Tonfly - world famous manufacturer of custom made suits, helmets and accessories for air-sports.

Many years of experience, perfect quality, great attention to details, uniqe design - that is what Tonfly is known for!



Freefly Suits

  • When you wear it, your first impression is a really tight suit, but very comfortable.
  • Built with high quality fabrics such as Diamant elastic, Cordura and Orion Speed.
  • Male and female models are slightly different to ensure a proper fit. The suits are cut to allow free movement of the shoulders, knees and elbows.
  • The Wind Repellent elastic parts are interconnected to allow maximum freedom of movement without sacrifying a really thight fit.
  • Ergonomic Crotch for friendly leg strap fitting.
  • Light padded knees and elbows.
  • Two inside pockets.

Suits for videomen, AFF instructors, tandem masters and freeflyers that don’t want a tight fit.

  • Perfect for camera flying, allowing easy variations of speed without wings.
  • Great for AFF instructors: the rip-stop fast fabric allow you to accelerate rapidly on your belly & cordura on the arms and legs to slow down with great power.
  • A tool for tandem masters, that can have double cordura on the buttock (option).Super strong, comfortable suit that will last you a long time.

The high performance swoop pants

These pants are made to perform while swooping.
Built with heavy or light Cordura, orion speed and Diamant elastic interconnection.


CC Series

This is the ideal helmet for the Professional Videomen who want the possibility to mount equipement on top and on the side.

Carbon fiber composite shell.

Adjustable chin cup angle. Cut away System avaliable.  Double audibles room on the right side.

weight : 745 gr

The double TF Pro Mount System, allows you a multitude Photo-Video setups.

The two flat sections, left side and top, are reinforced.

Different camera mounts and brakets for different needs.

X Series

Carbon fiber composite shell, essential & light.

Incredible fitting, stable and comfortable.

The thickness of linings is about 8mm, this means that there are only 11mm between the external helmet shell and your head. The result is to have a really small helmet.

Speed Series

The New SPEED is perfectly compatible with our Go Pro Mount and Safety Mount (curved).

Extraordinary light , only 520 grams !  Matte or glossy colors.

Four different set ups depending on your needs: chincup – chincup+cutaway – chinstrap+cutaway – chinstrap.

Performer Series

The new PERFORMER is the ideal helmet for the athletes during performance when they do not need video devices.

The ligthest and smallest helmet. Only 430g.

Carbon fiber composite shell.

Ice Multi Sport

Great Performance and Real Protection for Ski-Snowboard and Airborne sports.

The helmet has been tested and inspected for shock absorbing capacity, resistance to penetration by sharp objects, positional stability in case of an impact, resistance of the chin-strap in accordance with European ans American standards.


  • Camera Mounts
  • Camera Brackets
  • Camera Plates


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