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Aerograd Kolomna, the Aviation and Technical Sports Club of DOSAAF Russia, is the best skydiving club of Russia, a flight school and a campus with a developed infrastructure that offers infinite opportunities for family and corporate recreation.

Aerograd is located on the bank of the River Oka in the vicinity of the picturesque ancient town of Kolomna and about 100 kilometers from Moscow. We are only a 1.5–2 hour drive from Moscow — you can reach us by taking the M5 Moscow–Chelyabinsk federal highway. Aerograd has an area of 250 hectares and has a capacity of up to 1,000 guests.

The Mi-8 helicopter and L-410 airplanes are used to drop skydivers. Where appropriate, other types of aircraft may be used as well. The standard exit altitude is 4,000 meters AGL, GPS is used to identify exit points. In summer, the helicopter often flies without the cargo door for ramp jumps.

The Korobcheevo Airfield is the largest dropzone in Moscow Region. The vast flat field (1,700 х 1,600 meters) offers lots of reserve landing areas.

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Address: Korobcheevo Airdrome Kolomna, Moscow 140490 Russia
  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Neighborhood: Eastern Europe DZs
  • Postal code / ZIP: 140490
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7 495 746 73 80

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