Square One has been in the skydiving equipment business since 1984.

Why choose Square One for all your skydiving needs? For over two decades we have been an innovative leaders in the skydiving industry. We are always working to improve our services so that our customers can have the best gear-buying experience available!

In addition, the Square One staff consists of dedicated people who have devoted their lives to the sport of skydiving. Our staff includes several World Record Holders, National Medal Holders, and top organizers in the sport.

Even when we are not at work, we are putting our time and energy back into the sport we love so much. We want skydiving to touch as many people as possible, the way it has touched and changed our lives. Our promise to you: The larger Square One becomes, the more we will put back into our great sport!




Bringing innovation and precision engineering to full-face helmet design, Square One presents the KISS. A multi-discipline, state-of-the-art, high-performance helmet, the KISS features a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens with full mouth exposure, panoramic visibility and Square One’s NEW patent-pending anti-fog ventilation system. Whether your aerial pleasures find you belly-to-earth or head-down, this unique vent system will greatly reduce fogging in all conditions.

The KISS also features a NEW Quick-Tight Latch Closure System utilizing two levers to tighten or loosen the helmet on the user’s head. Simply pop the levers closed prior to exit and your helmet is secure!

Square One went one step further and integrated dual audible altimeter pockets with exterior access. Dual pockets allow for critical instrument redundancy and exterior windows simplify the motions of accessing your instruments to set altitudes, recall information, or simply power the device off and on.

These technologies combined with our proven Quick Change Lens System render the KISS the most advanced helmet in skydiving today.


Sticky Fingers Gloves

Never again worry about a dropped grip with Sticky Fingers premium-tack skydiving gloves. These high-quality, SUPER-TACKIFIED, breathable fabric gloves will provide ultimate grip in all conditions no matter what discipline you’re participating in.

The Sticky Fingers form fitting design is constructed with a heavy duty stretch fabric back and elastic Velcro-adjusting wristband offering a comfortable fit and non-interfering performance.

Summer Gloves

Square One Summer Gloves are made of high-quality tackified leather with a heavy-weight stretch fabric back. This high-quality glove has been made to our specifications, with reinforced stress points and wraparound velcro wrist straps.

Exo Helmet Bag

Rugged yet stylish hard helmet case offers optimum protection and superior durability, featuring interior glove/instrument box and sure-grip rubber handle.


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