Welcome to the world of BARIGO precision instruments. Altimeters,compasses, weather stations, barometers, thermometers, hygrometers, and are our strength.

Today's consumers are spoilt for choice. To succeed in the market place therfore, products need to be more than just functional. They have to be user-friendly, but most of all of pleasing and appealing design. To achive a unique position BARIGO invests heavily by employing talented in-house designers and by commissioning top designers from outside, whenever desirable.

BARIGO's design awareness is reflected throughout the range. The numerous design awards are living proof that BARIGO is on the right track.


Barigo Stainless Altimeter

This next generation skydiving altimeter, researched and developed by Barigo, will accurately read altitudes to at least 16,000 feet/ 5,000 Meters.

Barigo 12K Altimeter

Barigo Altimeter marked to 12,000 ft.

Barigo Flight Master 18K

Barigo Flight Master Altimeter. Barigo has researched and developed a next generation skydiving altimeter that will accurately read altitudes to 18,000 feet.


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