Intrudair started making skydiving suits over 11 years ago. Since our startup, we have gained a lot of experience in this field. The continuous development, feedback and our own testing has helped us to reach our current position.

We produce a wide range of suits and wingsuits for every skydiving and BASE jumping discipline and are supported by over 30 dealers in more than 16 countries with many satisfied customers. Intrudair uses only the highest quality materials for all our suits. Strong threads, YKK zippers and accessories.



  • Freefly Suits

It’s tight at the chest, waist and hip,and the arm and leg part have straight cut. 14 different models are available

  • RW Suits

Including: Bootie, inner pocket, grips on the arm and legs, strengthened cordura or parapack knee, double bottom-patch.

  • Bootie Pants

The bootie-pantz was designed and developed for those fun jumpers, who don’t want to fly in full suit in hot summer days, but they still want to use the advantages of a professional bootie.

  • Swoop Pants

Unzippable legs, two zipping pockets on thighs, two jeans-pocket, cordura knee- and bottom-strengthening with soft lining, inner lining on the knees against the burning during friction.

  • Camera Suits and Jackets

You can move with the highest speed in this outfit with the appropriate wing-size, making things easier for you. You can order it with several extras.

  • Tracking Suits

Advantages: Very fast horizontal speed, free arm movement.

  • Tunnel Suits
  • Instrustor Suits

This suit is a multispeed suit, fit cut on the body with strong elastic parts for the comfortable movement. We recommend it for AFF instructors who don’t like changing the suit when going back loading frequently. You can set the speed of the suit by multispeed zipper.

  • Student Suits
  • Passenger/Stuff Suits


Piranha 3

The Piranha is a great choice for beginner and advanced flyers alike. A stabile planform with a wide range of uses is what makes the Piranha so popular. It can be your first Wingsuit, but it can also be your go to suit in your quiver of suits to have fun in. Fly the Piranha on its back, flock, fly dynamically, acrobatically, perform or just surf the clouds.

Barracuda 2
The Barracuda 2 is a great all purpose suit. This intermediate surfaced suit gives You freedom of flight. Even if it’s not a beginner suit, yet easy to fly. Recommended about 40 wingsuit jumps before try, but You will be surprised when you feel just more time and glide with no difficulty in usage.

Shark 2

The Shark 2 has a new cut, surface characteristics, shape and materials. The shape, the angles of the armwings and the cell profiles resulted a very fast and agile suit. While developing the armwing profiles, we aimed for the easy control and high speed, also putting the maximum effort to the easy deployment and high performance.

Something big has born!
Competition season is coming, here is the new high performance suit from Intrudair called ORCA!
After long and thorough developement in 2016 We finished our biggest surfaced and maximum glider wingsuit. This suit recommended especially for performance pilots who have reliable experience with big suits.


  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Beanies
  • Pants


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