FlexVision was started in Zephyrhills, Florida in 1991 to service the skydive industry as a manufacturer of durable and affordable skydiving goggles.

In 2006 FlexVision expanded by reopening the gear store at Skydive Sebastian and broke into the garment industry with a tee shirt printer and embroidery machine. Since then, all aspects of the business have been growing fast.

Our company has come to serve well over one hundred and fifty distributors, including manufacturers, skydiving centers, wind tunnels, military and even Ferrari’s roller coaster in the UAE.

We continue to grow and diversify, and are now offering more services than ever to the skydiving industry as well as our Treasure Coast community and beyond. FlexVision remains committed to furthering the sport of Skydiving (and now Hydroflight as well), providing superior products and services to our customers.



The number one choice for student operations and wind tunnels around the world because they are inexpensive, robust and because our “friction lock” adjustment is the fastest and easiest way to tighten or loosen the bungii strap between different users. We offer three sizes but the “Original” accounts for 75% of our sales.

Available in clear or tinted lens (smoke, blue, red, yellow, purple). Choose an assortment of strap colors (black, blue, red, green, purple,  magenta), if you are doing retail sales or color code by size for your operation if a school or a tunnel.


This is the bet night jump kit available. The strobe is strong and bright but at the same time it’s nice and small and comes with twist tie legs so its easy to attach to many different surfaces.

Our glow sticks (red and green), feature Positive Action Push Button Tail Cap Switches so there will be no accidental on or off situations.

The 5mm LED light produces 4 lumens and can also work as a flashlight. Sticks have a lifetime of 200 continuous hours.

Kit includes strobe light, red and green glow sticks and whistle .


Our curved pin necklaces are all fully adjustable with slide knots, so one size fits all. When worn correctly, the curve of the pin points to your heart.

We have dozens of different styles and colors of beads. Ask us for a specific type or take an assortment and let us mix them up for you.


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