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With an atmosphere of an outdoor vacation getaway, Mexico’s only turbine DZ offers a skydiving experience and perfect customer service.

Tandem jump in Mexico

To achieve high safety standards we spare no expense in aircraft maintenance, equipment, training for instructors and support stuff, which you can check in the flight logs and verify the licenses of our instructors.
During your tandem jump you will be accompanied by a certified instructor who will be with you at all time.

Experienced skydivers

The minimum age to jump as a sports parachutist is 18 years.

The use of AAD’s is strictly mandatory for sport skydivers and students.

Load organising and coaching available in RW and Freefly.

Skydive Cuautla offers Load Organisers for ‘Belly flying’ and ‘Freefly’ throughout the year and for all levels. We also have coaches for your particular needs throughout the year.


  • Huge soft padded covered packing area
  • Flat landing area covered with grass
  • Gear rentals
  • Gear shop
  • Rigging service
  • Debrief rooms with TV screens
  • Cafe and restaurant on-site

The Twin Otter which is operated in Skydive Cuautla has the capacity to carry 23 passengers at an altitude of 17,000 ft above sea level in approximately 14 minutes in a safe manner.

The only dz in Mexico that has this aircraft and these flight capabilities.

Learn to skydive in Cuaulta

Excellent AFF and Tandem programs.

Skydive Cuautla together with Skydive University offer progressive training approved by the United States Parachute Association (organisation that regulates skydiving worldwide).

The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course is the world standard for certification as parachutists.
This system is designed for those people who are seriously interested in skydiving as a sport and for those who simply want to make a jump with an individual parachute.
1 Theoretical class which takes place in Mexico City on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm or in a single 5-hour session on Fridays in Cuautla, where you can jump the next day!
18 Practical levels which are divided into 2 courses.
You will learn basic body positions, height awareness, parachute opening and landing.

You will develop your flight skills: turns, displacements and types of departure from the plane; all in a simple and safe way.
You will develop your skills, both survival and manoeuvre. At the end of your training you will obtain your “A” type license, with it you will be able to jump with your friends and practice skydiving all over the world!

But it’s just the beginning of your life in this great sport.

The security rules used in SKYDIVE CUAUTLA are approved and regulated by the USPA, FEMEDA and FAI.

Like our tandem instructors, all our AFF instructors are certified internationally by USPA.


The year round beautiful weather makes Skydive Cuautla a popular destination.

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Address: Skydive Cuautla Carretera Tlayecac - Huitzililla Morelos Mexico
  • Country: Mexico
  • Neighborhood: South America DZs
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