The Skylark® Company has entered the market of skydiving equipment in 2000. Since then the company has gained high reputation and its products are well known in CIS and European Countries.

Skylark® offers wide range of modern, innovative skydiving equipment. All products of the company are of own development.Young professional team consists of highly qualified personnel with aeronautical background.

The company uses scientific approach to the design, manufacturing and testing of its equipment and has created many innovations, which have proven to be very effective. Products of Skylark® are made exceptionally with the use of the high quality materials from the leading world manufacturers.

The company consists of three main divisions focused on Canopies, Jump Suits and Bags.

Skylark® cooperates with leading professionals in the sport which allows us to effectively deploy our innovations and technological solutions while receiving constructive feedback and exchanging experience.

The products of Skylark® meet the highest performance and safety requirements, as well as keeps up with the fashion trends in the sport.



SKYLARK® has developed its own methodology of design,
production and testing of the modern ram-air canopies. Currently
we offer 5 models of highly efficient main canopies for different purposes:

Commodore is a modern, innovative 9-cell student canopy.

Skipper – modern 7-cell versatile main Canopy.

Magellan – modern 9-cell semi-elliptical main canopy of popular intermediate class.

Odyssey – modern 9-cell fully eliptical high performance canopy.

Recommended only for experienced canopy pilots!

Scirocco – cutting-edge 30 cell canopy of «ultra high performance» class for canopy piloting competitions..

Designed only for advanced pilots!

Reserve canopies are also available for ordering.



Freefly Suits

Comfort in the air and on the ground, quality materials and stylish looks are our main priorities!


  • Combination of 2 elastic fabrics ‘Biflex’ and ‘Spandex’ allow to combine free movements and tight fit.
  • Cordura inserts will let you not to worry about butt landings or packing.
  • Our selection of best fabrics optimizes flight characteristics as long as seasonality of the suit.
  • Choosing the right fabric for the bottom of the pants will allow you to adjust for your level of experience and body type.
  • Tailored fit of the top will look great on any body type.

RW Suits

We are proud to offer you our high performance relative work suits.

They are functional and comfortable.

Wide range of options will allow you to design the suit for your specific needs, skill level and goals.

Our loose fitting suits are cool for fun jumps and big guys who have a need to slow down.

Check our special models for tandem masters and camera men.


  • Equipment bags – a great variety of equipment bags for all your skydiving needs. We can design and manufacture a bag of any complexity by your individual sketches.
  • Plastic and metal accessories – protective composite helmets, rigger tools, cameraflyer outfit etc.


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