Skydive Arctic (Tromsø Fallskjermklubb)

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The world’s northernmost parachuting club has been operated for the past 35 years.

Through busy work, club members have built clubhouses and hangar, provided equipment and purchased aircraft, so that you and I can get the pleasure of jumping into the air again and again over beautiful Tromsø.

Diligence spirit lives on in the best possible way. We do not operate commercially, and there is also an expectation that everyone contributes to their own prerequisites – with what they can.

Course instructors spend their free time and receive no compensation to teach you to fly.

The principal instructor is responsible for education and security without a grant in remuneration Responsibility as a leader and leader of the jump goes round the club members. Pilots fly for us for free.

The board works (of course) free of charge And all members contribute to cleaning and structure and cleaning and such no.   You are of course welcome as a guest to us, no matter who you are. We deliver professionalism and friendliness in every aspect. Remember, however, we all work voluntarily and spend our own time and effort to make the wheels go around. Have patience with us 🙂

Skydive Arctic (Tromsø Fallskjermklubb)’s Address

Address: TOS Airport (ENTC), Norway
  • Country: Norway
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe DZs
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+47 41 17 37 55

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