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Description GoJump Oceanside

Southern California’s closest DZ to the Pacific Ocean. Skydive in the middle of Oceanside CA, 1 mile from the harbor and beach. PAC750XL flies Thursday thru Sunday and holiday Mondays.

Located on Oceanside Municipal Airport just east of I-5 on hwy 76.

B, C and D license holders and Tandem only.

About Skydive Oceanside

Oceanside is the closest drop zone to Los Angeles downtown and the San Diego area with the most spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

GoJump Oceanside is a United States Parachute Association Group Member Drop Zone. That means we have pledged to operate our facility to the highest known industry safety standards.

The dz’s gear is brand new and state of the art, made in America.

Experienced  instructors have thousands of skydives and the pilots are trained to the highest standards.

The view on the ride to altitude and during the skydive that can not be matched anywhere in Southern California!

The skydiving in the center of town, with incredible views and a great climate. The DZ is a 45 minute drive from downtown Anaheim and a 35 minute drive from downtown San Diego.

At GoJump Oceanside every Jump goes up to 13.000ft. Video and photos are available for a favorable great price of $95 as a package.

Two jump planes that hold up to 17 Skydivers. At GoJump Oceanside you will be met by a smile and treated like a friend, not a number.

Your instructor will know your name and take the time to explain everything about your skydive and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll be given a suggestions for lunch or dinner at some of our favorite Oceanside dining spots.

DZ Fleet

GoJump Oceanside is the only Skydive Center in Southern California which operates this specifically built Skydive Aircrafts – the most modern in the industry.

The P- 750XSTOL is also among the most efficient jump aircrafts in the World which means the dz is able to offer the most competitive prices in the market at the highest possible safety standards.

All  pilots have commercial pilots licence which means even more safety for our guests on their way up to the jumping adventure.

Thru the capacity of up to 17 skydivers per Load we are able to fly less with more people which is also less impact on the environment and the people living in the area.

You will love the climb to altitude over the Pacific Ocean since the plane offers the best view thru the big windows this jump aircraft has to offer.

Courses and coaching

4-way and 8-way Teams Coaching!
Teams are welcome!
GoJump Oceanside is a fantastic place for a Teamtraining in combination with a great time.

Boarding, landing and packing is all within short distance which gives your team the most efficient training facility possible. Our PAC 750XSTOL turns to 13.000ft in 15 minutes, back to back is no problem.

Please call us upfront and we arrange a Team deal with you. We guarantee minimums of Team jumps on weekends as well as in the week.

Teamcoaching Mike Vetter

The coaching of Mike Vetter is not only covering technical aspects. Focus is also on mental training, awareness and preparation of your jumps. With more than 7.000 Teamjumps and more than 4.000 hours of Coaching experience he is among the most experienced ones around.

Please call to arrange your training and availability. We also welcome other coaches to bring their teams to train with GoJump Oceanside.

Tandem skydive  Oceanside

Be ready to say Goodbye to a perfectly good airplane. Strapped to an Instructor with thousands of Jumps you will exit our most modern turbine Aircraft in 13.000ft.

After Exit you will enjoy a spectacular freefall for almost 1 minute towards Mother Earth before your parachute will open in a safe altitude.

Remember all your Freefall with us has 100% Oceanview all the way down.

After opening your Tandempilot will glide with you under the most beautiful Canopy back to the Airport in approx. 7-10 minutes.

You will land again at the same place where we started at Oceanside Airport in a nice, green meadow.

Important: There is no prior Experience needed for your first Tandem Skydive – everybody is welcome to join!

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a Jump and your weight should not exceed 250 lbs. 230 lbs and up we charge $20 extra.


All our Skydive Equipment for the Tandem Jumps are the most state of the art in the industry.

UPT Sigma containers are the most advanced ones available and have the best safety features built in.

Proven over many years and hundred thousands of jumps all over the World.

All our equipment also use a reserve parachute just in case there would be a problem with the main chute.

On top of that we have equipped every single Tandem container with an automatic opening device that could open the reserve parachute independently from the Tandemmaster just in case that should ever be needed.


Tandem Skydive 13,000ft gift certificate $149
Handcam Video or Photos filmed by Tandem master $60
Handcam Video+Photos filmed by Tandemmaster $95
Outside Video or Photos filmed by Extra Jumper $95
Outside Video+Photos filmed by Extra Jumper $130
Deluxe Video = Handcam and Outside Videos together $145


Solo Jump Tickets for licenced Skydivers

13,000 feet Solo Jump Tickets $24
13,000 feet 10 Solo Jump Package $23


GoJump Oceanside’s Address

Address: Oceanside Municipal Airport (OKB) 480 Airport Rd Oceanside, CA 92058-1205, USA
  • Country: United States
  • Neighborhood: North America DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 92058-1205
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Contact GoJump Oceanside

(760) 390-5867


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