging at Skydive Spa

The cheapest way to stay overnight at the Airfield is for sure the camping.
It is free as well as the usage of the showers and toilets which are located in the building of Skydive Spa.

For those wanting a little bit more comfort, some beds are available in the Team rooms in the mezzanine above the packing hall. The price is €3.- per night/pers., sheets are not supplied and booking is mandatory.

The town of Spa is located just 2 km away from the drop zone. You will find there a wide choice of hotels with an excellent ratio price/quality. All info on www.spa-info.be

Skydive Spa’s Address

Address: Spa-La Sauvenière Airport, Rue de la Sauvenière 122, 4900 Spa, Belgium
  • Country: Belgium
  • Province / State: Wallonie
  • City / Town: Spa
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 4900
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Contact Skydive Spa

(328) 726-9906


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