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Description City Skydive Utrecht

Welcome to City Skydive, The World’s first centre with twin flight chambers!

This unique building, a state of the art landmark, is overlooking the lake Haarrijnseplas and the highway A2 (exit Maarssen).

City Skydive has spent several years in developing and optimizing the windtunnels. To enable you to fly we used 43826 bolts, 35000 meters of cable and piping and 1600 tons of steel.

Each tunnel has four powerful wind turbines with carbon flyer blades to reach windspeeds up to 300 km/h.

To have an optimal and consistent airfllow there has to be sufficient space between the turbines and the flying area, the only way to obtain this is by letting the air flow through the whole building and bending the air in the corners by turning vanes. The building is state of the art.

City Skydive accomodates sportflyers with the following facilities:

  • Sportflyers only teamroom
  • Mediahub to review/download footage from tunnel camera system
  • Shower and toilet
  • Creepers (8)
  • Lockers

City Skydive Utrecht’s Address

Address: De Heldinnenlaan 1, 3543 MB Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Country: Netherlands the
  • Province / State: Utrecht
  • City / Town: Utrecht
  • Neighborhood: Western Europe Tunnels
  • Postal code / ZIP: 3543 MB
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  • Property ID 2591
  • Price From $715 / Flight hour
  • Place Type Tunnel
  • Place Status Tunnel
  • Chambers 2
  • Diameter 4 m
  • Size 4.3 m
  • Height 12.5 m
  • Max Wind Speed 290 km/h
  • Manufacturer Custom Built
  • Tunnel Type Recirculating - Two Twin Tunnels
  • Flight Chamber Style Round Wall-to-Wall
  • Opened 2017

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Contact City Skydive Utrecht

Name: City Skydive Utrecht

+31 (0)30 207 4141

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